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Dec 09 2019

Murdered, Brains Eaten for Speaking English

Democrats insist that we allow all Third Worlders who can make it from any corner of the planet to the US border and say the word “sanctuary” to pour across without vetting so as to avail themselves of our extravagantly generous welfare state. A story from the Philippines suggests the sort of assimilation difficulties that can be expected.

Lloyd Bagtong, aged 21, allegedly got mad because a woman spoke English to him. So he killed her and ate her brains.

Witnesses said they saw Bagtong, who is unemployed, walking with the woman close to the spot where her body was found.

[Police] suspect he killed and decapitated her at the scene using a large machete that was found tucked into his waistband, then used a piece of cloth to carry the head back to his home.

Bagtong allegedly told police that he cooked some rice before putting the woman’s brains on top and eating them.

The woman was found not only headless but topless. At last word, she had not been identified.

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Dec 06 2019

Judge Blocks Border Wall Because Butterflies

No pretext is too absurd when it comes to preventing Americans from defending their country from foreign invasion. Having given up on the federal government erecting enough border wall to prevent the USA from being overrun, citizens have stepped forward to build it themselves. But a judge in Texas says they cannot build a wall, because… butterflies:

State District Judge Keno Vasquez of Hidalgo County issued a temporary restraining order Tuesday, ordering We Build the Wall to stop construction on land near property owned by the National Butterfly Center.

Note that this does not read “on land owned by the National Butterfly Center.” The land belongs to We Build the Wall.

The workers hired by We Build The Wall were planning to clear more than 200,000 square feet of natural habitat on the group’s private land, according to the center.

The concept of “private land” is not comprehensible to the leftists who infest the judiciary.

Too bad for the North Koreans that they can’t get Vasquez to rule that the wall defending South Korea is offensive to butterflies. Palestinian terrorists would benefit from a similar ruling regarding the wall defending Israel.

A word from We Build the Wall:

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Dec 05 2019

Why Japan Rejects Globalism/Multiculturalism

The globalist narcotics dealt by the woke Pope Francis are not finding many buyers in Japan. Black Pigeon Speaks has lived in Japan long enough to provide some insight into why:

To the extent it is able to resist suicidal altruism and globalism/multiculturalism, Japan looks likely to outlast Europe and North America.

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Dec 05 2019

Amnesty Bill Chooses Stoop Labor Over Modernization

You don’t want to modernize when you can import Third World peasants to do by hand what a machine can do far more efficiently. At least, not if you are Democrats, who are dependent on the government dependency of the imported underclass.

Via Breitbart:

The Democratic Party is offering the agriculture business an endless supply of cheap migrant labor if business executives pressure GOP legislators to approve an amnesty for roughly one million illegal migrants who will likely vote Democrat. The profits-for-amnesty swap is at the center of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2019, which has passed a House committee and is expected to get a floor vote soon.

Using the word “modernization” in the title is comically Orwellian, given that the importation of cheap labor is an alternative to modernization of farming techniques.

[Migrant workers] harvest the crops with methods that have changed little in 10,000 years: Stooping to harvest crops, reaching upwards to pick fruit, and carrying simple tools to dig, weed, or prune. The crude methods are good enough for many farm companies that are under intense pressure to minimize near-term spending on payroll and investment in equipment.

Other parts of the world are investing in labor-saving machinery rather than farming by crude, archaic methods based on abundant cheap labor. If Democrats prevail, they will surpass us.

U.S. farmworkers and their families will be denied the jobs, machines, and tools they need to earn independent and decent lives in rural America, as their GOP-leaning districts turn blue during the next ten years.

The hardship of American farmworkers and their families doesn’t matter, because regular Americans will be rendered electorally irrelevant by the never-ending tsunami of unskilled Third-Worlders.

Imperial Romans imported an endless supply of slave labor. Post-Roman Europeans were forced to modernize so as to be more labor-efficient. This is why agricultural technology took off in Europe during the supposedly benighted period following the fall of Rome. The resulting rise in the standard of living is enjoyed to this day.

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Dec 01 2019

Alyssa Milano Makes Her Case by Weeping Gratuitously

Sometimes a moonbat just needs a good cry — such as when she has no coherent arguments in defense of her position. In this guffaw-inducing video from last summer, Tinseltown revolutionary Alyssa Milano demonstrates by blubbering like a broken-hearted teenager. She is upset about the Border Patrol doing its job by defending her country from foreign invasion, even when the invaders have been encouraged to employ children as weapons:

Alyssa must realize that the grownups won’t use reason on someone who is weeping over nothing. There wouldn’t be much use.

