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May 03 2024

Canada Constructs Monument to Sexual Perversion

You can tell what a culture values by the monuments it constructs. Canadians are reverently erecting a monument to bestow cherished victim status upon those who conspicuously indulge in sexual depravity:

Construction officially began [Thursday] on the Government of Canada’s LGBTQ2+ National Monument in downtown Ottawa. …

Construction is expected to reach completion in 2025.

According to Trudeau’s government,

“It will be a lasting testimony to the courage and humanity of those who were harmed by the LGBT Purge, homophobic and transphobic laws and norms, and Canada’s colonial history.”

“Colonial history” is a reference to the expansion of Western of Civilization — which liberals have been working feverishly to reverse.

Appropriately, the monument will look like some kind of phallus eaten away by a horrific disease:

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Mar 29 2024

Wheels Are Coming Off Under Moonbat Rule in Canada

Meanwhile, as Justin Trudeau’s regime tries to push down harder with life sentences for ideological infractions, police worry that building pressure will blow the lid off the pot:

Police have warned Canada’s leaders they will struggle to contain the fury at its deteriorating economy and a generational revolt by young people unable to ever buy a home.

The secret report by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police paints an apocalyptical picture of the future for America’s northern neighbor…

The report…

…warns that the truckers’ convoy protests that polarized the country in 2022 may just be the precursor for a society increasingly polarized by ‘conspiracy theories and paranoia’.

The leftists who charted this course for Canada will no doubt respond by suppressing what the report calls “misinformation” so as to keep the “conspiracy theories and paranoia” (i.e., awareness of what Trudeau et al. are doing to their country) under control, forcing the pressure to build still further until it finally blows.

We all know about Bidenomics. Here’s what the report has to say about the likely consequences of Trudeaunomics:

“The coming period of recession will accelerate the decline in living standards that the younger generations have already witnessed compared to earlier generations.”

Global warming lunacy inflicted by the government will accelerate this decline still more, ensuring that people have ever more to be angry about and ever less to lose.

Canadians sat out the American Revolution. It’s not too late to catch up.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Mar 14 2024

Toronto Police: Leave Out Keys for Car Thieves

When liberals started calling for the defunding and “reimagining” of police, some wondered what they planned to do about crime. Ever at the vanguard of moonbattery, Canada provides the answer:

Toronto Police Service Constable Marco Ricciardi said, “To prevent the possibility of being attacked in your home, leave your [key] fobs at your front door because they’re breaking into your home to steal your car. They don’t want anything else.”

Just let thieves have your property. Then we don’t need police.

The Drive reports that some Canadians are taking the advice…

…like one person who—after having their vehicle broken into three times—opted to leave their car unlocked (along with a big, handwritten note indicating this) so that would-be thieves don’t break the window again.

You can see why a car is stolen in Canada every 6 minutes.

Enforcing the law is rejected because it results in disparate impact — although that can also be avoided by reassigning criminals of color to a different race.

Citizens would be able to defend themselves from thieves entering their homes demanding the car keys, except that where liberalism has triumphed, only criminals and the government (but I repeat myself) have guns.

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Feb 08 2024

Sincerity From the Mouths of Moonbats

Sometimes even left-wing politicians are sincere. Watch as Senator Chris Murphy, top Democrat negotiator for the failed bill to open the border even wider, specifies who it is that Democrats and their RINO collaborators care about most: “undocumented Americans that are in this country” — i.e., invaders illegally imported by our hostile government at our expense:

MSNBC propagandist Chris Hayes and Chris Murphy are members of the same species, Liberalis whitemalicus, identifiable by its repulsive, sluglike softness. You expect these creatures to leave a muculent trail behind them as they go.

Another specimen of this species is Justin Trudeau — who is also sometimes capable of sincerity:

True enough, Canadians who would vote for the party of Trudeau do not want Canada to be great.

When your rulers tell you that they care more about foreign invaders than they do about you and that they do not want their country to be great, believe them.

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Feb 01 2024

Tampons Unwelcome in Canadian Military Men’s Rooms

Even in a country that has succumbed to moonbat rule, the military may sometimes resort to discipline:

An internal Canadian Armed Forces communication shows a Toronto-area commanding officer threatening soldiers who are caught throwing out tampons in the men’s washroom with discipline and urging them to support the policy for the sake of transgender non-binary members of the forces.

Major Robert P. Ryan doesn’t like “petty acts of protest” like throwing into the garbage the tampons social engineers place in the men’s room to advance LGBT objectives. Hilariously, he gripes that this constitutes a waste of taxpayer money — as if the money had not already been wasted by putting the tampons there in the first place.

Ryan is also a member of the division’s Diversity Awareness Groups, specifically the Defence Advisory Group for Persons with Disabilities.

The ChiComs will conquer Canada just as soon as they can get their laughter under control.

There are still men in the Canadian armed forces, or the tampons wouldn’t end up in the garbage. But to quote Alexander the Great,

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.

