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Jan 29 2021

South Africa Shows One Way to Deal With Judiciary

As our decline unfolds like a morbidly compelling novel, sometimes it is tempting to peek ahead to see what happens next. South Africa, preceding us along the same road, allows us to see America’s future. A current scandal there is that a spy agency has been spending public money to corrupt the judiciary:

The Commission of Inquiry into State Capture on Thursday heard explosive evidence of how the State Security Agency (SSA) attempted to undermine the country’s judiciary using millions of rand of its funds.

A secret witness only identified as “Ms K” told the commission, chaired by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, that “Operation Justice” was set up to influence, recruit and handle sources within the judiciary. She said sources meant members of the judiciary.

According to Ms K, the purported aim of “Operation Justice” was to ensure harmony between the state and the justice fraternity and allegedly included influencing the outcome of cases.

“Harmony” might mean the same thing our Democrats mean by “unity.”

Ms K is project manager of a probe into malfeasance at the SSA. Another official at the same agency is known as Mr Y.

The chief directorate: special operations contributed largely to the rise in confidence in the justice by the public through its influential role in the media, reporting and utilising well-placed media personnel, stated Mr Y’s evidence.

A corrupted media manipulates public opinion for political ends. Sounds familiar.

Back on the topic of American politics, Biden’s rule by executive order has encountered no noticeable opposition but rather encouragement from the legislative branch, which is becoming obsolete.

The judiciary, however, might be a problem. Unsurprisingly, we recently received confirmation that Biden might disable that branch of government by packing the Supreme Court with rubber stamp flunkies, at which point the USA would literally become a dictatorship.

Or maybe Biden will follow South Africa’s lead, and employ our massive intelligence apparatus to keep the courts in line. Former CIA chief John Brennan, who recently suggested targeting libertarians for investigation political harassment, would love the idea.

The corruptocrat Biden, who has been ensconced in the Washington establishment for half a century, was placed in the Oval Office because he is the Swamp personified. Under his rule, his fellow swamp creatures will thrive, as confirmed by recent appointments. For example, just as the corruption prevailing on Wall Street bursts into the news, the wife of disgraced FBI apparatchik Peter Strzok has been named Acting Director of the Division of Enforcement of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

As corruption becomes the norm as in South Africa, the Swamp should have no problem keeping judges in line.

On tips from ABC of the ANC, Henry, and Dragon’s Lair.


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