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Oct 20 2020

San Diego Schools Change Grading System for Equity

By definition, equity and excellence are mutually exclusive. To impose equity is to impose mediocrity. This is accomplished by eliminating standards, which are bad because they discriminate. The San Diego Unified School District applies this principle to education, explicitly to “combat racism.”

Like everything else, academic success must be viewed from a Cultural Marxist identity politics perspective. Regarding failing grades,

23% went to Native Americans. Another 23% of failing grades went to Hispanics. And 20% of D or F grades went to Black students.

By comparison, just 7% of failing marks went to White students.

This constitutes proof that the grading system was racist and therefore had to be changed.

Academic grades will now focus on mastery of the material, not a yearly average, which board members say penalizes students who get a slow start, or who struggle at points throughout the year.

If it doesn’t make any difference whether you flunk the first test or ace it, how hard will students study?

Another big change, teachers can no longer consider non-material factors when grading. Things like turning work in on time and classroom behavior will now instead count towards a student’s citizenship grade, not their academic grade.

If students don’t have to turn in their work on time, why would they? Kids aren’t born understanding the correlation between diligence and success. But of course, imposing equity entails abolishing this correlation.

Educrats will also inflict equity by encouraging cheating:

[T]he board will also review potential student disparities stemming from its zero-tolerance disciplinary policy on cheating in the coming weeks.

This epitomizes the liberal strategy for eliminating the racial disparities they endlessly obsess on: bring everyone down to a lowest common denominator. This debases education, as moonbattery debases everything it touches.

Allowing progressives to take over the schools was a catastrophic error.

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