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Mar 19 2019

Decapitating the Americans Americans Won’t Decapitate

Illegal aliens are politically favored, but even they get punished sometimes. For example, Neri Damian Cruz-Carmano of Mexico was sentenced to 20–33 months in prison for decapitating 26-year-old Jamar Beach of Raleigh, North Carolina in a hit and run:

“He had no business here in the first place and he should not have been operating a vehicle,” Beach’s mother Cameo Robinson said. “He didn’t have a license. So therefore he’s being treated better than the citizen who’s been killed.”

Of course. American citizens are less likely to be dependent on government handouts. Therefore, they are of less use to the Democrats who control most everything regardless of who is in the White House.

Authorities believe that Cruz-Carmano was impaired and caused the accident. Drunken driving that causes fatalities is a specialty of illegal aliens from south of the border. Another specialty is supporting Democrats, so the floodgates remain open, regardless of the consequences for public safety.

Beach left a 2-year-old son who will grow up without a father but with lots of the multicultural enrichment that mass immigration without assimilation brings.

With credit for time served, Cruz-Carmano will be eligible for release in 14 months.

Look at the bright side; there is a chance he might be deported, which would put him to the trouble of having to sneak back into the country again along with the estimated 76,000 other illegal aliens who pour across the open border every month.

Beach was decapitated in the horrific incident. Cruz-Carmano dragged his body as he fled like Beto.

“Black lives matter!” they shriek. Yet Jamar Beach is one black life that does not matter to the open borders Democrats.

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Mar 14 2019

Sanctuary State Mayhem

Is aiding and abetting murder still against the law? If so, every Democrat in the sanctuary state of California had better seek representation in light of the infuriating case of Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza:

An illegal immigrant with prior convictions and multiple arrests for offenses such as false imprisonment and battery has been taken into custody in the stabbing death of a woman in San Jose, California.

The first of his US arrests was for illegally crossing the border from Mexico. If only that were not so easy to do, it would not have led to a far more serious arrest.

According to police,

Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza, 24, stalked 59-year-old Bambi Larson before breaking into her home and killing her in her bedroom last month.

Uh oh. This might be a violation of his probation for false imprisonment, burglary, and drug charges.

Kate Steinle’s death made no impression on California’s moonbat ruling class.

Prior to the murder,

Santa Clara County officials ignored no less than nine U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer requests for the self-professed gang member.

That likely resulted in Bambi Larson’s death. It is what we have come to expect of the liberal weenies running the erstwhile Golden State. They will always side with foreigners against Americans, and with criminals against the law-abiding.

Speaking of weenies, the killer will be glad to hear that Gavin Newsom has unilaterally declared a moratorium on executions, in arrogant opposition to the will of the voters as expressed in propositions 66 and 62 in 2016. Prop 66 fast-tracked executions in California; it passed. Prop 62 would have abolished the death penalty; it failed. No matter, Governor Gavin has spoken.

Mar 10 2019

National Emergency

There is no need to shovel through an art critic’s BS where patriotic painter Jon McNaughton’s straightforward work is concerned. In the unlikely event that you can’t figure it out, he will tell you what it means. Introducing “National Emergency”:

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Mar 09 2019

Democrats Support Voting by Illegal Aliens

For the Democratic Party, democracy is only a means to power. Reducing it to farce is fine so long as it serves this purpose. For example, the Democrat-controlled House just passed a bill encouraging voting by people who are in our country illegally:

House Democrats voted Friday to defend localities that allow illegal immigrants to vote in their elections, turning back a GOP attempt to discourage the practice. …

Republicans had hoped to send a message to localities such as San Francisco, where noncitizens are now allowed to vote in school board elections.

Gasps Rep Dan Crenshaw (R-TX),

“What kind of government would cancel the vote of its own citizens, and replace it with noncitizens?”

