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Dec 01 2023

Canadian Pushback Against Federal Energy Moonbattery

Canada has vast energy resources. But then, so does Venezuela. That’s no guarantee the lights will stay on with moonbats in control. Fortunately, Alberta is pushing back against Justin Trudeau and the rest of the leftists running the federal government, who want Canadians to freeze in the dark in obeisance to their climate cult:

Alberta’s United Conservative government has invoked its controversial Sovereignty Act for the first time by introducing a resolution to push back against the federal government’s proposed Clean Electricity Regulations.

The resolution calls for ignoring insane federal energy mandates to the extent law allows.

The Clean Electricity Regulations, currently in draft form, lay out the rules for getting Canada’s electricity grid to net zero emissions by 2035.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says the deadline is impossible for the province to meet without risking blackouts and high costs for consumers.

Blackouts and high costs will be par for the course if liberals maintain control. See California for details.

Hats off to Danielle Smith:

If pushback continues, Trudeau may fall back upon the Emergencies Act to impose martial law, as he did when there was resistance to his Covid tyranny.

At least Covid actually existed. The climate crisis that supposedly necessitates depriving Canadians of reliable and affordable energy is an imaginary contrivance.

Expect similar conflict on the US side of the border — unless Americans are content to go without electricity for the sake of liberal ideology.

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Nov 13 2023

“Ombudsman” Deleted From Newspeak Dictionary

Utopia continues to elude us. People still use politically problematic words like “ombudsman.” Justin Trudeau, suet-soft personification of metrosexual moonbattery, comes to the rescue:

As part of the Trudeau Liberals’ quest to root out all gendered language from the government’s vocabulary and end sexism, an order in council dated November 3, 2023, cancelled the title of the Procurement Ombudsman.

The new role at the Ministry of Public Works, which will be the same as the old role, will now be filled by the Procurement Ombud.

How wonderful it must be to live in a country where there are no problems, so that those in charge have nothing better to do than impose their irritating vocabulary preferences.

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Nov 05 2023

Holiday in Cuba

The punk band Dead Kennedys was woke, but the lyrics to the song “Holiday in Cambodia” suggest even they understood where leftism leads. For all his moonbattery, Jello Biafra would know better than to take a holiday in Cuba:

Deanna Lang was hoping for at least a little bit of relaxation when she jetted to Cuba for a beach vacation with her mother and her five sons in April.

Instead, the Winnipeg woman claims cockroaches, filthy guest areas and thefts of children’s belongings from her room ruined their weeklong stay at a Sunwing Vacations resort.

She is suing for the $8,000 she wasted on a vacation to socialist hell.

“I feel I literally had my pockets robbed,” wails Lang.

Welcome to socialism. At least she didn’t end up with her head on a stake, like in the song.

Vacation in a totalitarian country that lobbied the Soviet Union to launch a nuclear attack on the USA and you can’t expect much sympathy, even in Canada. Maybe she could get her case heard in Hollywood.

Soon Canadians who want to holiday in Cuba won’t have to spend $8,000. At the current rate of decay, it won’t take long for Justin Trudeau (rumored to be the illegitimate offspring of Fidel Castro) to reduce Canada to Cuba North — just like the original except without the nice weather.

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Oct 21 2023

Pierre Poilievre Owns Another Lib Propagandist

Even the liberal establishment grudgingly admits that countermoonbat Canadian MP Pierre Poilievre hit it out of the park in this viral interview:

Media bullies have come to expect their victims to whimperingly turn over their lunch money. A well-delivered punch to the nose reduces them to helpless gibbering.

He’s done it again:

As Poilievre demonstrates, countermoonbats need to see the situation clearly and act accordingly. You cannot have a good faith conversation with leftists. They are delusional fanatics by definition. You cannot take the media at face value, because it exists not to inform the public but to impose leftism. Challenge false premises and never allow liberals to control the conversation.

