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Feb 22 2022

Canadian Tyranny and the World Economic Forum

We know Justin Trudeau is not acting on behalf of Canadians as he prolongs his emergency powers in the name of stamping out resistance to Covid decrees, even as the virus peters out. Is he acting on behalf of the almost cartoonishly sinister globalist Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum? Asking the question is “disinformation,” because leftists don’t want you to know the answer, as Canadian MP Colin Carrie discovered:

The Trudeau Regime acting in concert with power-hungry globalists would explain the mysterious UN planes and reports of brutish foreign “police officers” during the crackdown in Ottawa.

Like Trudeau, WEF openly sees Covid as an opportunity to impose the sort of authoritarianism that the global warming hoax is intended to justify. One of its directors is Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland. In the video below, she elaborates on the tactic of seizing the bank accounts of dissidents, a practice Canada’s rulers intend to make permanent despite the Ottawa protest having been brutally quashed (to the delight of the liberal media):

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