The answer: a country dominated by power-mad leftists who would rather rule a ruined America than share power in a strong one. This is why, once Democrats have the leverage, illegal aliens will be granted the vote in national elections. Already they vote illegally in large numbers, and Democrats vociferously oppose attempts to get a handle on voter fraud, denouncing electoral integrity as “racist.”

Last year, 49 Democrats joined Republicans in opposing noncitizen voting, this year only six. As the saying goes, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

The Democrat Party’s contempt for American citizens could not be more explicit. It is apt that Somali colonist Ilhan Omar, having trounced Nancy Pelosi in a power struggle, has become the face of the party.

Not that Pelosi has any problem with giving foreigners power over us through voting:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said the United States must not suppress the vote of newly arrived legal immigrants — including those foreign nationals who arrive en masse at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The ongoing tsunami of Third Worlders were not invited for the benefits they offer America. They are exploiting our porous borders and insane refugee policy to avail themselves of a welfare system that will become ever more lavishly generous through their votes.

During a press conference in Austin, Texas this week, Pelosi admitted that the goal for the country’s mass illegal and legal immigration system is to ensure the more than 1.5 million new arrivals who come to the U.S. every year are on the voter rolls.

Pelosi added that it is immigrants, not American citizens, who make the nation “more American.”

Note how brazenly she speaks the diametric opposite of the truth. How do they get away with telling such ludicrous, arrogant lies?

Here’s how:

The latest analysis by The Atlantic senior editor Ronald Brownstein revealed that nearly 90 percent of House congressional districts with a foreign-born population above the national average were won by Democrats.

It isn’t a question of whether the Democrat Party is anti-American. The question is whether we can do anything about it before it is too late.

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Mar 06 2019

Accused Mollie Tibbetts Killer Wants Nonwhite Jury

We have learned a lot from the murder of young Mollie Tibbetts in a small town in Iowa. We learned that no corner of America is safe from the invasion pouring over the border. We learned that liberals are callous enough to dismiss a young girl’s death as insignificant because it detracts from their narrative. Now we learn that the colonists overwhelming the country and warping its demographics know all about jury nullification:

The man charged in the killing of University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts requested his trial be moved out of Poweshiek County and into a county with more minority representation in its jury pool.

Attorneys for Cristhian Bahena Rivera on Friday filed a motion for change of venue, arguing that existing prejudice in Poweshiek County makes it likely “a fair and impartial trial cannot be preserved with a jury selected from that county,” according to court documents.

If he is as guilty as he seems, the last thing he wants is a fair and impartial trial.

Poweshiek County’s connections to the case are plentiful: It’s where Rivera worked and lived, where 20-year-old Tibbetts grew up, where she went missing while jogging in her hometown of Brooklyn in July, and where her body was discovered in a cornfield after more than a month-long search that drew national attention.

But if they could just get the trial moved to the barrios of Los Angeles, maybe he can get off. Cristhian Bahena Rivera is an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

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Mar 01 2019

Whooping Cough Hits the Rich in Los Angeles

Liberal elitists inflict their agenda on regular Americans as if the consequences could never affect themselves. However, even as the rising tide of liberty lifts all boats, drilling holes in the bottom of a boat will eventually get everyone on board wet, even those in the captain’s quarters.

California’s elite don’t see a problem with flooding the state with unvetted illegal aliens from the Third World. Cheap landscaping and maid service, lots of Democrat votes, what’s not to like? Only the little people have to deal with the Third World conditions massive numbers of Third Worlders inevitably bring with them.

These conditions include diseases that we thought we had left behind us but that are now making a comeback in welfare-colonized California. The diseases did not get the memo regarding limiting the downside of illegal immigration to the little people.

Earlier, we learned that a typhus epidemic has infiltrated Los Angeles City Hall, probably spread by the rats that can be found in large numbers wherever Third World conditions prevail.