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Sep 27 2023

Poland Wants Ukrainian Nazi Extradited for War Crimes

This is awkward. While shoveling more money at Ukraine, the moonbats running Canada gave standing ovations to Yaroslav Hunka for heroically fighting the Russians in WWII. Meanwhile Poland — which like a lot of taxpayers is getting fed up with Ukraine — wants the Nazi extradited to stand trial for war crimes:

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Sep 25 2023

Canadian Parliament Gives Standing Ovation to Nazi

Anyone who puts up resistance to leftism is likely to be denounced as a Nazi, however incongruously. Yet in Canada, where there is no effective resistance to leftism, a Nazi named Yaruslav Hunka received repeated standing ovations from Parliament Friday:

To watch these seals clap, you would think Hunka is transsexual. But his background is quite different:

Hunka was a soldier with the 14th “Galicia” division of the Waffen-SS, the military section of the Nazi SS, which was responsible for elements of terror from massive extermination camps to the daily torture and repression of citizens within occupied Europe. The International Military Tribunal that oversaw the Nuremberg war crimes trials declared the SS to be a criminal organization.

During World War II, Canada was allied with Russia, the country that did most of the heavy lifting to defeat the Nazis as the USA did against the Japanese. But now Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

The Associated Press captioned … a picture documenting Hunka’s presence, describing Hunka as having “fought with the First Ukrainian Division in World War II before later immigrating to Canada.” The Galicia division was rechristened in 1945 with a Ukrainian name in order to avoid connecting it to the Waffen-SS.

Once again, 1984 helps us make sense of the news:

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.”

Hunka isn’t the only Nazi to find a welcome home in Canada:

David Pugliese has recently written of how Canada allowed thousands of former Waffen-SS members into Canada after the Second World War…

Regarding the Trudeau Regime in particular,

Ezra Levant noted, “Last year, Chrystia Freeland held up a scarf promoting a far-right Ukrainian Nationalist movement linked to Neo-Nazis commemorating Stefan Bandera, the Nazi criminal. Freeland deleted her social media posts, but not before the photo was saved.”

The inaptly named Freeland is Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance under the metrosexual tyrant Trudeau.

Speaking of finances,

Hunka was a guest of Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Zelensky was in Ottawa to address a joint session of Parliament and to pick up more military aid from the Liberal government. …

During Zelensky’s visit to Canada, Trudeau dolled out more money to Ukraine, a $650 million “multi-year commitment that provides predictable, steady support to Ukraine,” as well as armored vehicles…

Open your wallets, Canadians!

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Sep 24 2023

Apt Response to Trudeau Accusing Parents of Hate

If there is one thing that all decent people of whatever income, religion, race, or ethnicity can agree on, it is that their children should be protected from perverts. On behalf of the liberal establishment, Justin Trudeau accuses all of them of hate:


Trudeau was reacting to large-scale anti-grooming protests sweeping Canada, at which demonstrators are speaking out against transgender propaganda and gender identity ideology being taught to their children in schools.

Here’s a response to Trudeau et al. that the mainstream media is unlikely to feature:

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Sep 18 2023

Canada and Belgium Lead the Way on Euthanasia

To see what liberals have in store for us, look to the countries where leftists have the least resistance. Canada and Belgium suggest that the economic inefficiency of socialized medicine will be addressed with the final solution.

In Canada, even some Catholics go along:

Dr. Danielle Kain … was appointed to the directorship of palliative care at Providence Hospital in Kingston, Ontario, July 1.

The Kingston hospital is one of 22 health care institutions in Ontario under the sponsorship of Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario (CHSO). The CHSO was formed in 1998 to assume responsibility for institutions formerly under the guidance and management of congregations of religious sisters.

Kain is both a staunch proponent and practitioner of euthanasia.

Medical Assistance in Dying — which has already been presented as a cure for long wait times, anorexia, PTSD, poverty, and needing a wheelchair lift (not for regretting sex change surgery though) — sounds great to Kain:

Kain has argued that all publicly funded institutions, including Catholic hospitals, should be compelled to offer MAiD.

Kain says death by doctor can be “both poignant and peaceful.”

Turning to Belgium — where young women are euthanized for feeling depressed — we see that it is plenty poignant but not always peaceful:

Alexina Wattiez, who was just 36 years old, sought euthanasia after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. In 2021, her doctor informed her that she would not survive for another year, and by March of 2022, her health was deteriorating.

