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Jun 05 2023

Biden Managed to Fall Down Wearing These

As previously noted here and here, there is nothing remarkable about the aptly decrepit figurehead of the rotting liberal establishment taking a tumble — unless you consider what he had on his feet for his latest pratfall:

The Western Journal notes that…

…these are similar to the kind of heels the late Michael Jackson used to use — in a bit more pronounced fashion — to keep himself upright during difficult dance maneuvers.

Biden shares with the erstwhile King of Pop a supremely creepy interest in children, but they have little in common in terms of agility.

If Biden’s handlers know that he needs special shoes to help prevent him from falling down, they also know that he is too old to be running for reelection. But “Dr” Jill, Barack Obama, George Soros, and the rest of the team will run him anyway.

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