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Nov 05 2020

Ted Wheeler Hangs On, Portland Still a Mess

Congratulations to Ted Wheeler, who was reelected Mayor of Portland. He is conspicuously awful at his job — allowing Antifa goons to rule the streets, presiding over more than 100 riots so far this year (and counting), refusing to take sides in the conflict between civilization and the anarchocommunist thugs burning down his city. Only New York’s Bill de Blasio could claim to be a worse mayor. But at least Wheeler isn’t his opponent Sarah Iannarone, who ran on the platform “I am Antifa.”

Maybe the reelected Ted Wheeler will be new and improved, as the Democrats running the region finally take some responsibility for maintaining public safety:

Wheeler may realize that the only reason he is still in office is that sane people who have not yet escaped Portland could not elect anyone better at this point. He is a moonbat, but circumstances have forced him onto the side of those who value law and order. Here’s what his fellow progressives think about him (sorry about the language):

Local media crows that Wheeler will be “the only straight white guy” on the City Council. Moonbats choose their candidates on the ostensible basis of not being straight white guys; this absolves candidates of lacking more meaningful qualifications. Their actual qualification in a place like Portland is that they are barking moonbats:

Looks like “police reform” will top the agenda. Buckle up for more anarchy.

If voter fraud fails to preserve Biden’s slim lead, the violence will be explosive — though only in the short term. Conversely, if Biden or rather Harris takes power, there will be encouragement from DC, so rioting in places like Portland will become the new normal until these cities dry up and die.

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Oct 25 2020

Could Trump Win Produce a Republican State?

If Democrats prevail, they plan to pack the Senate by creating new states out of the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. If sanity prevails and Trump is reelected, changes to the nation’s configuration could favor Republicans. Consider Oregon:

This year’s protests in Portland and Bend, Ore., have many wondering how the Beaver State’s increasingly radicalized left will cope if President Trump is re-elected. After the 2016 election, a group of Oregonians submitted a petition for a ballot measure asking voters to consider secession. It went nowhere, but this year could be different.

Portland is an open-air lunatic asylum. Its next mayor is likely to be Sarah Iannarone, an avid Antifa supporter. She is even more radical than Ted Wheeler, who allowed riots to go on for over 100 consecutive nights.

Bend is just as bent:

Consider the hysterical reaction of locals and election officials in Bend when Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents attempted to take two illegal aliens into custody in August. Hundreds of protesters blocked ICE buses, and a 12-hour standoff ensued before agents could remove the men.

Bend’s political establishment defended the protesters.

Both of the illegals have criminal records that include violence against women. But anything goes if you are in the country illegally.

The kooks in places like Portland and Bend will go ballistic if Trump is reelected. Leftists have the time horizon of small children, making them incapable of dealing with temporary setbacks. If they demand their own country, to be run along the lines of Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP, they are welcome to it.


Several right-wing groups are gathering signatures from residents of 15 Eastern Oregon counties that have had enough of this coastal insanity. They want either to become part of Idaho or form a new state with rural counties of Northern California.

Such a state might be called Jefferson, after one of the Founding Fathers the woke so hate.

Western Oregon is blue as a San Francisco bathhouse. In the eastern part of the state, every day is the Fourth of July. As in California, the state government is dominated by the more densely populated moonbat-infested areas, leaving the rest unrepresented.

Imagine—if Mr. Trump wins, the bluest part of Oregon could forgo becoming a new state and go straight to establishing an independent country, where far-out progressive policies can be road-tested.

That would be good for some grim laughs. Meanwhile, the remaining part of Oregon would reliably provide two Republican Senators. If Portlandia fails to secede but Oregon splits into two states, the GOP would again get two Senators.

All of this sounds less improbable than it would have a year ago. It is becoming increasingly obvious that Biden voters and Trump voters do not belong under the same government.

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Oct 11 2020

Antifa Thanks Ted Wheeler for His Support

Ted Wheeler has pandered spinelessly to Antifa for years, enabling it to take over the city of Portland. If you don’t mind a barrage of foul language, listen to a representative of Antifa express the gratitude it would be foolish not to expect:

A couple years from now, a similar tirade will be launched against Mayor Sarah “I am Antifa” Iannarone — assuming the entire city hasn’t been burned to the ground by then.

Antifa is to the Democrat Party what the Brownshirts were to the Nazi Party, except for one important difference: Nazis could control their Brownshirts.

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Oct 10 2020

Meet Sarah Iannarone, Portland’s Next Mayor

There is one good thing about Portland. At least it can’t get any worse. Under Antifa-friendly Mayor Ted Wheeler, the city has degenerated as far into moonbattery as could possibly be imagined, with riots taking place literally every night for months on end.

But wait; I forgot that no matter how far they push the envelope, progressives will always find a way to progress further still. Just because a sane person cannot imagine escalating the madness even further doesn’t mean a moonbat can’t.

You thought no one could be worse than Wheeler? Meet Portland mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone.

Via the Washington Examiner:

Iannarone was spotted wearing a skirt emblazoned with the images of communist dictators Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin, as well as communist revolutionary Che Guevara.

