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Dec 11 2023

Biden Promises to Shut Down 60% of US Electricity

Last week we acknowledged Pearl Harbor Day. The point was not only to mourn those who died, but to remind ourselves never again to let our enemies sneak up on us. Imagine if the Japanese had been able to inflict something truly devasting — like shutting down 60% of our electric power:

Team Biden announced it will stop production of all new coal plants in the United States.

This comes on the heels of President Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency saying this year it would impose new power-plant emission regulations that are virtually impossible for coal plants to comply with.

That’s only one prong of the attack. They are also coming after natural gas:

Kamala Harris trumpeted the next day new rules to “sharply reduce methane from the oil and natural gas industry.” …

Eliminating methane is a de facto ban on natural-gas power plants.

Natural gas is relatively clean and plentiful. It is largely responsible for keeping the lights on.

These regulations will cause rolling blackouts and brownouts across the country, much like we’ve already seen in California — America’s forerunner of radical anti-fossil fuel policies.

The lights will go out intermittently, and home heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer will have to be turned off or rationed.

Coal provides 20% of our electricity. Natural gas provides 40%. Green energy boondoggles are highly effective at laundering taxpayer money to pay off Democrat campaign donors, but they do not reliably generate energy. Consequently,

Without gas and coal plants, hospitals, schools, the Internet, construction projects and factories will be routinely shut down when unreliable alternative-energy sources like wind and solar power aren’t delivering enough juice.

We could use generators for when there is no power — except that Democrats are coming for those too.

Meanwhile, Democrats are progressively banning real cars, so that transportation will be reliant on the overburdened power grid.

The Biden administration, in other words, wants to nearly double the demands on the electric-grid network at the same time it wants to shut down more than half of the nation’s power generation — and the most reliable sources at that.

The imperial Japanese — like every other enemy America ever faced — were downright benevolent by comparison. But at least Democrats are launching their attack right out in the open. If we don’t stop them, we have no one to blame but ourselves for the pointless poverty, tyranny, and misery they have planned for us.

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