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Oct 26 2020

Dog Walker Set Upon by Mostly Peaceful Protesters

It is not safe to leave your home in New York — not with Bill de Blasio in charge and a revolution underway. A 40-year-old man was walking his dog near Central Park on Saturday when protesters surrounded him:

Police said the man “engaged the group of protesters in conversation” as they surrounded him.

This did not seem to help.

[O]ne of the protesters punched the man in the head and pushed him to the ground, police said.

While the man was on the ground, two other protesters then punched and stomped on him, police said.

They tried to steal his cellphone, but lacked the follow-through to succeed. Both the victim and his dog suffered minor injuries.

They were lucky. Worse has happened to random people who fall into the hands of mostly peaceful protesters. Worst still will happen if their revolution succeeds.

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