Now the elites of Los Angeles County have been hit with whooping cough:

Health officials say they are monitoring three large clusters of highly contagious whooping cough among 11- to 18-year-olds. …

Harvard-Westlake, which has campuses in Studio City and Beverly Crest, was hit particularly hard, with 30 students coming down with whooping cough since November, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Tuition at Harvard-Westlake is about $40,000 per year. This is on top of what their parents pay for public schools through outrageously high taxation — and the kids aren’t even in college yet. All of the infected students had been vaccinated.

Whooping cough is highly contagious and can be fatal for infants.

You can’t help but suspect that the whooping cough is another facet of cross-border multicultural enrichment, along with Chagas disease, dengue fever, malaria, leprosy, drug-resistant tuberculosis, hepatitis A–E, mumps, AIDS, chickenpox, scabies, flesh-eating bacteria, measles, chikungunya, and more measles. This is why, back when the people in charge wished our country well, immigrants were checked for disease before being allowed in.

Meanwhile, California’s ruling democrats want to ban paper receipts lest the BPA coating them make someone sick — even though it won’t. Because they are so concerned about public health.

If enough bureaucrats and rich people’s kids come down with awful diseases, the concern for public health may become more genuine. By then it will likely be too late to avoid major outbreaks.

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Feb 27 2019

Food Insecurity as Justification to Invade and Enslave

Democrats have made it obvious over the past few months that they would prefer even to shut down their beloved federal bureaucracy rather than begin to secure the largely undefended border. Surely, they don’t want to invite the entire Third World with its teaming billions to pour into the USA to partake of our generous welfare state. That would be insane, because it would lead to the collapse of the economy. And yet a piece in The Hill weeps that mass invasion is justified by “food insecurity”:

In debates about whether to give asylum to the thousands of migrants at the southern border of the U.S. [and the billions more behind them], one crucial issue has been blatantly overlooked: food insecurity. …

Food insecurity is a form of violence which stems from an uneven distribution of resources both across and within societies.

We are asked to believe that the hordes of welfare colonists shamelessly brandishing small children as weapons don’t tell the eager media how much food insecurity they suffer due to “the power of shame in silencing certain narratives.”

Because this is about Cultural Marxism, food insecurity is worse for women than it is for men.

Arguing that the right to feed is a woman’s right, anthropologist Penny Van Esterik asserts that denying this right is tantamount to torture.

Cringe with guilt. If you would not invite the entire Third World to pour over the border in contravention of American law so as to enslave American taxpayers via the welfare state, you are a torturer.

After healthcare comes housing; then food paid for by someone else will become a human right. That’s when mass starvation begins.

Hat tip: Pirate’s Cove.

Feb 20 2019

Moonbats Occupy, Vandalize US Border Patrol Museum

Would it be going too far to consider opponents of securing the border to be fifth column enemies of America and of society in general? Before answering yes, read how dozens of them occupied and vandalized the US Border Patrol Museum near El Paso:

Museum director David Ham told the Washington Examiner his staff and guests worried for their safety Saturday when a group of about 50 rowdy protesters entered the facility, defaced property, and refused to leave the grounds. …

Security cameras set up outside the private museum captured protesters pulling into the parking lot and putting on face masks before going inside around 2:15 p.m. local time.

The museum is an apolitical, nonprofit institution devoted to honoring those with the thankless task of defending a border than many people — for bad reasons — do not want defended.

Legitimate visitors were led to the back of the gift shop, where they hid until police arrived to remove the moonbats, who call themselves Tornillo: The Occupation.

The group’s Facebook page said its goal was “exposing the true violence of borders and border patrol” …

Despite their masks, they instead showed the true face of the opposition to border security.

Protesters plastered dozens of images on pictures, glass, painted walls, mannequins, and vehicles throughout the building. They also posted the pictures on the faces of Border Patrol agents who died in the line of duty.

The tape used to affix the pictures was strong enough to peel the paint off the walls.

How’s this for intersectionality:

One of the protest organizers, Elizabeth Vega, was previously involved in demonstrations in Ferguson, Mo., following the police shooting of Michael Brown in 2014.