Christophe Stulens, Wattiez’s partner, was there when she died, along with his 15-year-old daughter, Tracy. A doctor and two nurses came to the home that the three shared to carry out the euthanasia. “After a short night’s sleep, I was woken up by a nurse who told me that Alexina was doing very badly,” Stulens said. “Then the doctor took some syringes and we were asked if we wanted to say goodbye.”

Stulens and his daughter were told to wait outside, so they went onto the terrace, but what they thought would be a peaceful death quickly turned horrific: they heard screaming.

“I recognized her voice,” he said. “Afterwards we saw her lying on the bed with her eyes and mouth open.”

An autopsy was performed, and found that Wattiez died of asphyxiation. Allegedly, the nurses took turns using a pillow to suffocate her.

An overweight old guy with mobility issues in Utah and a disabled veteran in Tennessee suggest that government agencies outside the traditional healthcare purview could be brought in to conduct these procedures more efficiently, when euthanasia is inevitably extended beyond the sick and the poor to others whose existence is inconvenient to authorities, such as dissidents.

The drugs used in assisted suicide are often the same used for executions, and they are frequently known to fail. Additionally, while the process of dying may look peaceful, in reality, there is a serious possibility of severe pain.

Victims immobilized by drugs may experience any extreme of agony without external indications.

The drawbacks of pharmaceutical homicide are among the arguments for returning to hanging and firing squads for executions. But that approach to euthanasia would require authorities to admit what they are doing.

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Sep 17 2023

Justin Trudeau Comes After Canadian Grocery Stores

The war on energy and wasteful public spending have predictably driven up prices, particularly for food. This is not a bug for liberal policy, but a feature. As Vladimir Lenin said, “The worse, the better.” People have been conditioned to turn to Big Government for solutions to their problems, despite Big Government having caused most if not all of them. Unaffordable food is an easy problem to exploit.

Justin Trudeau says it is “not okay” that the people who provide Canadians with food make a profit doing so. So Big Government will have to step in, applying liberal logic by lowering prices with higher taxes:

As Founding Father John Marshall observed, the power to tax is the power to destroy.

Canada had no Founding Fathers. Rather than rebel, Canadians waited for the British Empire to wither away. It is not surprising that they are decaying more quickly into oligarchical collectivism, although the USA is not far behind.

What makes Justin Trudeau so dangerous is that he is hard to take seriously. He is a metrosexual soy boy. But he is also a tyrant whose ambitions might be worthy of a Bolshevik.

History buffs will recall that Stalin used control of the food supply to consolidate power. Most liberals sporting Ukrainian flag pins probably don’t know that Uncle Joe (as FDR affectionately called him) starved to death approximately 4 million Ukrainians during the Holodomor. But their leaders know.

Rumor has it that Justin Trudeau is the illegitimate son of communist dictator Fidel Castro. I’m starting to believe it.

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Aug 31 2023

Canada Issues LGBT Travel Advisory for USA

As it swirls down the drain into moonbattery, Canada does not produce a lot of good news. Here’s a welcome exception:

Canada has updated its international travel advisories to warn members of the LGBTQ+ community that they may face discrimination if they travel to some places in the United States.

The Alphabet People are conspicuously the most privileged group in America, topping even blacks in the favoritism they are granted by the liberal establishment. The very foundations of civilization, including marriage and the right of parents to protect their children from sexual predators, have been compromised to comply with LGBT demands. How could even the kooks running Canada justify pretending they are oppressed?

The move comes after at least 18 U.S. states passed laws that limit or ban certain things relevant to the community, including gender-affirming medical care for minors and teaching about sexual orientation in schools.

Capitulation to the LGBT agenda must be absolute and universal. This entails the total absence of opposition to the ideologically driven surgical mutilation and depraved sexual indoctrination of children.

Evidence accrues that if America turns back from leftism, the Trudeau Regime will not be friendly. But if the absurd travel advisory prevents a few LGBT militants from crossing the northern border in the wrong direction, Canada deserves our thanks.

