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Dec 07 2023

Illegal Aliens Leave National Monument Buried in Feces

Nothing symbolizes leftist rule like a national monument buried in the feces of the Third World hordes imported to displace us:

The Organ Pipe National Monument, which preserves an area of the Sonoran desert inhabited by several endangered species, has been overrun by migrants waiting along the border wall to turn themselves [in to] federal law enforcement authorities.

Needless to say, invaders would not wait to be escorted into the country they are conquering were our government on our side rather than theirs.

Reports former Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office director John Fabbricatore:

“The border crisis has become an environmental crisis for the Organ Pipe National Monument. The amount of trash and feces that litter the park has become a health and safety concern.”

You can see why he no longer holds his position. Fabbricatore has not gotten with the program. The beautiful Sonoran Desert, like the American nation, has been deemed expendable.

Pearl Harbor was bad enough. In terms of long-term damage to the country, what Democrats are doing to us is worse:

These are our future slavemasters. They will enslave us via the welfare state, thereby achieving greater power for the Democratic Party.

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Nov 27 2023

Empire Strikes Back on the Emerald Isle

As predicted, the reaction to the reaction to leftists displacing the native population of Ireland with imports from the Third World looks to be draconian:

Following unprecedented rioting in Dublin on Thursday, November 23rd 2023, [former UFC champion] Conor McGregor took to social media addressing over 10 million followers.

McGregor made clear that he does not condone rioting, but his comments failed to comply with globalist ideology regarding mass immigration. Consequently,

For his “action,” the Irish police are investigating Connor McGregor for “hate speech” after his posts on X over the weekend.

Predictably, the moonbats in charge are following Democrats’ post-J6 template:

Irish justice minister Helen McEntee … stressed that police would scour around 6,000 [hours] of surveillance footage in hopes of identifying more outraged Irishmen to arrest. Forty-eight arrests had been made as of Sunday.

This does not happen in the aftermath of Black Lives Matter riots, which take place with the approval of the liberal establishment.

It’s nice to know that when Irish leftists restrict freedom, they are “doing it for the common good”:

Ireland’s not all that Irish but plenty gay Prime Minister Leo Varadkar barks that new hate speech laws should be implemented.

When the pot starts to boil over, hold the lid down more forcefully.

Ireland has succumbed to leftism. Consequently, the country is dying. Given the Irish temperament, no one should be surprised if it doesn’t die quietly in its sleep.

Who knows? If there are enough Conor McGregors left, it might not die after all.

On tips from Wiggins.

Nov 25 2023

Worm Begins to Turn in Ireland

If ever there was a disconnect between rulers and ruled, it is in leftist-dominated Ireland, whose government has been systematically displacing the native population with a massive influx of welfare colonists, largely from Africa.

According to the government, the de-Caucasianification of Ireland is not happening fast enough:

Now a word from the people of Ireland:

Riots broke out across Dublin, Ireland, late Thursday evening as Irish citizens took control of the city centre following a mass stabbing attack where an immigrant man is accused of slashing five individuals near a school — three of which are young children, including a five-year-old girl. …

After word spread of the attack, Irish citizens took to the streets to loot stores, assault police, and set fire to multiple vehicles on Dublin’s O’Connell Bridge. Eventually, the rioters took control of the city centre.

They are beginning to understand what is being done to them:

In the 12 months leading up to April this year, 141,600 immigrants landed in Ireland.

The Irish population has increased by more than 2%. If the US had similar immigration, it would mean 9 million extra people. …

Ireland’s non-nationals comprise a whopping 20% of the population.

Given immigrant reproduction rates, this will soon reduce the Irish to a despised minority in their own country.

Moonbat establishmentarians predictably caterwaul about right-wing extremists, by which they mean anyone to the right of all the way left.

Police chiefs have been quick to blame “far right” anti-immigrant elements.

Yet public frustration with homelessness, joblessness, immigration, lack of law and order and anti-social behavior have been breeding a revolt by the urban underclass. …

Commentary with vague but menacing tones about the “far right” masks the fact there is no political representation of serious conservative opinion in the Irish Parliament.

This could be why it took the police more than 4 hours to put down the riot:

Plus, police morale is very low due to pointless virtue-signaling such as “hate speech” initiatives.

More than 90% of ordinary police officers recently voted “no confidence” in the country’s top law-enforcement officer.