Readers will recall that America-hating leftists exploited the justified shooting of a violent thug as a pretext to riot in Ferguson, sinking the town even deeper into dysfunction to the delight of self-righteous moonbats everywhere.

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Feb 19 2019

Illegal Alien Dissolves 3-Year-Old in Acid

Evidence accrues that the Third World is not sending the cream of its crop to unlawfully colonize the USA:

Monica Dominguez, 37, and Gerardo Zavala Loredo, 32, were arrested in connection with the death of their daughter Rebecca Zavala, whose body parts were found decomposing in a five-gallon container that appeared to be filled with acid.

They kept the container in a bedroom closet.

Dominguez claimed the 3-year-old drowned in the bathtub when she [was] left alone in the bathroom. She then allegedly recruited Zavala-Loredo’s help to dispose of the body, police said.

Martinez was previously charged with injuring a child. We may never know what actually happened to Rebecca, although forensic experts are working on it.

Zavala Loredo, who is reportedly in the U.S. illegally, is being held on $125,000 bond.

Their four other children have been turned over to Child Protective Services.

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Feb 15 2019

Beto: Tear Down Wall Protecting El Paso

A wall to keep out foreign lawbreakers has vastly benefitted El Paso. The crime rate used to be out of control…

Then, in 1993, a fence was built to separate the city from Ciudad Juarez, it’s crime-ridden neighbor across the Rio Grande. The results were immediate.

Talking to locals in El Paso, as the crime rate fell, the city instantly felt safer.

In fact, in just the first year alone, apprehensions by U.S. Border Control dropped 73%.

Therein lies the problem for leftists, who want as many unlawful invaders as possible to pour across the border, because this dramatically increases government dependency and provides votes for Democrats.

Still worse than the misfortune of being located across from cutthroat Juarez is the presence in El Paso of the execrable Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke. Pushing the envelope of leftist radicalism over the edge into open malice, Beto not only opposes the construction of more desperately needed border wall, but actually calls for the wall defending El Paso to be torn down:

Texas Rep Dan Crenshaw asked O’Rourke on Twitter: ‘If you could snap your fingers and make El Paso’s border wall disappear, would you?’

O’Rourke responded: ‘Absolutely, I’d take the wall down.’

Robert Francis does not like it that foreign invaders who sneak into our country in contravention of our laws don’t have the convenience of stepping across from the savage hellhole Juarez, but have to go out in the country where there is no border defense. He expects us to feel guilty about this. Meanwhile, typically of liberal elitists, he makes heavy use of barriers for his own safety.

While it is true that Robert Francis is exceptionally repugnant, his treasonous attitude typifies today’s Democrat Party, which openly sides with foreign invaders against the United States. This corrupted party is the most dangerous enemy America has ever faced.

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Feb 13 2019

Democrats Love Drunk Driving Illegal Aliens

It’s not as if Democrat policies don’t benefit anyone. They just don’t benefit you. Others make out fine. Illegal aliens, for example. Here Democrat Senator Bob Menendez proclaims that illegals should not be incarcerated even if they are convicted of driving drunk:

Menendez goes on to quack that “No one, who is a real criminal at the end of the day, anyone is going to advocate for them to be let go, no.” Pretty rich, coming from somebody who narrowly avoided federal prison on corruption charges and who allegedly has sex with underage prostitutes down in the Dominican Republican, which could get even a New Jersey politician in trouble back home.

Meanwhile, at the local level,

Democrats believe that CMPD [Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department] is making illegal immigrants nervous with drunk driving and traffic safety checkpoints.

Details from WBT:

No wonder Democrats insist on keeping the border open so that illegal aliens can continue to pour across. They would be fools not to vote Democrat at every opportunity — and for illegal aliens, there is no shortage of voting opportunities.

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Feb 11 2019

Illegal Aliens Import Mumps

We can add mumps to our open borders multicultural enrichment:

Health officials say seven cases of the mumps have been confirmed at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in Houston.

