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Sep 22 2020

Pushback Takes to the Streets

Regular Americans have had enough of the often obscene leftist graffiti that covers monuments, walls, and windows thanks to sociopathic Black Lives Matter/Antifa hooligans. In some cities, the graffiti is even painted on the streets at public expense. Thankfully, there has been some pushback.

From New York City, where the crime-facilitating, police-defunding hard left mayor personally took part in painting a giant “BLACK LIVES MATTER” mural on Fifth Avenue:

New Yorkers painted a massive stretch of Brooklyn blacktop with the yellow message “F–k Cuomo and de Blasio” over the weekend in the vein of Hizzoner’s “Black Lives Matter” art

Bucking widely held notions about municipal inefficiency, workers from the city Department of Transportation descended on the display less than 24 hours later — around 10 p.m. Saturday — to cover up the message with black…

The incident is under investigation. Police will not be highly motivated to find the culprits. Reportedly, they stood around laughing while the mural was created.

Meanwhile, up the coast in Massachusetts:

As in NYC, all-cap yellow letters were used to mimic the Black Lives Matter murals that municipal moonbats like de Blasio and DC’s Muriel Bowser have painted on streets to highlight their support for rioters versus the police and property owners.

It’s nice to see that there is resistance to “the Resistance.”

On tips from Rapinhoe and Jack Bauer.


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