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Mar 26 2020

Youths Firebomb Delivery Vans

A crisis like the Wuhan virus panic serves as a stress test for society, allowing us to find weakening pressure points where eventual trouble is inevitable. Along the same lines, it allows us to see how assimilation is coming along for the foreign masses who have inundated Britain:

Disturbances broke out in the Southmead area of Bristol at around 9.30pm on Monday night after the Prime Minister’s address to the nation in which he announced a ‘lockdown’ and tougher measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Iceland Foods delivery vans came under attack. From a statement by the supermarket chain:

“Police riot vans were called out and youths threw missiles at the police as they tried to disperse them.”

It can be assumed that “youths” does not refer to people with a British background.

“Later in the evening the two home delivery vans parked outside our Southmead store were set alight…”

The vehicles were a total loss.

“It is shocking and distressing that anyone would act so callously to put vehicles out of service at precisely the time when they are most needed to deliver food to the most vulnerable people in our society.”

This highlights the fact that in the long run, Britain has bigger problems than COVID-19.

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Mar 23 2020

Germany Keeps Floodgates Open to Asylum Seekers

Speaking of Darwin awards, one should be awarded to the entire nation of Germany, which even now has not learned the folly of open borders.

It has closed its doors to other European countries, with minor exemptions…

However, according to the German Ministry of the Interior, so-called “asylum seekers,” a catch-all term that basically describes economic migrants fleeing from the Middle East and Africa, are still welcome.

“At Germany’s EU external borders [airports and seaports], there has been no change in the [asylum] procedure,” a representative of the Ministry of the Interior told Junge Freiheit.

So long as you aren’t European, just say the magic word “asylum” and authorities will let you in.

Meanwhile, “refugees” have already rioted in Germany rather than submit to coronavirus quarantine.

Turkey, traditionally the homeland of many Muslims in Germany and currently the major launching pad into Europe for the refugee invasion, may have a much larger Wuhan flu problem than has been officially acknowledged:

No matter how many colonists Germany takes in, it will never be enough. They can’t even pause during a pandemic. It’s as if the whole country has a death wish.

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Mar 21 2020

Coronavirus Lays Waste to Open Borders and Globalization

The Wuhan virus has proven conservatives to be correct on border security and the Second Amendment. At this point, it should be obvious to all but the most delirious moonbats that we must be able to control who comes into our country, and we must be able to defend ourselves against potential breakdowns in public order. How long these lessons will be remembered remains to be seen, but the longer the virus disrupts our lives and the more it costs us, the longer it will be before open borders and a disarmed citizenry don’t strike the average person as insane.

Tim Pool makes the case that open borders and globalism in general are taking a long-term hit (long but worth watching):

Via Whatfinger Video, on a tip from Ellen O.

Mar 20 2020

Wuhan Virus and Foreign Labor

The Wuhan virus will have a silver lining if it causes people to rethink the wisdom of open borders. After all, immigrant labor caused coronavirus to spread in the two countries hardest hit after China, namely Iran and Italy.

Via Summit News:

The Wall Street Journal reported how Iranian officials traced “the origins of the country’s coronavirus epidemic” in the holy city of Qom to “a number of Chinese-backed infrastructure projects built by scores of workers and technicians from China.”

As for Italy, officially the world leader in COVID-19 mortality,

“Many Italians in Northern Italy have sold their leather goods and textiles companies to China,” writes David Vance. “Italy then allowed 100,000 Chinese workers from Wuhan and Wenzhou to move to Italy to work in these factories, with direct flights between Wuhan and Northern Italy. This continued post outbreak, so is it mere coincidence that Northern Italy is now Europe’s hotspot for Corona Virus?”

Many Chinese workers are in Italy illegally.

Immigrants have not always been cooperative regarding attempts to contain the virus. A man of Pakistani origin was said to be instrumental in the initial spread in Italy when he continued delivering pizza after having been quarantined. Quarantined refugees in Germany attempted to break out of their shelter. The video below shows immigrants in Paris blowing off quarantine:

Rules that aren’t in the Koran don’t apply to them.

