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Oct 13 2020

BLEXIT, the Antidote to Black Lives Matter

Do you have to be Caucasian to love America? The Cultural Marxists controlling the media, schools, and Democratic Party would have you think so. But it turns out not to be true, as demonstrated by the inspiring BLEXIT Back the Blue march in DC Saturday that drew thousands participants.

Candace Owens is right to take pride in the movement she founded:

Singing the Star-Spangled Banner and chanting U-S-A could not contrast more sharply with the “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter tradition of looting, arson, spray-painting obscenities on every available surface, and destroying statues of great historical figures.

Progressives cannot make the case that riots and rage are more constructive than unity in patriotism. So they use their control of the media either to ignore this event into oblivion, or to discredit it by emphasizing that BLEXIT paid some travel expenses, as if that were not being done for BLM/Antifa rioters throughout the country. Moonbats piled on with attacks that would be regarded as shockingly racist if they came from conservatives. Candace Owens responds:

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