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Oct 20 2020

Facebook Humor Gets Detective in Trouble

Activists will be gratified; justice has arrived for Michael Brown. No wait, this is a different Mike Brown:

A King County Sheriff’s Office detective in Washington state faces possible termination over offensive Facebook posts, including one where he appeared to mock a Seattle protester who was killed and another who was injured after they were hit by a car. …

One image posted on July 4 showed a vehicle hitting a group of people with the caption “All lives splatter” and “Keep your (expletive) off the road.”

Summer Taylor died and Diaz Love was in serious condition after being struck. Dawit Kelete was arrested for vehicular manslaughter.

Even if Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioters did not learn from this not to throw their tantrums in the middle of the road, at least police officers will learn that 2020 is no time to indulge in humor.

Undersheriff Patti Cole-Tindall has recommended that Brown be terminated. The final decision is up to Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht. Given that this is the Seattle area, I would not sell Brown unemployment insurance.

Be careful with sarcasm. If the thought police think you are serious when you aren’t or not serious when you are, it could cost you your career. Better still, stay off social media altogether. It’s not like we still live in a country where everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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