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Jan 30 2024

Liberal Establishment Comes Down on Jordan Peterson

As Canada slides deeper into totalitarianism, the liberals in charge are ever less willing to tolerate dissidents like clinical psychologist, professor emeritus, and online educator Jordan Peterson. Mary Anastasia O’Grady sounds the alarm:

According to Ontario court documents, he’s been the subject of complaints since 2018 about his public statements “on topics of social and political interest, including transgender questions, racism, overpopulation, and the response to COVID-19, among others.” The complainers—none of whom seem ever to have been his patients—mainly tweeted their objections to the provincial licensing board known as the College of Psychologists of Ontario.


The board’s job is to regulate for competence, not for political views.

However, the board is part of the liberal establishment. That means its true primary purpose is to impose leftism.

In March 2020, the board warned Peterson about his “manner and tone.” Then…

In August 2022 the board wrote to Mr. Peterson on behalf of its panel of investigators about his “demeaning, degrading and unprofessional” public statements and the “harm” they could cause people. He could solve the problem, the bureaucrats said, if he would agree to attend a re-education camp of its choosing.

Peterson’s allegedly problematic manner and tone are generally thoughtful and professorial. But he is no coward. He declined to submit to demeaning political indoctrination. The board proclaimed that this refusal “may constitute professional misconduct.”

Canadian courts sided with the board, meaning that he might lose his professional credentials over thoughtcrime like this:

Court documents cite instances of name-calling politicians and his refusal to use pronouns other than those that correspond to biological sex. In May 2022, court documents say, “he commented on a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover with a plus-sized model, tweeting: ‘Sorry. Not Beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.’”

Liberals helpfully underscored his point by attempting to silence him.

The establishment’s main problem with Peterson is not that he is an articulate opponent of its ideology, but that he is unwilling to cower in submission.

This makes him a problem for the mob and a danger to a system that relies on cultural repression to advance its agenda.

In a free society, even those who disagree with Peterson would acknowledge his right to his opinion. Canada — the moribund canary in the coalmine of moonbattery — is not a free society.

On a tip from Varla.

Jan 26 2024

Muslim Terror Attack on Edmonton City Hall Ignored

Considering the resurgence of belligerent Islam, Biden’s refusal to stop financing much less to oppose it, and the wide open southern border, it is surprising that we don’t hear more often about Islamic terror attacks. Then again, given that the media establishment has reduced itself to the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party, maybe it isn’t so surprising. Refer to the moribund canary in the coalmine of moonbattery, Canada:

This was an all-out Gaza-inspired, jihadist terror attack with gunfire and home-made bombs at Edmonton’s City Hall on Tuesday and not a word out of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about it so far. …

Security video shows a man entering Edmonton’s City Hall wearing a Commissionaires Security jacket and carrying a long gun and appearing to shoot it.

Suspect Bezhani Sarvar not only fired off the gun but lit several incendiary devices, according to police.

In addition to the horror of security video showing the armed man during his attack, a taped manifesto which included Arabic greetings was also discovered.

Chances are good you never heard a word about it. The event did not fit the liberal narrative. So we heard about women’s hockey instead.

The governmedia was able to ignore the Edmonton attack because as it turned out, no one was hurt. When Hamas supporters set off a dirty nuke in a major city, pretending it didn’t happen will be more difficult. So they will blame it on Islamophobia.

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Jan 09 2024

Police Deliver Hot Coffee to Pro-Hamas Lawbreakers

The ensuing pro-Hamas disruptions have placed the nightmarish terror atrocities of October 7 in the context of a broader conflict between civilization and its enemies — between good and evil. Under left-wing rule, there is no need to wonder which side Canadian authorities are on:

The proterrorists shut down a major access point to the Jewish neighborhood Armour Heights in Toronto.

Breitbart notes the…

…sharp contrast to the behavior of police during truckers’ protests two years ago, when protesters were arrested and their supporters’ bank accounts were often frozen.

But there is a big difference. The truckers were protesting against the lunatic excesses of Covid tyranny. The keffiyeh crowd is protesting in favor of rape, torture, and genocide as means to eradicate not only Israel but ultimately all of Western Civilization — so it has no need to worry about police state tactics from the Trudeau Regime.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Dec 13 2023

Canadian Offset Credits for Burping Cows

Don’t worry about the incipient collapse of civilization into Third World squalor ruled over by totalitarian degenerates. We have bigger problems — like cows that according to leftist doctrine offend the climate by burping. The Canadian government is on the case:

Environment and Climate Change Canada … is proposing financial incentives for farmers in the form of offset credits they can sell…

As FDR taught us while prolonging the Great Depression, only through Big Government can the agriculture sector make more money by producing less food — or in this case, producing it less efficiently in obeisance to leftist ideology.

ECCC published a draft protocol Sunday to “encourage beef cattle farms to reduce enteric methane emissions by improving animal diets, management, and other strategies that support more efficient animal growth.”

How it is more efficient to drive up the price of food with special diets that prevent cattle from digesting their food normally is not explained.

Each credit represents one tonne of emission reductions, and the credits can be sold to facilities to help them meet emissions reduction requirements or to other businesses to meet their climate commitments, the government said.