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Aug 28 2023

Trudeau Regime Terrified of Trump

The reason Democrats dropped the incremental approach and tipped their hands as authoritarians by arresting the leading opposition candidate is that the resistance Trump has come to personify threatens to snatch away absolute power just as they are on the verge of achieving it. This scares leftists all the way up in Canada:

Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly reportedly stated in an interview that Canada has been working on a “game plan” for the outcome of America’s upcoming presidential election.

Joly speaks not only for Canada; the sinister globalists of the World Economic Forum named her a “young global leader.” She is considered a Justin Trudeau protégé who might succeed him.

“Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly says Canada has been considering a ‘game plan’ for how it would respond if the United States takes a far-right, authoritarian shift after next year’s presidential elections,” Dylan Robertson wrote in a piece shared by National Post.

“Far-right, authoritarian” refers to resistance to the leftist authoritarianism that prevails in Canada and characterizes the Biden Regime.

During the same interview, she declared that “the other aspect of the question is more about knowing how we as a democracy are able to thwart the growth of the far right in our country, because it’s happening in the United States, it’s happening in Europe.”

Let’s hope so.

Anything so menacing as the “far right” naturally calls for stringent measures to repress. Pushback against Democrat overreach in the USA will be exploited as a pretext for crackdowns north of the border.

Joly has condemned political opposition at home and abroad before, such as when she appeared to blame American conservatives for interfering in Canadian politics by supporting truckers in the Freedom Convoy as they protested against vaccine mandates.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if the congealing totalitarian regime in Canada had to deal with a resurgence of liberty right across its border?

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Aug 13 2023

Final Solution to Socialized Medicine Wait Times

It doesn’t take a degree in economics to grasp that if something scarce and valuable is provided for free, there will be long waits for it. But there is a cure for the long wait times implicit in socialized medicine.

Great Britain, infamous for socializing the healthcare system instead of rebuilding its economy after World War II, illustrates the problem:

More than 7.6 million people in the United Kingdom – around 12 percent of the total population – are waiting to receive routine hospital treatment from the country’s socialized healthcare system, the National Health Service (NHS), representing the highest figure since records began in 2007 and increasing by another 100,000 since May.

Problems caused by progressivism tend to progress.

Just under 400,000 people have been on the NHS waiting list for more than a year, around 7,000 people have been waiting for treatment for over 18 months, and more than 20,000 have waited longer than two months (62 days) for urgent cancer screenings, according to data released by NHS England.

Canada too has burdened itself with socialized medicine. It steps forward with the solution. You might call it the final solution:

Kathrin Mentler, 37, lives with chronic depression and suicidality, both of which she says were exacerbated by a traumatic event early this year. Feeling particularly vulnerable in June, she went to Vancouver General Hospital looking for psychiatric help in dealing with feelings of hopelessness she feared she couldn’t shake.

Instead, Ms. Mentler says a clinician told her there would be long waits to see a psychiatrist and that the health care system is “broken.” That was followed by a jarring question: “Have you considered MAID?”

MAID (medical assistance in dying) is a euphemism for execution as healthcare. If abortion is healthcare, so is MAID.

Canadian authorities have presented MAID as a solution for anorexia, PTSD, being poor, and needing a wheelchair lift (not for regretting sex change surgery though).

Inevitably, it will be applied to solve the problems most concerning to those in charge, namely, racism, homophobia, transphobia, Eurocentrism, et cetera.

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Aug 04 2023

Wokesters Block Speech on Woke Threat to Free Speech

As RFK Jr learned when his fellow Democrats tried to censor him at a censorship hearing, one way to get suppressed by leftists is to sound the alarm on leftist suppression. In Canada, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) is suing the University of Leftbridge I mean Lethbridge (UofL) over the cancelation of a speech by Dr. Frances Widdowson on “How Woke-ism Threatens Academic Freedom.”

Per the JCCF:

“Dr. Paul Viminitz, a UofL philosophy professor, invited Dr. Widdowson to speak at UofL on the topic of how woke ideology is hostile to free speech, open inquiry and dissent, which are essential components and conditions of universities.”

