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Dec 08 2021

Biden Regime Identifies Root Cause of Skyrocketing Crime

The Biden Regime is more responsible than Future of the Democratic Party Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It doesn’t pretend the skyrocketing crime that liberal policies have created doesn’t exist. Instead, it zeroes in on the “root cause.” This turns out to be the ChiCom virus.

Gerry Baker can hardly believe it:

Asked last week at a press briefing whether the pandemic was to blame for the surge in crime, as President Biden has suggested, the White House press secretary Jen Psaki declared that, yes, the virus is “a root cause in a lot of communities.”

There it is. That old progressive standby: the “root cause,” the all-encompassing absolution that simultaneously strips criminals of agency and Democratic politicians of responsibility for the consequences of their policies.

Readers may recall that after Biden opened the southern border and invited the entire Third World to invade and receive extravagant handouts, Kamala Harris was put in charge of dealing with the crisis. Rather than so much as visit the border, she identified the root causes (which included the global warming hoax and LGBTQ oppression) and did nothing more.

Duckspeak about root causes is worse than incongruous and absurd; it is a symptom of the terminal illness that is liberalism.

[T]his latest manifestation of the grip it has on our ruling class is a disturbing reminder of how far progressive ideology has propelled the country toward social disintegration. …

[T]his eagerness to find anyone to blame for crime other than the people committing it is a central feature of the nihilism eating away at the American identity—the idea that the country is so flawed that miscreants bear less responsibility for their actions than do the institutions that have supposedly oppressed them.

It is true that the criminals themselves are not the only ones to blame. Liberals who demonize and defund the police, apply bail reform and absurdly light sentences, and deify lowlife criminals and those who riot in their names share culpability.

Only a really committed progressive or an idiot—but I repeat myself—could believe it’s a good idea that men charged with committing violent crimes should go back out on the streets and reoffend until they take their savage ambitions to their logical and tragic conclusion.

Have liberals learned anything from the horror in Waukesha, inflicted by a maniac who in any sane country would have been behind bars? Not in Pueblo, Colorado they haven’t. Police Chief Chris Noeller complains that “in the case of thefts, a person can steal up to $1,999.00 of merchandise from [a] store or person and will not be taken to jail” due to moonbat policy.

This out-liberals even California, where thieves theoretically might get in trouble if they swipe more than $950 worth of merchandise at a time.

Unsurprisingly, auto theft is up 46% this year in Pueblo. Allow small crimes and you will get big crimes too. That’s why applying the broken windows theory cleaned up New York City and made it livable again under Giuliani.

However, that theory has been rejected in favor of wokeness. NYC has been returned to the dogs:

A homeless man charged with beating a guy last year was dumped back on the street thanks to so-called bail reform, only to allegedly pummel two women in Upper West Side attacks Thursday — and be freed again.

Darrell Johnson, 23, left one of his random female victims so brutally beaten that she suffered a “disfiguring laceration” to her face…

Last year, Johnson — who has more than a dozen arrests on his rap sheet dating to 2014, according to sources — was hit with assault and harassment charges in the man’s beatdown.

Johnson has been walking up to women on NYC sidewalks and beating them senseless. Since he is black, incarcerating him would be systemically racist, according to the ideology of our ruling class.

We are close to the point where leftism and America cannot coexist.

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