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Jan 13 2021

Big Tech Censors Censored

The left-wing apparatchiks at Twitter and Facebook adore censorship, so long as they are the ones doing the censoring. The shoe is less comfortable when it’s on the other foot.

The Federalist reports:

The president of Uganda temporarily banned Facebook and Twitter from the country this week in the final hours leading up to elections on Thursday, arguing the platforms engaged in unfair censorship to prop up the opposition candidate.

Museveni must have seen what happened in the USA last November. Heavy-handed interference by Silicon Valley was likely the deciding factor in the outcome.

Swallow whatever you might be drinking before reading the following tweet, or it will end up across your screen:

This was sent during a massive purge, during which Twitter has shut down thousands upon thousands of conservative accounts. The Moonbattery Twitter page has lost over 11,000 followers over the past week.

Here’s another gem:

True enough. Twitter locked the account of the New York Post right before the 2020 election, so as to prevent people from reading a bombshell story related to Biden’s influence peddling to our communist Chinese enemies. Facebook also limited sharing this crucially important story.

After arrogance, intolerance, and sanctimoniousness, absolute lack of self-awareness may be the most conspicuous characteristic of our moonbat ruling class.

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