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Oct 08 2020

California Takes Down Trump Sign

It probably takes the socialist bureaucrats running California several months to put up a stop sign. But when a giant TRUMP sign appeared along Interstate 405, resembling the iconic HOLLYWOOD sign, they flew into action, tearing it down within a few hours of it being erected in the Sepulveda Pass Monday night.

[A] Caltrans spokesperson said it needed to be removed, arguing that it “was a life and safety issue because there were concerns about distracted driving.”

They required a pretext, the land being private. You didn’t think California’s liberal rulers would allow such a sign to stand, did you?

If someone puts up a flashing neon Black Lives Matter sign accompanied by a giant rotating hammer and sickle, that won’t distract drivers. It will be granted protected monument status and maintained indefinitely at taxpayer expense.

The moonbat who reported the sign to the Stasi complained that it could start a fire because like everything else in that part of the country that isn’t surrounded by pavement, it is near dry brush. Not even California authorities would go along with that pretext. They left the sign, but laid it down so that no one can see it from the road.

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