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Oct 20 2020

Bill Gates: Large-Scale Shutdowns Will Not Suffice

If you liked the COVID-19 lockdowns that senselessly threw tens of millions of Americans out of work, you will love the coming solutions to the imaginary crisis of anthropogenic global warming. Large-scale shutdowns will not suffice. Liberal elitist social engineer Bill Gates has spoken:

Gates made the remarks during a keynote address for the National Academy of Medicine’s 2020 annual meeting, which this year was titled, “Confronting Urgent Threats to Human Health & Society: COVID-19 and Climate Change.”

The two topics go well together. The overreaction to the first was a dry run for what will be inflicted in the name of the second once Democrats have control.

“The change in behavior, like driving less or flying less, is helpful but nowhere near sufficient — 2020 is a great example of this,” Gates said. “We’ve cut down carbon emission with these drastic changes in the economy, but the reduction in emissions is actually quite modest.”

Economic shutdowns in reaction to COVID-19 only reduced harmless carbon emissions by 8%. Moonbats want them down by 100%.

The solution, says Gates, is to “get rid of emissions from all the different sectors.” Then, for the first time in the planet’s history, the climate will stop fluctuating.

“This crosses many areas,” Gates continued. “How we make electricity, how we make industrial products, grow food, cool our buildings, and all of transportation.”

Every aspect of society must be reengineered from above to perfect the weather. The level of authoritarianism required to impose this would impress Joseph Stalin. As for the cost,

In July last year, the Competitive Enterprise Institute estimated that if the Green New Deal was implemented as currently proposed, it would cost the average household $70,000 in just the first year.

Short of a nuclear holocaust, could you think of a more effective way to destroy the American economy? Let’s elect Democrats and see if it works.

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