Police chiefs owe their allegiance to the political class. Refer to the perjurer Medaria Arradondo of Minneapolis for an especially egregious American example. Left-wing governments are not on the side of the police rank and file.

Stand by for some historical irony:

While the foundational story of the modern Irish state is one of throwing off British oppression, Dublin has been quick to request the loan of water cannon from a United Kingdom police force.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland, one of 43 police forces in the United Kingdom has responded to a request for mutual aid from the Republic of Ireland and has delivered two water cannons. The high-pressure devices are truck-mounted and operated by police forces to pacify protests and riots.

The Irish were far better off ruled by the British than by moonbats — although nowadays there would be no difference.

In the USA, leftists spent the year 2020 advancing their agenda through hundreds of riots. Countermoonbats can riot too, as hinted by the election fraud protest that got out of hand on 1/6/23. The absurd overreaction to January 6 indicated that the leftist establishment will crack down with overwhelming force on those it deems threatening. But regular people slated for welfare state enslavement followed by displacement won’t go down without a fight.

On tips from Wiggins and Ed McAninch.

Nov 21 2023

There to Kill White People

For the latest news on the multicultural enrichment of Europe, turn to Allah’s Willing Executioners, which covers an attack that occurred on a party in Crépol, France over the weekend:

A 16-year-old member of the Romanais Péageois rugby club is said to have had his throat slit, while two other young people suffered life-threatening injuries. A total of 17 people were injured. A security guard’s fingers are said to have been cut off during the attack. Videos on social media show that the attackers were mainly young people with a migration background.

Not to worry, authorities are on the case. Gendarmerie spokeswoman Marie-Laure Pezant has issued a statement:

“If the perpetrators are listening to us, it would perhaps be sensible for them to turn themselves in…”

The motive is not a secret:

The attackers said, “We’re here to kill white people.”

You thought they only wanted to kill Jews? Guess again.

Nov 21 2023

Border Patrol Focuses on Alternative Pronouns for Illegals

Our moonbat rulers live in an alternate world, completely enveloped in their psychotic ideology. So divorced are they from reality that under Democrat control, rather than attempt to stem the largest invasion in human history, the Department of Homeland Security is focused on referring to the invaders by alternate pronouns so as to affirm sexual derangement.

Via Daily Fetched:

Joe Biden’s border Chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, is now ordering agents not to use the “incorrect pronouns” so they don’t misgender illegal migrants crossing the border.

“Incorrect” is Orwellian for “correct.” To “misgender” is Liberalese for referring to the sexually deranged by the pronouns that actually apply to them, rather than pronouns that comply with their delusions.

Mayorkas’s order requests border guards to ignore the biological distinction between sexes.

Odds are low that a significant percentage of the millions of welfare colonists pouring in to displace us from every corner of the Third World don’t identify as the sex they actually are. They haven’t been subjected to American schools.

On a tip from Barry A.

Nov 17 2023

Result of Basing Immigration Policy on Moonbattery

Any country that wishes to continue existing has to control immigration. A sane country accepts immigrants on the basis of their likelihood of contributing to society. In contrast, a country run by moonbats accepts them on the basis of indulging in sexual perversion. The latter policy brings in guys like Saheed Azeez of Nigeria, granted asylum as a reward for proclaiming himself an oppressed homosexual:

Asylum seeker Saheed Azeez, 33, had been allowed to settle in the UK after claiming he faced persecution by Boko Haram militants – but after moving to the country he had three children with three women, marrying the third. He now says he is bisexual.

Contrary to the stereotype, Azeez didn’t just sit around collecting generous welfare payments. He’s an ambitious guy:

And as he settled in Wigan, Greater Manchester, Azeez began working with Nigerian fraudsters to establish a network of strangers for a ‘sophisticated and well resourced’ sales scam to steal items being sold on eBay, Facebook Marketplace and WhatsApp.

Azeez’s scamming went beyond presenting himself as homosexual so as to be granted asylum.

Victims selling high value goods would be persuaded to send their items to a number of addresses on the promise of being paid on arrival – but Azeez would simply pick up the goods and sell them in his brother’s electronics shop.

Over 14 months, up to 272 victims sent goods worth a combined £220,000 to the homes of strangers that Azeez persuaded to take part in the scam, giving his ‘partners’ a cut from each sale in return for taking delivery of the ill-gotten goods.