How stylish:

Between the three of them, Mao, Stalin, and communist executioner Che Guevara killed tens of millions of people. In terms of body count, Mao is the evilest man who has ever lived; Stalin comes in second.

Iannarone’s campaign manager Gregory McKelvey openly identifies as a communist. Iannarone herself identifies as Antifa, literally proclaiming, “I am Antifa.”

At least she doesn’t leave anyone guessing as to which side she takes in the one-sided war between leftist terrorists and law enforcement. From her campaign website:

For weeks we witnessed Federal officers commit acts of violence against Portlanders in our streets… Before Trump’s secret police left the city, Portland’s current mayor failed for months to prevent Portland’s police from violently attacking journalists and protestors exercising their Constitutional rights. These failures represent a devastating reality that we must unseat in November. …

Under Wheeler’s watch, 71% of Portlanders do not have a high level of trust in the police, and 79% believe the PPB only sometimes, rarely, or never does a good job reducing or preventing crime. It is time to stop wasting money and stop putting good money after bad.

Portland is already a place where you might be shot in the street like Aaron Danielson for not being a leftist. Imagine the chaos after Iannarone defunds the police.

Reducing the budget of the PPB doesn’t mean there’s nobody there when you call for help. It means more funds available for the alternative types of assistance you may need. We have enough money to help everyone feel safe, and that money should be invested in better housing, transportation, education, health care, and social services that lead to real public safety.

When Marxists start burning your house down in the name of Black Lives Matter, you can call social services, and they will send around a social worker in a couple of weeks to chastise you for your racism.

Now for the really scary part. According to the polls, the communist crazy lady is going to win in a blowout:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler trails his challenger Sarah Iannarone by 11 points, according to a poll of likely voters conducted by DHM Research on behalf of the Portland Business Alliance.

Some national polls have Biden up by even more.

If current trends are not reversed, Portland is our near future. Maybe it is a good thing that border wall never got finished, because the last sane people are going to want out of here.

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Sep 03 2020

Releasing Rioters Appears to Lead to Murder

The catch and release policy toward rioters that prevails in Democrat-run cities like Portland has predictable consequences. One could be the murder of Aaron Danielson, apparently at the hands of Antifa maniac Michael Reinoehl, against whom various charges had recently been dropped. This could be another:

Portland rioter Phillip Lawrence Nelson is now a suspect in a double-stabbing murder that occurred just one week after he was caught and let go by local law enforcement.

The original charges against Nelson of interfering with a peace officer were dropped the day after his first arrest in early June, and he was released.

Cassy Leaton and Najaf “Nate” Hobbs were found stabbed to death in Portland on June 16 after an apparent dispute over the building Nelson had been squatting in.

At least now he is being held without bail.

De facto presidential candidate Kamala Harris has described the rioters as a “new coalition of conscience” and “the heroes of our time.” She encourages people to donate money to bail them out of jail.

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Aug 30 2020

Countermoonbat Apparently Executed in Portland

When I mentioned earlier today that Black Lives Matter supporters are likely to engage in executions if they ever take power, I didn’t realize that executions may have already begun:

The man shot and killed in Portland as a pro-Trump caravan that began in nearby Clackamas wound down and altercations broke out was a “friend and supporter” of Vancouver, Washington-based Patriot Prayer, group leader Joey Gibson said. …

Andrew Duncomb, a conservative activist who was stabbed during a downtown demonstration July 29, also confirmed the victim was associated with the organization.

The victim reportedly did not have a gun.

The countermoonbat rally featured almost “1,000 vehicles, many of them displaying Trump, Gadsden and Thin Blue Line flags in addition to the U.S. flag.”

Supporting the President of the USA, American heritage, law enforcement, and America itself is now so provocative in parts of the country that it can get you killed.

Andy Ngo reports:

Whether they said, “We got a Trumper” is unclear. Other details also remain to be resolved. However, it appears that the left-wing political violence that has characterized the past 3 months has taken a great leap forward into straightforward murder.

Tim Pool puts this into the context of the lies being told about Kyle Rittenhouse and support for leftist terrorism by prominent Democrats:

Pool had better be right about Trump winning. Otherwise, the whole country could soon look like Portland and Kenosha. When the smoke clears, it will look like the Soviet Union.

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Aug 27 2020

Probation for Arson Near Police Precinct in Portland

One reason the rioting goes on and on for months on end is that the liberal media provides propaganda support. Another reason is that liberals largely control the legal apparatus. That’s why we read stories like this:

An 18-year-old was sentenced Wednesday to three years of probation for his role in a fire set outside the Portland Police Bureau’s North Precinct during a tumultuous Black Lives Matter protest.

“A tumultuous Black Lives Matter protest” is media-ese for a particularly violent riot.

The case marks the first felony conviction for the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office tied to the nightly demonstrations that began three months ago.

Nightly riots for 3 months straight and finally they have a felony conviction. The stern sentence of probation is sure to dissuade other rioters.

