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Dec 01 2023

Car Dealers Push Back Against EV Mandate

You can subsidize EVs to the hilt with other people’s money. You can replace bus fleets with them, leaving people to walk through the snow. You can use your control of the media to shriek that life on earth will perish if people don’t embrace them. But so long as safer, more reliable, and more financially sensible real cars are available, you can’t make people buy the absurd contraptions — as 3,900 car dealers suggest in a letter to Biden:

Dealers have a 103-day supply of EVs compared to 56 days for all cars. It takes them on average 65 days to sell an EV, about twice as long as for gas-powered cars. EV sales are slowing though manufacturers have slashed prices and increased discounts. Consumers paid on average $50,683 for an EV in September, compared to $65,000 a year ago.

Prices will rocket upward when they no longer have to compete with real cars.

Among the numberless reasons not to buy an EV,

“Customers are also concerned about the loss of driving range in cold or hot weather,” the auto dealers say. “Some have long daily commutes and don’t have the extra time to charge the battery. Truck buyers are especially put off by the dramatic loss of range when towing.”

The dealers want the Administration to “tap the brakes” on its proposed tailpipe emissions rules that would effectively mandate that EVs comprise two-thirds of car sales by 2032. Auto makers might meet the government’s quotas in leftwing cities where Teslas are a political fashion statement, but price and convenience matter more elsewhere.

Our rulers represent the populations of cities rotted through with liberalism like New York and Los Angeles. They regard the rest of us as “deplorable” and “threats to Our Democracy.”

The dealers’ letter is an important political signal that progressive climate coercion isn’t as popular as Democrats think. Americans don’t like to be told what to do or what they must buy.

Why would Democrats care what we think? They have the media to tell us what to think.

Before progressives can achieve absolute tyranny, we must be denied independent transportation. Electric vehicles, which regular people can afford only so long as they are subsidized, which rely on a power supply that is being choked off in the name of the global warming hoax, and which can easily be remotely disabled en masse, are a bridge to this objective. If Democrats remain in power much longer, they will achieve it.

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