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Jul 13 2021

Time Magazine: Abolish Private Air Conditioning

On Sunday the thermometer reached 111°F here in Phoenix for the sixth consecutive day. They say it’s a dry heat, but that does not apply during monsoon season — i.e., summer. America’s fastest-growing major city will become uninhabitable when leftists have achieved their dream of banning air conditioning for ideological reasons.

Time instructs the public what to think about AC:

We came close to destroying all life on Earth during the Cold War, with the threat of nuclear annihilation. But we may have come even closer during the cooling war, when the rising number of Americans with air conditioners—and a refrigerant industry that fought regulation—nearly obliterated the ozone layer. We avoided that environmental catastrophe, but the fundamental problem of air conditioning has never really been resolved.

Only liberals could regard the American miracle of air conditioning as a problem.

Freon was banned, but the planet remains in peril, because it was replaced by hydrofluorocarbons. Unnamed “experts” pretend that abolishing HFCs completely could lower the temperature by “as much as 0.5ºC” over the next 100 years. Such a tiny impact is so far within the margin of error that after liberals ban HFCs, no one will be able to prove that it had no impact whatsoever.

Even without HFCs, AC may still be worse that nuclear warfare:

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, air-conditioning accounts for nearly a fifth of annual U.S. residential electricity use.

As anyone in the Biden’s Handlers Administration can tell you, efficiently produced energy causes global warming. Energy that is unreliable and stratospherically expensive is okay, but even the kooks at Time know that green energy boondoggles will not keep the AC running:

Biden’s announcement to shift toward a renewable energy infrastructure obscures the uncertainty of whether that infrastructure could meet Americans’ outrageously high energy demand—much of it for cooling that doesn’t save lives [even if lack of it murders oppressed criminals]. Renewable energy infrastructure can take us only so far. The rest of the work is cultural.

That is, so as to pretend that we can prevent the climate from fluctuating as it always has, we must learn to live without AC, just as we will learn to live without meat.

Our moonbat overlords may allow some access to AC, but only on a collectivized basis:

The troubled history of air-conditioning suggests not that we chuck it entirely but that we focus on public cooling, on public comfort, rather than individual cooling, on individual comfort. Ensuring that the most vulnerable among the planet’s human inhabitants can keep cool through better access to public cooling centers, shade-giving trees, safe green spaces [yadda yadda yadda…]

How “safe” the green spaces will be if progressives succeed in defunding the police is doubtful, especially since law-abiding citizens won’t have guns to defend themselves after utopia has been achieved. But then, in places run by moonbats, park workers can keep people safe.

AC is bad not only per the global warming hoax, but also according to economic and cultural Marxism:

Privatized air-conditioning survived the ozone crisis, but its power to separate—by class, by race, by nation, by ability—has survived, too. Comfort for some comes at the expense of the life on this planet.

It’s time we become more comfortable with discomfort. Our survival may depend on it.

Liberals ask a lot, considering that they offer us nothing except hysterical lies in return. But they control the media and the schools, so people can be brainwashed into voting for them.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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