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Oct 13 2020

NY Times Reporter Links White Supremacy, Fossil Fuels

Everything is intersectional with leftists. White supremacy is bad. The fossil fuels that keep the lights on are bad. New York Times climate and energy reporter Hiroko Tabuchi reached the logical conclusion that the two must be linked. NewsBusters quotes her deleted tweet:

I’ve been thinking a lot about fossil fuels and white supremacy recently. Almost every single oil executive, lobbyist, spokesperson I’ve dealt with is white and male. It’s difficult not to see a link.

Wherever there are white males, there is not only racism but sexism. Causing total economic collapse by banning fossil fuels would not improve the weather, but it is still ideologically justified.

Deleted tweets let you see the future. A couple years from now, tweets like the one above will be left to stand, because no one inside her bubble will know enough to tell Hiroko that deplorables are laughing at her. A couple years after that, such tweets will inspire legislation.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.


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