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Nov 26 2019

Savagery Reaches Edmonton

Diversity and multiculturalism make for some gruesome local news stories, like this one from Edmonton, Canada:

[Silva] Koshwal faces an automatic life sentence with no chance of parole for 10 to 25 years for stabbing his former girlfriend Nadine Skow more than 100 times, then removing some of her organs.

Wow, they are getting serious about law and order up there. Koshwal will have to stay in prison for 10 whole years.

[Prosecutor Laurie] Trahan said the crime scene was so horrific, at least one of the responding police officers had to take stress leave.

The murder occurred in 2015, but the wheels of justice turn slowly. Skow was 38 at the time. She had been “romantically involved” with Koshwal for 3 years prior to their breakup in October 2014.

Of the 101 stab wounds, the medical examiner determined 63 occurred while she was still alive.

Murder must be a messy business back in Koshwal’s South Sudan homeland.

Savage Sudan isn’t the only culture with shortcomings. Skow’s fellow Canadians appear to suffer from malignant apathy:

Neighbours heard screams from the apartment for at least 30 minutes, but no one called the police.

This gave Koshwal time to play:

After she was dead, Koshwal removed her heart, lung, uterus and ovary.

Defense lawyer Peter Royal offers mitigating circumstances. Koshwall allegedly suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, and believes in voodoo. Says Royal,

“He thinks voodoo has already affected him — that something is growing inside his leg.”

Royal asks us to be concerned that Koshwal is afraid to go back to the country that produced him. Supposedly, he will be deported after his inevitable parole. With people like Justin Trudeau in charge, I wouldn’t count on it. We’ll be lucky if he serves 10 years without getting pardoned.

Maybe Nadine Skow wanted a taste of Africa. If so, she got it.

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Nov 25 2019

Academics Confirm Welfare Draws Immigrants

Does welfare draw vast numbers of unproductive people from the Third World, who then proceed to bloat welfare rolls? There are two ways to answer this crucial question: (1) apply common sense, which instantly produces the answer, “Yes, obviously”; or (2) pay academics to pull on their chins and conduct a study, which eventually produces the answer, “Yes, obviously.”

From a translation at Gates of Vienna of an article in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

Many refugees only make their way to Europe because they know that they can collect lavish social benefits here. This thesis is particularly persistent in the immigration debate — but this so-called “pull effect” of the welfare state is controversial in research.

It is controversial because some leftists fear that if they admitted they are forcing people to finance their own displacement, resistance could arise.

A group of researchers led by Princeton economist Henrik Kleven now counters this skepticism about the pull of a strong welfare state with hard figures from Denmark: According to the figures, there have been significantly fewer immigrants from countries outside the EU every year since the Danish government cut benefits specifically for migrants from this group.

Denmark goes back and forth on generous welfare benefits to immigrants, depending on whether the center-right or center-left is in power.

The effect the researchers found in the data was large. With the reduction in social benefits for non-EU nationals in 2002, net immigration from this immigrant group decreased by 5,000 persons per year compared to average annual migration movements before the change in the law. And that’s not all: when the centre-left government reversed the law, immigration figures from the affected group of countries immediately rose again — to almost the same level as before.

Fortunately, the center-right got back in and restored the welfare cuts.

Five thousand per year is a significant number when you consider that the population of Denmark is smaller than that of greater Houston (5.77 million vs 6.16 million). Plus, many of the immigrants who were already there sponging probably left for greener pastures when the benefits went down.

Tightening family reunification rules had a similar effect, causing immigrants in Denmark to move on to Sweden. Once again, the canary in coalmine of moonbattery loses.

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Nov 24 2019

Michelle Malkin on Conservatives Under Public Attack

Listen to Blue Magazine’s Woman of the Year Michelle Malkin while you can. She has been slated for erasure by the cancel culture. Here she is on Newsmax:

Leftists want to silence Michelle Malkin for what she says. Leftists’ controlled “opposition,” Conservative Inc, wants to silence her for what she thinks others should be allowed to say.