Mar 18 2020

Quarantined “Refugees” Riot, Try to Escape in Germany

No doubt there are still moonbats who have not reformed their enthusiasm for open borders and mass immigration even in light of the Wuhan virus. Maybe this story from Germany’s Compact Online will help. It takes place at an asylum facility in Suhl, Thuringia, which was put under quarantine to prevent spreading the virus. Translation complements of Allah’s Willing Executioners:

[T]he measure, which in times of [coronavirus] seems not at all unusual, apparently drove the asylum seekers to a fury: some of them started rioting and prevented inmates from entering the dining hall in order to force a hunger strike. They are said to have tried to leave the facility through the sewers to get to the nearby town.

The asylum seekers displayed the ISIS flag and threatened to burn down the facility. Fifty police officers were deployed to keep the situation under control.

If the Wuhan virus leads to major social unrest in Germany, the country’s multitudinous “refugees” are likely to play a significant role.

Mar 16 2020

Why Mexico May Increase Security at Our Border

Trump may have been right about an effective wall finally getting built at the border and Mexico paying for it. Somebody is getting serious about border security:

Mexico could consider measures at its northern border to slow the spread of the coronavirus into its relatively unaffected territory, health officials said on Friday, with an eye to containing a U.S. outbreak that has infected more than 1,800 people.

So far, Wuhan virus has affected Mexico even less than the USA, where it is still far less of a problem than the flu.

Mexican Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell said contagion from the United States was a threat.

In contrast to the Draconian measures we have seen in the USA, Mexico has maintained a more hands-off approach.

Mexican officials have said they are keen to avoid maximizing the economic impact of the virus by imposing sweeping restrictions unless the situation worsens considerably. …

Unlike other Latin American countries, Mexico has not closed schools or banned entry to people coming from places with high numbers of coronavirus cases.

Time will tell whose reaction has been wiser. At least everyone (except Democrats) can agree that just as good fences make good neighbors, all countries benefit from secure borders.

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Mar 11 2020

Islam Is Invading Europe Again

Islam has been attempting to snuff out Western Civilization for 1,400 years. This campaign has been largely successful. Most of the Islamic world consists of Christian territory that was conquered by force. Native populations were converted to Islam over the course of centuries.

Muslim armies have repeatedly attempted to conquer Europe. Charles Martel stopped them at Tours in 732. They were stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1529 and 1683. If any of these conflicts had turned out differently, the entire West would be a savage basket case like Syria now.

Recent attempts to conquer Europe have relied on a more effective strategy: exploiting the West’s greatest weakness — liberalism — to trick European fools into submitting. This is how over 1 million Muslim colonists were able to invade Germany in a single year, with predictable consequences.

Here comes another wave. Having lost most of its land to Muslim invaders over the centuries, desperate Greece is trying to resist a full-scale invasion orchestrated by Turkey’s Islamic ruler Recep Tayyip Erdogan. There has been violence at the border, where fighting-age men from throughout the Muslim world have amassed, posing as “refugees.”

Greece could use the sort of help Vienna got when John III Sobieski of Poland rescued it in 1683. But the European Union is dominated by progressives, who side with their Muslim conquerors.

Via Frontpage Magazine:

On Tuesday of last week, and again on Saturday, thousands of Germans, rallying in Berlin and other cities, demanded that the “migrants” on the Greek borders be allowed to pour into the continent and to find their way to Germany, if they wish, so that they can help form “a solidarity society” in which there will be “no more suffering.”

The youth division (CUF) of the Swedish Center Party sent out a similar message, calling on Europeans to “Open your hearts – and your borders” and let the hustling hordes “come here and become part of our society.” In the Swedish cities of Gothenburg (last Wednesday) and Stockholm (Friday), crowds gathered in support of open borders; the latter demo was organized by the group Feminist Initiative, which, in a show of goodwill, has apparently decided to overlook the tendency of Muslim male arrivals to treat their own wives like chattel and treat Swedish women like sex dolls.