Mumps is famous for causing puffy cheeks and a swollen jaw, in addition to fever and parotitis. The illness typically lasts a couple weeks. Occasional complications include encephalitis, meningitis, and deafness.

Other diseases brought across the barely defended border by Third World welfare colonists include AIDS, tuberculosis, chickenpox, scabies, and flesh-eating bacteria. So long as they also bring government dependency, Democrats will keep the floodgates open wide, regardless of the health consequences for American citizens.

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Feb 09 2019

Congresskook Wants Reparations for Illegal Aliens

Why stop at blacks (much less at overweight black women)? Why not provide reparations to foreigners who illegally invade our country? Any excuse will do when it comes to confiscating money from hard-working Americans and bestowing it upon people overwhelmingly likely to vote Democrat. So reasons congresscritter Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), who screeches:

“The U.S. government should make reparations for what we have done to these families.”

“These families” refers to welfare colonists who have invaded our country in contravention of our laws with children strategically in tow. Sometimes the children are their own, other times they have been rented or purchased for the purpose, children being state of the art weaponry in modern asymmetrical warfare.

“Mr. Whitaker” in the tweet above refers to acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, whom she denounces for his politically incorrect belief that the USA is a sovereign country with a right to defend its borders from foreign incursion.

If it’s not too late to make reparations for slavery 2 centuries ago, maybe we should make reparations not only for illegal aliens but also for another group of invaders. Unlike the children dragged along by conquistadors from Central America, the Japanese pilots who bombed Pearl Harbor were actually shot at, while inflicting far less long-term damage on America than the migrant hordes that are overburdening our hospitals, prisons, and welfare rolls and permanently deforming our demographics. Who knows what trauma Japanese pilots might have suffered? But I’m forgetting; the point is to provide a cash bonus for voting Democrat.

Feb 08 2019

Weeping AOC Proclaims Herself Mad

It won’t be enough for AOC to destroy the economy and impose communism. She also demands an open border — because America defending its sovereign territory makes her cry:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wiped away a tear Thursday during a press conference held by a liberal group to protest the continuing flow of taxpayer dollars to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Nothing could be scarier than tears on the snarling face of a moonbat. With a reptile like Chuck Schumer, they indicate his willingness to stoop to the lowest levels of shamelessness. With AOC, they mean she has worked herself into such a state of emotionalism that no measure could be too extreme.

The 29-year-old New York lawmayer, who self-identifies as a democratic socialist, said at a event that shutting down ICE is ‘one of the more urgent moral issues and crises that we have in America right now.’

Since everything about America is immoral according to liberal dogma, destroying it is an “urgent moral issue.” Democrats may not be able to accomplish this by pushing through the Green New Deal, but opening the border even further so as to displace the native population with numberless greedy welfare colonists from the Third World would be just as effective.

In addition to vowing to completely destroy ICE,

[AOC] claimed Latinos should be exempt from criminal proceedings and immigration laws because they are descended from Mesoamerican cultures that preceded the United States.

It used to be you had to approach derelicts sleeping on subway benches to get opinions like this. Now, they spew forth constantly from the Future of the Democratic Party.

As her fan club at WaPo would probably put it, she smiled bravely through her heartfelt tears:

‘Thank you. I’m mad, y’all,’ a smiling Ocasio-Cortez said when applause erupted among a small crowd assembled to provide a video backdrop.

‘I’m mad. I am mad.’

Mad as an outhouse rat.

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Feb 05 2019

USA Is Under Invasion

It is not a metaphor or hyperbole to say that the USA is under invasion. The invasion is escalating:

Mexican authorities in two border states announced the arrival of nearly 2,000 Central American migrants who are part of a caravan headed for the border cities Piedras Negras and Nuevo Laredo. The area between those two municipalities does not feature any type of fencing or barriers like the ones a previous caravan encountered in California.

The invaders know that all they have to do is set foot on US soil and shout the magic word “asylum.” Democrats and their enablers will take care of the rest.