Via Michelle Malkin:

[W]hen I defended conservative nationalist students who confronted establishment GOP representatives at campus events held by Turning Point USA and the Young America’s Foundation with serious questions about the detrimental consequences of mass migration, the Keepers of the Gate called on me to be de-platformed and cast out of the conservative “mainstream.” …

YAF and others (including Jonah Goldberg, David French, various snot-nosed libertarians from the Washington Examiner, and elsewhere) demand that I disavow the young nationalist disrupters who have captured social media attention over the past three weeks. …

Because I named their chief strategist and organizer, 21-year-old YouTube show host Nick Fuentes, I was accused of promoting “Holocaust denialism” and “white nationalism” based on brief clips of Fuentes accumulated by anonymous sources culled from 500 of his hours-long shows.

The mentality is straight out of North Korea. It is not enough to silence Nick Fuentes. Anyone who does not agree that he must be silenced must also be silenced.

Fuentes says things that make sense and other things that don’t. We can figure out for ourselves which are which. The same goes for anyone who expresses opinions in public.

However, according to some, everything anyone says must be approved by the high priests of political correctness, lest they be targeted for cancellation. This will eventually lead to everyone saying exactly the same thing — which is how we got the mainstream media.

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Nov 21 2019

Reuters Erases Story That Undermines Narrative

Even when it does not tell straightforward lies, the establishment “news” media produces propaganda, not news. It selectively puts forth information that supports an agenda. This is never more obvious than when it accidently publishes information that does not support the agenda — and then withdraws it.

As part of the campaign to demonize Trump and to demographically/politically transform the USA by swamping it with illegal aliens from throughout the Third World, Reuters gasped in horror that at least 103,000 children are being held in migrant detention in the USA, heavily implying that this is a violation of the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. Then someone realized that the figure is from 2015, before Trump took office. So Reuters completely deleted the story.

They could have run an editor’s note, as is usually done in anything but an extreme situation. However, that would only serve to emphasize the fraudulence of the narrative that we must open the boarder completely because Trump oppresses children. So they put the whole thing down the memory hole.

Roto-Reuters is so powerful because so many other information services run its content. AFP for example:

With a little clarification, the story would have been as newsworthy as ever, informing people that abject surrender in the face of foreign invaders who drag children along as weapons was not the policy even during the Obama Administration. But that which does not support the narrative is erased.

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Nov 11 2019

German Moonbats Erect Wall of Willful Stupidity

Trying to come to terms with the willful stupidity of moonbats is like bashing your head on a wall. Via MSN:

On the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berliners tried to send President Donald Trump a massive slab of the structure, along with a message reminding him that “no wall lasts forever.”

Too bad the White House didn’t have a piece of the Great Wall of China to send to the moonbats, along with a message reminding them that some walls last long enough.

The 2.7-ton chunk of concrete arrived in Washington, DC, on Saturday, and local media outlets reported that the Secret Service turned it away.

If only the Secret Service had allowed a giant chunk of concrete to be delivered to the Oval Office, no doubt Trump would have been persuaded to abandon his #1 campaign promise.

Still stupider than thinking this stunt would influence policy is the conflation of a wall to keep invaders out with a wall to keep communist slaves in.

The willful stupidity is made noxious by blending it with ingratitude. The Berlin Wall would not have been necessary if West Berlin had not been supplied by the American-led Berlin Airlift. It came down due primarily to pressure on the Soviet Bloc by the USA — the very country German moonbats would destroy by denying it the right to defend its borders from invasion.

Still more stupidity: according to Philip Husemann of Die Offene Gesellschaft, the nonprofit responsible, it cost “in the low five-figure range to purchase the piece of the Wall and transport it overseas.”

Fools and their money are soon parted.

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Nov 07 2019

Dems Fund Border Security — But Not for USA

Excellent news. As if in response to the recent butchery of American citizens across the porous border in the failing state of Mexico, the Dem-dominated House has finally taken some responsibility by voting to enhance border security.

I knew that at some point it would sink in that if it will not defend our border, the federal government serves no meaningful purpose. I knew Democrats could not be so treasonous as to leave the border essentially undefended even as Mexico collapses into chaos and hordes of grasping invaders flow through it from every dank cesspit of the Third World. I knew…

Hold on…

The border security is for Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia, countries on the other side of the world that are not particularly friendly or relevant to the USA.

The spending is part of a bloated monstrosity of a bill that will cost tax slaves $984.7 billion in fiscal 2020.

Meanwhile, this what Americans get in return for our money. From the spending bill, via Townhall:

“None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act or any prior Department of Defense appropriations Acts may be used to construct a wall, fence, border barriers, or border security infrastructure along the southern land border of the United States.”

The Democrat Party is openly — you might say sneeringly — hostile to the interests and safety of the American people. Just as the federal government’s only real purpose is to defend the border, our only real purpose from the viewpoint of a federal government run by Democrats is to generate wealth to be confiscated and wasted.