Widdowson has personal experience on the topic:

Widdowson had been a tenured professor at Mount Royal University (MRU) in the Department of Economics, Justice, and policy studies until she was fired in late 2021.

She lost her job over thought infractions.

She has spent much of her academic career focused on public policy in relation to indigenous people, including the causes of massive socioeconomic disparities between indigenous and other Canadians. She said her research has led her to what some deem ‘politically incorrect’ conclusions which do not conform with ‘woke’ ideas.

She had been approved to speak, but then leftist thugs stamped their feet. As usual, sympathetic educrats caved.

Despite the cancellation, Widdowson chose to attend the UofL on Feb. 1 and speak in the UofL Atrium.

However, a moonbat mob descended. She was “drowned out by shouting, drumming, and chanting” lest anyone be exposed to views that do not comply with leftist orthodoxy.

Laments Widdowson,

“Instead of encouraging faculty and students to engage with my ideas in order to reach a better understanding of totalitarian identity politics’ impact on the academy, the University of Lethbridge created an ‘unsafe space’ for critical thinking and open inquiry.”

Rebel News has more:

Adam Soos is onto something:

The laws follow the culture, but the culture is often set by academics.

The mind viruses destroying Western Civilization were engineered in the Ivory Tower, which we are forced to fund. Unsurprisingly, that is where we see the most alarming attacks on free speech.

On a tip from Rob A.

Aug 02 2023

Being Drunk Excuses Crashing Semi

Personal responsibility has been canceled in favor of moonbattery. To the list of symptoms this diseased condition has produced, add drunken truck drivers:

A Quebec trucking company has been ordered to reinstate a driver who was fired after she drank at least nine beers before she lost control of her truck on a Pennsylvania highway.

Freedom has also been canceled. That’s why it is up to Big Government to determine who works for a trucking company, rather than the company.

The driver’s actions amounted to serious misconduct, but her drinking was the result of a disability — alcoholism — and trucking company Groupe Robert should have made a reasonable accommodation for her, labour arbitrator Huguette April said in her written July 18 decision.

The liberal media has used the same reasoning to excuse the many crimes committed by Joe Biden’s bagman Hunter, who is said not to be responsible for his behavior because he suffers from the disability of smoking too much crack.

“The night of the accident, she needed to drink,” April said. “She admitted that even though she knew she shouldn’t, the need was stronger, like something that she couldn’t control.”

Her blood alcohol was more than twice the legal limit when she crashed, reflecting the heavy burden of disability fate has saddled her with.

Now that we no longer have agency, behavior that used to be frowned upon confers treasured “oppressed” status. For example, ostentatious homosexuals can expect to be first hired and last fired as a reward for disease-spreading behavior that until recently was universally reviled, because indulging in it is “who they are.”

Likewise, if you are going to crash a truck, make sure you get drunk first. You won’t be held accountable if you can tell the boss that alcoholism did it.

Groupe Robert, meanwhile, told April that the collective agreement between the company and the union representing drivers is clear: The penalty for drinking and driving is immediate termination of employment.

But not if a moonbat judge overrules the agreement. Ostensibly binding agreements are meaningless where Big Government holds absolute power.

The union naturally sides with the judge:

Marc-Andre Gauthier, a spokesman for Teamsters Canada, the union that represents the driver and that challenged her dismissal, said it has an obligation to defend its members in work-related matters, regardless of the circumstances.

The Teamsters just destroyed Yellow Corp:

When struggling Yellow Corp. sought financial concessions from its union employees this year, Teamsters President Sean O’Brien refused and tweeted the image of a gravestone in a cemetery with “Yellow” on it. Congratulations, Mr. O’Brien. The trucking firm said Sunday it is preparing to file for bankruptcy, and some 22,000 Teamsters could lose their jobs.

The 99-year-old Yellow was the country’s third largest less-than-truckload carrier, combining shipments from multiple customers on a single trailer. Trucking competition heated up after Congress deregulated the industry in 1980. Yet Yellow’s labor agreements with the Teamsters have made it less competitive with non-union rivals.

Unions may help wipe out the entire profession, if truck drivers are made extinct in favor of self-driving vehicles in part to avoid drunken drivers.

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