Like a traditional invasion, this one involves not only Fifth Column quislings but at least one hostile foreign government:

Coahuila officials deployed 49 private buses and dozens of police vehicles to help transport and safeguard more than 1,700 migrants to an unsecured part of the Texas border. The caravan recently departed from Honduras.

Coahuila is a Mexican state. Government officials there are providing food, shelter, transportation, and even a police escort for the invasion force.

I can’t see how this is not an act of war. But then, I can’t see how acting to prevent border defense is not an act of treason.

Hat tips: Whatfinger, Liberty Daily.

Feb 04 2019

Sexually Assaulting Children Americans Won’t Sexually Assault

There are so many stories like this, they have become monotonous. But you still have to shine a light on them from time to time, so that we don’t start accepting illegal aliens sexually assaulting children as normal background noise. From Texas:

An early morning traffic stop near New Caney led to the arrest of a Mexican national who has served at least three stints in U.S. prisons for sexually abusing children.

The undocumented Democrat, who is in the country illegally, is 50-year-old Marvin Yovani Mejia Ramos. Strangely, he looks like such a wholesome guy.

Ramos served eight years for continuous sexual assault of a child in Lancaster, California.

In Los Angeles, he served six years for sexual assault of a child and two more years for lewd acts with a child under the age of 14.

He was deported of course, not that it matters in the absence of a wall.

Why was this character running around loose in our country? Because the Democrat Party gains demographically from the open border, and Republicans don’t have what it takes to do anything about it. That makes both parties complicit in the crimes against innocence that Ramos has committed, and in those he will commit in the future after he is deported and bounces back across the border yet again.

Hat tip: 90 Miles from Tyranny.

Feb 02 2019

How Birth Tourism Screws Americans

The wall is a no-brainer, but there are even higher priorities. The misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment that grants birthright citizenship must be overturned immediately. It does not merely victimize American taxpayers by allowing unskilled immigrants both legal and illegal from the most dysfunctional backwaters of the Third World to climb aboard the Welfare State gravy train by dropping a baby on our soil. Even wealthy foreigners exploit the madness through birth tourism.

Dongyuan Li’s business was called “You Win USA,” and authorities say she coached pregnant Chinese women on how to get into the United States to deliver babies who would automatically enjoy all the benefits of American citizenship.

Over two years, the now-41-year-old raked in millions through her business, where mothers-to-be paid between $40,000 and $80,000 each to come to California, stay in an upscale apartment and give birth, authorities said.

Li has been busted for visa fraud among other charges. Many others in this racket have escaped back to communist China. But the business model remains viable thanks to a system that forces Americans to finance childbirth for whomever shows up.

Once the kids turn 21, they can return from China to the land of their birth and sponsor their parents for green cards. Given that China is arguably our most formidable adversary in foreign affairs, this poses obvious security concerns.

Democrats don’t seem to care, so long as anchor baby policy produces plenty of government-dependent voters. For their part, Republicans are terrified the Fifth Column media will call them racists.

Not enraged yet? Let’s see if this heats you to the boiling point:

Each [birth tourism] business brought hundreds of customers to give birth in the United States and some didn’t pay all of the medical costs tied to their care, prosecutors said. One couple paid the indigent rate for their hospital bills — a total of $4,080 — even though they had more than $225,000 in a U.S. bank account they had used to shop at luxury stores including Louis Vuitton, according to court papers.

If we were governed in our best interests, the anchor baby nonsense would end immediately. Obviously, we are not.

On a tip from Kate P.

Feb 01 2019

Walls for Me Not for Thee in Austin

Walls are immoral, expensive, Medieval, and besides they don’t work — if they are intended to keep undocumented Democrats from flooding the country and doing to the entire nation what they have already done to formerly Republican California. However, none of this applies if you are trying to protect your own hyperliberal city from crime:

Amid the nation’s border security crisis, Texas’ liberal capital city seems to be following President Trump’s new slogan of “Build a wall and crime will fall.”