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Oct 13 2019

Illegal Alien Shoots Transsexual, Is Turned Loose

Sexual deviants rank high on the Cultural Marxist totem pole, as evidenced by the grotesquely obsequious pandering of Democrat presidential candidates to LGBT militants at a Town Hall run by gay CNN hosts. But violent criminals may rank higher still, to judge from this story of a shooter turned loose:

The man accused of shooting a transgender woman in Dallas last month was deported in 2010 and is committing a felony by being in the U.S., according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Determining the immigration status of criminals who fit the profile of illegal aliens appears not to be a high priority in our legal system.

Domingo Ramirez-Cayente, a 29-year-old Mexican citizen, was arrested Sept. 24 and charged with aggravated assault. According to an affidavit, he admitted to police that he attacked Daniela Calderon, 35, who was shot six times in the abdomen, hip and chest. Days later, Ramirez-Cayente posted bond and was released from the Dallas County jail.

Judge Hal Turley set his bond at an affordable $25,000 and did not require him to wear an ankle monitor. No matter; ankle monitors are easily removed anyway, as many an illegal alien can tell you.

Ramirez-Cayente is undocumented and was deported nine years ago. Immigrants who reenter the country after having been removed can be charged with a felony, punishable by up to 20 years in federal prison. ICE is encouraging anyone with information about his whereabouts to contact local immigration enforcement officials.

If Ramirez-Cayente is smart, he will settle someplace run by moonbats, like California, Chicago, or Fairfax County, Virginia, where cops can get in big trouble for notifying ICE about illegal aliens.

The plot thickens. The victim is an illegal alien too.

An undocumented immigrant from Honduras, Calderon hopes to secure a U visa, which allows victims of certain crimes to stay in the U.S. and eventually apply for a green card if they provide information about what happened to them to law enforcement.

Calderon says his assailant not only shot him but also subjected him to “homophobic and transphobic slurs.” Like so many others from Central America, he will probably be allowed to stay on the grounds that he would not be safe from violence back in his own country. Oh wait…

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Oct 02 2019

Cop in Hot Water for Cooperating With ICE

It isn’t easy being a police officer in a jurisdiction dominated by progressives. Your job is to uphold law and order. But that runs contrary to the liberal agenda, so it can get you in big trouble, especially if you cooperate with ICE:

A police officer in Fairfax County, Virginia, is facing disciplinary action for contacting Immigration and Customs Enforcement at the scene of a traffic accident involving an illegal immigrant wanted for deportation.

If something similar had happened with Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, Kate Steinle would still be alive — and yet:

Fairfax County police Chief Edwin Roessler said the officer has been relieved of all law enforcement duties pending the outcome of an investigation.

Here’s why helping his own government enforce immigration law was a major transgression:

The arrest procedure at issue is a 2007 police department ruling that forbids police from taking into custody anyone whom the system flags as having an “outstanding administrative warrant of removal,” unless that person isn’t being taken into custody for another violation of the law.

This insanity will not be relieved by the kooks running Virginia.

In April 2018, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam vetoed a bill that would have prohibited the establishment of sanctuary cities in the state; contrary to his pre-election promise.

In hopes of surviving the media discovering ancient pictures of him wearing blackface, Northam will go to any extreme to make a pageant of his eagerness to sacrifice the interests of the core population to anyone likely to have darker skin.

Fairfax County is a suburb of the District of Corruption. The area is crawling with criminal illegal aliens:

A recent ICE operation netted 57 illegal immigrants in Virginia and Washington, D.C. The agency said the arrestees came from Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina, Bolivia, and Kazakhstan. Of the 57 aliens, 41 had criminal histories including sexual assault, aggravated assault, possession of cocaine, larceny, forgery, driving under the influence, illegal entry, and illegal re-entry.

It isn’t just the Washington area. California is also run by Democrats who aggressively side with foreign criminals against law-abiding American citizens, as is Chicago:

“We will never, ever succumb to the racist, xenophobic rhetoric of ICE,” [Chicago Mayor Lori] Lightfoot said, according to WGNTV. “We will continue to ban ICE from having access to any CPD databases. We’ll not allow any CPD officer to cooperate with anything related to ICE and its immigration raids.”

Until recently, it would have been unthinkable that anyone as irresponsible and as openly hostile to America’s interests and to the rule of law could be mayor of a major city. But Lightfoot is a Lesbian of Color, so she is not without qualifications.