Progressives insist that Muslim invaders deserve the lavish benefits of European welfare states. The needs of the Europeans who have to pay for this are irrelevant. According to liberal ideology, the needs of the “other” must always take priority. Treason and cultural self-hatred are at the core of their ideology.

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Mar 06 2020

Italy’s Coronavirus Patient Zero

Why is it that Italy in particular has been hit so hard by coronavirus? According to Free West Media, colonization is why:

A young man of Pakistani origin residing in a municipality of Lomellina, in the Pavia area, tested positive for the Coronavirus and was asked to stay home for two weeks so as not to infect others.

According to Adnkronos, instead the foreigner ignored what should be common sense, and thought it well not to respect the quarantine. And he compounded the risk by making home deliveries of Chinese food.

Over 3,000 people have been infected in Italy, and over 100 have died.

Makes you wonder what is coming across our scarcely defended southern border. Unless you’re a Democrat politician. Then you couldn’t care less, because it sure isn’t going to be Republican voters illegally sneaking into the country from the Third World with a variety of exotic diseases (e.g., here, here, here, here, and here).

Hat tip: Allah’s Willing Executioners.

Mar 03 2020

More on Finland’s Response to Refugee Rape Crisis

Paul Joseph Watson has a laugh at Finland’s hilarious antirapefugee measures:

The supremely moronic song and dance express the comparably moronic attitude of the condescending liberal elite toward Muslims. They think of the refugee hordes as children who will behave appropriately after right and wrong have been explained to them in kindergarten terms.

The No-No Square song aside, the violent crime inflicted on the Nordic countries by Islamic colonists is no laughing matter. Gatestone Institute reports:

• Parents are afraid to report the crimes committed by other children against their children… In August 2019, 13-year-old Filip and his family had no other choice than to move from the city of Uppsala after a gang of minors made his life there unbearable. He was abused, robbed and his life was threatened by gangs, with Swedish authorities telling him not to report it to the police as this would make things “worse” for him.

• Last year there were 257 reports of explosions — including attempted explosions — an increase of 59% compared to 2018, according to SVT Nyheter. Yet, only seven people have been convicted for any of those 257 crimes.

• “For the first time now, more crimes — in absolute terms — are committed by persons of foreign background than by persons of Swedish origin… The most crime-prone population subgroup are people born [in Sweden] to two foreign-born parents”. — Report by Det Goda Samhället (“The Good Society”), summer of 2019.

Scandinavian children are increasingly menaced by immigrant children.

The number of children who rob other children has increased by 100% in only four years, according to a new study by Swedish police about reported violent crimes in which children under the age of 15 are both the victims and the perpetrators.

The do-gooder fools who opened the borders to invasion bear responsibility.

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Mar 02 2020

What if Bernie Sanders Could Win?

Some Republicans are delighted by the rise of Bernie Sanders. The guy is a communist and a conspicuously evil creep. How could he beat a sitting president during a period of relative peace and prosperity?

In a sane world, he couldn’t. But if we were living in a sane world, Sanders wouldn’t look likely to take the Democrat nomination.

Obama’s divisive anti-American politics set the country on a course of increasing destabilization. Already we have reached a point where anything might happen.

Tucker Carlson considers it quite possible that Sanders will win. The consequences would be catastrophic. Never mind his Marxist economic views. Sanders’ radical immigration stance alone would suffice to permanently cripple the country:

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.

Mar 02 2020

Illegal Alien Knifes Denver Judge

The liberals who mostly control the judiciary often rule as if they were immune to the damage they inflict with their open borders moonbattery. But it isn’t only 3-year-old girls who suffer from the collapse of law & order. Even judges can get hurt. From the de facto sanctuary city Denver:

A Mexican national accused of stabbing an Adams County judge in Denver last year was the target of three immigration detainer requests in the months leading up to the crime, according to an ongoing 9Wants to Know investigation.

Each time, Denver Sheriff Department deputies released Jose Armenta-Vasquez, 39, from jail without, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), “adequate notification” of the pending release.

