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Jan 13 2021

Bank Threatens to Withdraw Accounts for Mask Noncompliance

Big Government doesn’t need to be everywhere. It gets plenty of help repressing the population from the liberal establishment. Militant progressives control everything — not only the media, entertainment, schools, and pro sports, but the major corporations, including banks.

From Britain:

HSBC … said customers who break the law could forfeit their bank account.

Government guidelines mandate wearing a face mask at the bank.

Those who refuse to comply will be refused service and could have their bank accounts withdrawn.

Let’s hope customers who come in without a mask at least get to keep their money, even if they can’t keep it at the bank.

If UK banks can close your account for mask noncompliance, it shouldn’t be long before stateside banks start closing the accounts of those suspected of being deplorables. We already read this:

PayPal says it has ended its relationship with Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo after PayPal asked the site to take down campaigns raising money for supporters of President Donald Trump arrested during last week’s riot at the United States Capitol.

To continue working with PayPal, GiveSendGo would have had to censor campaigns at PayPal’s discretion.

When hooligans were arrested in left-wing riots, Kamala Harris raised funds to bail them out so they could get back to burning down Minneapolis. No word on when PayPal will cancel de facto President-elect Harris.

After utopia has been imposed, inmates of the UK and USA will have social credit scores like in China. Countermoonbats with low scores will have to keep their money under the mattress — until cash is abolished, at which point they will be reduced to barter.

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