Rollin Tristan Fodor pleaded guilty to first-degree arson…

His court-appointed attorney, Alicia Hercher, said her client had attended multiple nights of protests against police violence and systemic racism in Portland “before he got caught up in this event.”

The mostly peaceful protests have become riots in Portland literally every night since May. Rollin must have figured that the odds were against the streak continuing. Once caught up in the event, he had no choice but to engage in arson, since individuals cannot be held responsible for their own behavior, per progressive ideology.

Rollin also faces a probation violation for an earlier robbery conviction. Funny how often the rioters, whom de facto presidential candidate Kamala Harris describes as a “new coalition of conscience” and “the heroes of our time,” have criminal records.

Speaking of arson and mostly peaceful protests on the Left Coast,

Seattle police officers were forced to kick their way out of an East Precinct exit door Monday night, after rioters jammed it with boards and rebar, and attempted to seal the door closed with quick-dry cement.

As the door was being jammed, surveillance video shows several other people building a fire outside the building near the exit door, in an attempt to set the building on fire.

Yet the media tells us the police are the bad guys, because they are “racist.”

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Aug 23 2020

Moonbats, Countermoonbats Face Off in Portland

You won’t see pushback against the recent surge of ultraleftism from major corporations (quite the contrary), but there has been some on the streets of Portland.

Right-wing groups organized a noon event yesterday at Terry Schrunk plaza with the currently controversial goal of “saying no to Marxism.” At the same time, the “Mother of All Back the Blue Rallies” took place at the Justice Center.

It would be unthinkable for Antifa to allow people they disagree with to demonstrate peaceably in Portland. Chaos predictably erupted:

[T]hroughout the morning and early afternoon, both sides fairly equally used a variety of weapons and tossed numerous objects at each other. …

After about an hour of the increasingly tense standoff, no police were present on the scene.

The marginalization of local law enforcement under liberal rule means armies clashing in broad daylight where civilization once flourished.

Yahoo News applied the predictable spin with this headline:

Trump Supporters and Anti-Racism Protesters Clash in Portland, Oregon

A more accurate headline might have read, “Supporters of Law Enforcement and America in General Clash With Racist Marxists and Anarchists.”

Comments are blocked on the Yahoo piece, lest the narrative be disrupted by noncompliant viewpoints.

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Aug 14 2020

State Police Pull Out of Anarchic Portland

Moonbattery has consequences, as Portland learned after Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced that the rioters who have been tearing the city apart each night for over 2 months will mostly not be prosecuted:

Schmidt said his office will presumptively decline to prosecute those whose most serious accusation doesn’t involve deliberate property damage, theft or the use or threat of force against someone else. …

Those whose most serious accusation involves a city ordinance violation will also not be prosecuted.

You might wonder what point there is to having ordinances if everyone knows they aren’t enforced.

Even provably violent rioters could be handled or rather caressed with kid gloves:

Prosecutors will scrutinize the cases of protesters accused of resisting arrest or assaulting a public safety officer and consider “the chaos of a protesting environment, especially after tear gas or other less-lethal munitions have been deployed against community members en masse,” the district attorney’s office said in a news release.

This did not result in an end to the mayhem. It resulted in this:

Oregon State Police on Thursday pulled out the approximately 100 troopers helping both federal officers and Portland police in responding to nightly protests in the city that have often ended in confrontations with demonstrators and arrests.

Captain Timothy Fox explained why:

“We’re in a county that’s not going to prosecute this criminal behavior.”

Why put officers at risk to arrest criminals who aren’t going to be prosecuted?

The plan is to “move those resources back to counties where prosecution of criminal conduct is still a priority.” That is, out of Portland, where municipal authorities are sympathetic to the rioters.

Do not expect law and order to return to Portland soon.

Other consequences of moonbattery are more positive:

Voters in Georgia have ousted Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard — who charged two officers with murder in the Rayshard Brooks shooting earlier this summer — by a whopping 45-point margin.

Howard, a 20-plus-year incumbent and the first black district attorney elected in Georgia, lost his post to Democratic challenger Fani Willis in a runoff election Tuesday, WAGA-TV reported. Willis garnered 73% of the vote in a commanding victory over her former boss.

It may be corruption allegations that brought Howard down, but his overzealous prosecution of Officer Garrett Rolfe doesn’t seem to have helped him. He hit Rolfe with 11 counts including felony murder for shooting Rayshard Brooks, who had stolen an officer’s taser and fired it at police.

When the public wakes up from the surreal nightmare that is 2020, voters may inflict a widespread reckoning on left-leaning pols who egged on the chaos. Even liberal Portland voters may resent what has been allowed to happen to their city.

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Aug 11 2020

Meet Our Future Ruling Class

Last night was Portland’s 75th consecutive night of rioting. Rocks and other objects were thrown at police. The main point of these “mostly peaceful” protests may be to demonstrate that society cannot or rather will not stop them, meaning the rioters are in charge.

With every riot, they grow stronger. That’s why Peter Wilson Curtis doesn’t look too broken up about having been arrested again:

Most people never imagined that when America is conquered, it will be by guys dressed like Peter Wilson Curtis.

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