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Jun 02 2023

Biden Takes Another Emblematic Tumble

The most dangerous place to be is on top when you no longer seem to belong there. Consider the convict regarded as toughest on the cell block. Once his reputation starts to slip, he has a target on his chest. For another example, consider a global hegemon that due to social decay submits to a ruling class that has this guy as its figurehead:

Anybody can trip and fall. But with the conspicuously frail and senile Biden, events like this are seen as symbolic. As Daily Wire notes,

Biden has repeatedly struggled with falling throughout his presidency dating back to March 2021 when he fell several times while trying to walk up the stairs to board Air Force One.

That incident has summed up his presidency:

The Air Force Academy stumble wasn’t even the most embarrassing moment of the event:

Biden was a pathological liar even before his mind started to slip. By now, his phony boasts would make Jon Lovitz blush.

America’s adversaries are appraising Biden’s leadership, just as they are appraising his administration’s emphasis on homosexualizing the US military.

Unless we can pry Democrats out of power and restore our country’s reputation, Americans will soon experience a harder fall than Biden as we are brought down from the top.

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2 Responses to “Biden Takes Another Emblematic Tumble”

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