Downtown off Red River Street near 7th Street, an alley well-known for prostitution and drug trade will now be sealed off on both sides.

The alley is located only a block away from Austin’s government-owned homeless shelter and is a hot spot for organized crime, according to city officials. The combination of the homeless, mentally ill, and criminal predators has created a dangerous environment and is hurting surrounding shops.

It almost makes you wonder why we import an unlimited number of such people across the underdefended border by letting Third World countries flush the dregs of their failed societies into America as if we were their septic tank.

“You can see people dealing drugs, exchanging drugs for money, you can see fighting, people having sex, defecating—it’s terrible, it’s a third-world country back there,” said Dave Machinist, part owner of a concert venue next to the alley.

When liberal policy has achieved its egalitarian objectives, walls won’t be needed, because the same Third World conditions will prevail on either side of any wall no matter where you build it.

Despite the common-sense wall idea, city officials are still finding a way to waste taxpayer money: they’ve allocated up to $100,000 for the project.

Yet the federal government, which spends over $12 billion of our money per day, most of it wastefully, cannot afford more than $1 for a border wall.

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Jan 30 2019

Intersectional Moonbattery in San Ysidro

Despite Democrats being willing to shut down their own beloved federal bureaucracy for a month to block border security, there is some token resistance to foreign invasion. Fifth column moonbats who gathered to attack the Border Patrol in San Ysidro, California blame capitalism, white people, and global warming for this. Slightly Offens*ve was on the scene:

Jan 28 2019

Detained Migrant Brings Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Among the many reasons to built that wall yesterday, we can add flesh-eating bacteria. From AP:

A man among a group of migrants detained in a desolate part of New Mexico near the border with Mexico has been diagnosed as infected with flesh-eating bacteria, the U.S. Border Patrol said Friday.

Flesh-eating bacteria make a good metaphor for the effect on the fabric of American society of millions of uneducated, unskilled, largely unassimilable Third Worlders who scoff at our laws. In the medical sense,

Flesh-eating bacteria are a rare condition called necrotizing fasciitis that spreads quickly and can be fatal. The bacteria usually gets into the body through a minor cut or scrape and can cause a serious infection that can destroy muscle, skin and other tissue.

A statement from border patrol officials said the unidentified migrant will require extensive medical treatment.

No worries; American taxpayers have enough money to provide first class medical care for the entire planet. Otherwise, Bill de Blasio would not have made it explicit that people are invited from every corner of the world to enjoy free medical care in New York regardless of whether they are in the country legally.

There was a time when US policy was to keep people with dangerous diseases out of the country. Now, the policy is to provide them with powerful inducements to cross the virtually undefended border to have their exotic conditions treated at our extravagant expense. America must be tired of living.

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Jan 26 2019

Claymore Mines Prove Nancy Pelosi Correct

Even by Washington swamp creature standards, Nancy Pelosi does not come across as reasonable. Yet she is right that walls are ineffective in comparison with more advanced technology. Take for example the M18A1 Claymore, a directional antipersonnel mine used by the US military as an “anti-infiltration device.” Since the fundamental purpose of the military is to defend the territorial integrity of the USA, which has been undergoing infiltration, Claymore mines could be put to good use:

Word has spread throughout the Third World that we do not enforce our immigration laws, and that anyone who sets foot on our soil and shouts the magic word “asylum” is essentially home free. Word will spread even faster if we line the border with Claymore mines.

The invaders eagerly subject their children (or other people’s children) to the dangerous rigors of invasion, knowing that their allies in our Fifth Column media will exploit the poor kids to best advantage. However, I doubt they would drag kids into a well-marked row of Claymores.

They might push them into one, provided cameras are in place to make the most out of the ensuing carnage. But that’s nothing inexpensive coils of razor wire wouldn’t prevent.

The border secure and Third World children left safe at home. Sounds like a win-win situation.

On a tip from Chuck A.

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