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May 03 2021

Caitlyn Jenner Denounced for Transphobia

Anyone who contradicts LGBT dogma will be denounced as a transphobe — even a guy who calls himself “Caitlyn” and goes out and about in women’s clothes.

As an Olympic decathlon champion who became transgender, the California gubernatorial candidate formerly known as Bruce Jenner is as qualified as anyone to speak on the transgender people in sports issue. However, only one opinion is allowed: the politically correct one. Anything deviating from it invites the wrath of the Twitter mob, as Jenner learned when he observed that allowing males to compete against females “just isn’t fair.”

Breitbart has examples, including this gem:

A transgender person is “anti-trans” because by saying that boys are not girls, he proves that he does not understand science.

We are dealing with a mob of lunatics. They will stop at nothing, having zero awareness of their own absurdity.

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