Like many illegals who are protected from justice by liberal authorities, Armenta-Vasquez has a long rap sheet:

According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Armenta Vazquez has been arrested 36 times in the past 20 years and has used two dozen aliases.

He has been arrested on numerous traffic charges, as well as more serious allegations, including assault and child abuse.

He allegedly stabbed Adams County Magistrate David Blackett repeatedly, nearly killing him. The incident occurred at or near Blackett’s home.

Until the border is secured and laws are enforced, no one is safe.

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Mar 02 2020

Lori Lightfoot Unapologetic After Enabling Rape of 3-Year-Old Girl

Implementing a program as radical as Democrats’ immigration agenda will inevitably cause some people to get hurt. Many of those people are small children. Prominent Democrats consider this a price worth paying. An example from Chicago:

The man accused of sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl inside a bathroom of McDonald’s flagship restaurant in River North had previously been deported, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said.

Christopher Puente is currently behind bars for predatory criminal sexual assault on the toddler. The alleged rape put the little girl in the hospital. His rap sheet is long.

Puente has been previously convicted of burglary, forgery, trespassing, domestic battery and related offenses and has a record dating back 20 years.

Most recently,

ICE said in a news release Thursday Puente was placed into Chicago police custody in June of 2019 after he was arrested for theft. According to ICE, Chicago police were expected to hold Puente until he could be taken into their custody, as Puente was expected to be deported.

But Chicago is a sanctuary city run by moonbats, so they defied federal authorities by letting Puente run loose, with the predictable consequence that he continued to engage in criminal behavior.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot responded with arrogance to the tragic consequence of her moonbattery.

“They’re critical because we have said very clearly we are a welcoming city, a sanctuary city. Chicago Police Department will not cooperate with ICE on any immigration-related business,” she said. “And that’s affected their ability to conduct immigration raids across the city. But that’s exactly our intention.”

Taunted Lightfoot, “if ICE is complaining, then they should do their job better.” She then jabbered nauseatingly about Chicago’s “values.”

The behavior of Lori Lightfoot and other local authorities who side with foreign criminals against American citizens in defiance of federal law is also criminal. It will continue until sanity is reasserted — i.e., until the likes of Lightfoot and Oakland’s Libby Schaaf face legal consequences, namely imprisonment. Lightfoot might also be charged for aiding and abetting the rape of the 3-year-old.

This gives an idea of how easy it is for known criminals to invade our country even after they have been deported:

On Dec. 5, 2014, Puente was deported to Mexico, pursuant to an administrative removal order as he is a convicted aggravated felon due to his previous felony burglary conviction, ICE said. Five days later, on Dec. 10, 2014, border agents encountered Puente at the Brownsville, Texas, border crossing. Puente claimed to be a U.S. citizen and presented a birth certificate. Puente was subsequently charged with falsely claiming citizenship and served a notice to appear before an immigration judge, according to ICE. On March 30, 2017, an immigration judge ordered Puente removed, in absentia, as he failed to show up for his immigration hearing.

From there, all he had to do was make his way to a sanctuary city and not get caught raping 3-year-old girls.

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Mar 02 2020

Finland Addresses Refugee Rape Crisis

It’s costing a fortune, but at last Finland is doing something about the rape crisis it brought brought upon itself by opening the “refugee” floodgates to the Third World:

In case you would like to sing along, the lyrics go, “Stop, don’t touch me there. This is my no-no square.”

This is sure to work just as effectively as the Respect bracelets that Mayor Henriette Reker deployed to protect Cologne, Germany from further Colognization.

Moonbats will not keep you safe.

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Mar 02 2020

Elizabeth Warren: Fight Coronavirus by Leaving Border Open

Coronavirus? Elizabeth Warren has a plan for that. The plan calls for facilitating the flow of illegal aliens pouring across the unsecured border, bringing with them all manner of disease.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., unveiled a bill Thursday to divert money from President Donald Trump’s border wall to the U.S. coronavirus response.

This makes sense because the important thing is not to protect the population from an epidemic, but to stick it to Trump. According to Warren, controlling who enters the country constitutes “hate and division.”

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