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Jun 01 2022

Biden Spox: We Want to Grab Guns Not Protect Children

The reason we have as many school shootings as we do is that Democrats want them to occur. With help from the media, the tragedies allow for emotional manipulation that can be used to stampede the herd into trampling our right of self-defense.

That is why Chuck Schumer killed a school safety bill in the aftermath of Uvalde.

It is why Tucker Carlson has this to report:

In California, the state assembly just voted to end the requirement, the long-standing requirement that was put in place after school shootings, that schools alert law enforcement when students, “attack, assault or physically threaten school officials.”

Biden’s spokesmoonbat Karine Jean-Pierre is dumb enough to be forthcoming:

“I know there’s been conversation about hardening schools, that is not something [Biden] believes in,” Jean-Pierre told reporters at a White House press conference.

“Hardening schools” is a reference to Republican attempts to address the security shortcomings that led to the carnage in Uvalde.

Jean-Pierre confirms that the Regime is not interested in protecting children but in disarming law-abiding citizens:

“The problem is with guns, and not having legislation to really deal with an issue that is a pandemic here in this country.”

Democrats love to say “pandemic.” It is a magic word that allows them to get away with all manner of crimes against liberty.

Denying gun rights has top priority for Democrats, because the leftist agenda cannot be imposed in full on a population able to fight back.

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