If Canada starts being cold in the winter and not all that warm in the summer either, citizens will know they can thank their government for spending their money to stop animals from burping, thereby perfecting the weather.

On a tip from R F.

Dec 12 2023

Tampons in All Canadian Military Men’s Rooms

Those planning to impose their will on another country are advised to pick one where the military has been reduced to a social engineering laboratory by moonbats:

All Canadian military bases will soon be required to have menstruation products in the men’s restroom to align with the federal government directive issued by Employment and Social Development Canada to promote “inclusivity,” with the initiative expected to kick off on Dec. 15.

Major Soomin Kim from the Department of National Defence confirmed the policy.

The purpose of mandating tampons in military men’s rooms, per the Canadian government:

Unrestricted access to menstrual products better protects menstruating employees and makes sure that they feel safe to use the toilet room that best reflects their gender.

Unsurprisingly, the number of volunteers for the Canadian Armed Forces is in a nosedive.

If by some miracle Western Civilization survives long enough to eradicate moonbattery, it will take a thousand years to live down this generation.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Dec 01 2023

Canadian Pushback Against Federal Energy Moonbattery

Canada has vast energy resources. But then, so does Venezuela. That’s no guarantee the lights will stay on with moonbats in control. Fortunately, Alberta is pushing back against Justin Trudeau and the rest of the leftists running the federal government, who want Canadians to freeze in the dark in obeisance to their climate cult:

Alberta’s United Conservative government has invoked its controversial Sovereignty Act for the first time by introducing a resolution to push back against the federal government’s proposed Clean Electricity Regulations.

The resolution calls for ignoring insane federal energy mandates to the extent law allows.

The Clean Electricity Regulations, currently in draft form, lay out the rules for getting Canada’s electricity grid to net zero emissions by 2035.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says the deadline is impossible for the province to meet without risking blackouts and high costs for consumers.

Blackouts and high costs will be par for the course if liberals maintain control. See California for details.

Hats off to Danielle Smith:

If pushback continues, Trudeau may fall back upon the Emergencies Act to impose martial law, as he did when there was resistance to his Covid tyranny.

At least Covid actually existed. The climate crisis that supposedly necessitates depriving Canadians of reliable and affordable energy is an imaginary contrivance.

Expect similar conflict on the US side of the border — unless Americans are content to go without electricity for the sake of liberal ideology.

On a tip from Lyle.

Nov 13 2023

“Ombudsman” Deleted From Newspeak Dictionary

Utopia continues to elude us. People still use politically problematic words like “ombudsman.” Justin Trudeau, suet-soft personification of metrosexual moonbattery, comes to the rescue:

As part of the Trudeau Liberals’ quest to root out all gendered language from the government’s vocabulary and end sexism, an order in council dated November 3, 2023, cancelled the title of the Procurement Ombudsman.

The new role at the Ministry of Public Works, which will be the same as the old role, will now be filled by the Procurement Ombud.

How wonderful it must be to live in a country where there are no problems, so that those in charge have nothing better to do than impose their irritating vocabulary preferences.

On a tip from Lyle.

Nov 05 2023

Holiday in Cuba

The punk band Dead Kennedys was woke, but the lyrics to the song “Holiday in Cambodia” suggest even they understood where leftism leads. For all his moonbattery, Jello Biafra would know better than to take a holiday in Cuba:

Deanna Lang was hoping for at least a little bit of relaxation when she jetted to Cuba for a beach vacation with her mother and her five sons in April.

Instead, the Winnipeg woman claims cockroaches, filthy guest areas and thefts of children’s belongings from her room ruined their weeklong stay at a Sunwing Vacations resort.

She is suing for the $8,000 she wasted on a vacation to socialist hell.

“I feel I literally had my pockets robbed,” wails Lang.

Welcome to socialism. At least she didn’t end up with her head on a stake, like in the song.

Vacation in a totalitarian country that lobbied the Soviet Union to launch a nuclear attack on the USA and you can’t expect much sympathy, even in Canada. Maybe she could get her case heard in Hollywood.

Soon Canadians who want to holiday in Cuba won’t have to spend $8,000. At the current rate of decay, it won’t take long for Justin Trudeau (rumored to be the illegitimate offspring of Fidel Castro) to reduce Canada to Cuba North — just like the original except without the nice weather.

On a tip from R F.

Oct 21 2023

Pierre Poilievre Owns Another Lib Propagandist

Even the liberal establishment grudgingly admits that countermoonbat Canadian MP Pierre Poilievre hit it out of the park in this viral interview:

Media bullies have come to expect their victims to whimperingly turn over their lunch money. A well-delivered punch to the nose reduces them to helpless gibbering.

He’s done it again:

As Poilievre demonstrates, countermoonbats need to see the situation clearly and act accordingly. You cannot have a good faith conversation with leftists. They are delusional fanatics by definition. You cannot take the media at face value, because it exists not to inform the public but to impose leftism. Challenge false premises and never allow liberals to control the conversation.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.


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