It is a testament to the liberal establishment media’s effective at brainwashing that more than one person in a hundred votes Democrat. Americans don’t have long to stop doing it before the country is irretrievably lost.

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Sep 28 2019

Illegal to Call an Illegal Alien an “Illegal Alien” in NYC

New York City has an update for the Newspeak Dictionary that is more than a suggestion. It is literally illegal now to call an illegal alien an “illegal alien” in this surreal moonbat dystopia.

Via the New York Post:

It’s now against the law in New York City to threaten someone with a call to immigration authorities or refer to them as an “illegal alien” when motivated by hate.

Whether something is “motivated by hate” will remain subjective until Big Government has the technology to read our minds. In practice, this provision means authorities will prosecute you for it if they don’t like your attitude. This is the purest essence of a thought crime — the sort of crime that would be inconceivable in a free society.

The restrictions — violations of which are punishable by fines of up to $250,000 per offense — are outlined in a 29-page directive released by City Hall’s Commission on Human Rights.

As Canadians can tell you, tyrannical repression as an end in itself finds its purest expression in human rights commissions.

“‘Alien’ — used in many laws to refer to a ‘noncitizen’ person — is a term that may carry negative connotations and dehumanize immigrants, marking them as ‘other,’” reads one passage of the memo. “The use of certain language, including ‘illegal alien’ and ‘illegals,’ with the intent to demean, humiliate, or offend a person or persons constitutes discrimination.”

Of course illegal aliens are the “other,” to use the terminology of Ivory Tower moonbats. That’s why the Cultural Marxist authorities side with them against us, forcing us to turn our country over to them, to pay for their healthcare, to provide them will all manner of services and benefits, to throw our laws and our national integrity out the window on their behalf, and even to sacrifice the core principle of free speech lest they be offended.

Meanwhile, actual crimes like drug use, prostitution, public defecation, turnstile jumping, et cetera are deliberately ignored, and the streets are unsafe for law-abiding citizens. NYC features what they call “anarchotyranny” — the worst of both worlds situation where you have the disadvantages of both too much government and no government at all.

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Aug 30 2019

Ilhan Omar: Cede Border Control to United Nations

Even after the spectacle she has made of her hatred of America while serving on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, there may have been some who doubted that congresscritter Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia) is an enemy of the United States. Any such doubts have now been laid to rest. Even as the USA is subjected to an ongoing invasion that is demographically deforming the country, Omar demands that we turn over control of our own border to the largely malevolent United Nations.

Screeches Omar:

“[W]e have to bring in the United Nations high commissioner on refugees, an agency that has the expertise and the training to handle massive flows of refugees humanely.”

“Refugees” is what foreign invaders are called in the context of asymmetrical warfare.

The demand bears hallmarks of how Europe was deluged with migrants after governments were forced to accept millions of “refugees” after lobbying from international groups and NGOs.

Omar has taken her habit of homewrecking nationwide.

Paul Joseph Watson states the obvious:

Any such intervention by the UN would represent a direct violation of U.S. sovereignty, fundamentally weakening America’s national security.

Weakening national security is Omar’s forte. These days, lots of Democrats are radical enough to propose abolishing ICE (shockingly including even leading presidential candidates), but Omar has called for defunding the entire Department of Homeland Security.

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Aug 21 2019

Dutch Businessman Has Property Occupied by Illegal Aliens

The deliberate failure of European governments to defend their nations from foreign invasion is summed up in the case of Salih Ozcan, a Dutch businessman whose building has been occupied by about 40 members of We Are Here, a group of colonists who have been denied asylum but who are obviously not going anywhere.

Returning from a vacation, Ozcan was greeted by an unpleasant surprise:

First, he found piles of garbage in front of his business property in Westpoort, a borough of Amsterdam.

From there, it got worse.

Ozcam was kicked out his own building by the riffraff who have been submersing it in trash. What about the police, you ask? The refugees threatened to call the police on Ozcam when he tried to enter his own property. They know whose side the authorities take.

The police said the squatters would not be evacuated “as a matter of urgency” and that on average, a property owner has to wait six weeks to evict.

Ozcan meanwhile has hired a lawyer.

I hope Ozcan has deep pockets.

As for the colonists, after they are eventually evicted at massive expense, they will just move down the block and occupy someone else’s property. That’s how things work when civilization is allowed to crumble.

This video is in Dutch, but you can get the gist. Watch in horror as Ozcan is kicked out of his own building by a foreign savage with no right even to be in the country:

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