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Jul 09 2021

Black Lives Matter: US Flag Is a Hate Symbol

Having spent a year watching Black Lives Matter thugs deface and destroy statues that represent American heritage in the name of an ideology that is ferociously hostile to the USA and most of the people who live in it, few will be surprised to hear that BLM regards the American Flag as a “symbol a hatred” — i.e., something they want canceled:

The average Democrat voter would rather subvert what the flag means than burn it. But relative moderates are not in charge; maniacs are.

The entire liberal establishment enthusiastically supported Black Lives Matter mobs throughout the jihad against patriotic statuary. It isn’t likely to be Democrats who intervene when their Antifa allies theatrically set fire to American flags. Powerful federal bureaucrats make a spectacle of preferring the “Progress Pride” flag to Old Glory. The country’s most powerful publication calls the flag “alienating.” When New York Times writers see the flag flying, they react with horror. A transsexual exploits the soapbox eagerly provided by the media to proclaim that he wants to win an Olympic medal (as a woman) so he can “burn a US flag on the podium.”

Average Democrats may just be along for the ride, but they are going where the radicals want them to go. As the world’s premiere symbol of liberty, the American flag has no place there.

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