It somehow doesn’t seem right that the people running Britain’s immigration system don’t also get a cut.

Some will say this is an immigration success story. Even if Azeez isn’t really a homosexual, he is at least dissolute, checks the correct racial box, and is a criminal, placing him in three different identity groups likely to vote Labour. Why Tories go along with these policies remains a mystery.

On a tip from Steve T.

Nov 15 2023

Cloward–Piven and the Open Border

The Cloward–Piven strategy assumes communism can be imposed on the USA via the welfare state. Sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven believed that if everyone qualified collected the maximum amount of welfare benefits, the cost would be so massive that it would collapse the economy. Out of the ruins, a new Soviet Union could be imposed, given that we have been conditioned to turn to the source of our problems (i.e., Big Government) for help when these problems get out of control.

The strategy has been working, as the unsustainable national debt confirms. But Democrats are impatient. So Biden’s puppeteers used the border to throw Cloward–Piven into overdrive:

The excuse that migrants came here to work and contribute to our society does not match the statistics. As the NY Post recently reported, only 2% of 139,500 migrants in New York have applied for work permits, and thousands more are on their way to our cities to live off the welfare state.

New York received an influx of 2,800 additional people last week alone. There are 65,500 people living in shelters throughout the city at the expense of the taxpayer, and the mayor believes the city will spend of $2 billion this year on funding.

Welfare payments to foreign invaders are more generous than the Social Security payments we receive after involuntarily paying into the pyramid scheme our whole lives, confirming that the federal government is not our friend.

The average retiree is expected to live on $1,555 per month, which is not enough to live in any US city.

Meanwhile, migrants are receiving a one-time payment of $2,275 and at least $1,225 per month which is more than they likely ever earned from their country of origin. Their room and board is on the taxpayers’ tab and there is no urgency for these people to enter the workforce. In fact, it seems as if they are encouraged to continue milking the welfare system to become utterly dependent on the state.

Of course. That is precisely what Democrats import them for.

Opening the border and providing logistic support for the ensuing largest invasion in human history constitute treason. The migrants are in effect enemy troops brought in to occupy the country. The more seemingly helpless, the more effective they are in this new form of warfare.

The nuclear arsenal that the USA amassed to prevent communism from being imposed from abroad is useless now that the threat originates from within. Democrats are overthrowing our system of government and systematically destroying the American nation.

On a tip from WDS 2.0.

Nov 15 2023

Poster Child for German Displacement Weighs In on Israel

The poster child for climate ideology sides with terrorist barbarians against Western Civilization. Where do you suppose Angela Merkel’s poster child for the displacement of the German population stands? has the answer:

Merkel, who in 2015 threw open wide the doors of her country to a million Muslim migrants, under the slogan “Wir schaffen das” (“We Can Do This”), because she was sure that they would be a boon to Germany, at the time famously comforted a “refugee” girl in a video that went viral. That girl was 14-year-old Reem Sahwil, a Palestinian who with her family had. been temporarily admitted to Germany. She was chosen to take part in a discussion between Merkel and a group of “asylum seekers” — really, Muslim economic migrants — and when Merkel said that not everyone who applied for asylum would be granted that status, Reem Sahwil burst into tears. Merkel attempted clumsily to comfort her, patting her on the back, and the video of that entire encounter went viral. The girl’s sobbing had the intended effect, and she and her family were as a result granted residency permits. She was subsequently held up as a “model migrant” who had quickly learned to speak German, and was doing well in school — a Muslim migrant success story.

Here’s what “success” looks like — from NiUS, translation compliments of Allah’s Willing Executioners:

One year later, she shows her true colours – she wants Israel to be wiped out!

Her Instagram profile is sheer anti-Semitism!

The profile picture on her Instagram account shows a person waving the Palestinian flag within the borders of Israel.

The profile picture is synonymous with the Muslim/moonbat chant “From the river to the sea.” It calls for the eradication of Jews from their homeland.

There is a lot of anti-Semitism in Germany’s past — and thanks to leftist demographic displacement policy, even more in its future.

The eradication of Germans from their homeland is not far behind.

On a tip from Blackjack.

Nov 12 2023

Muslim Conquerors Defile Remembrance Day in UK

In the USA, Armistice Day is now called Veterans Day. In the UK, November 11 is known as Remembrance Day. The purpose is the same: to honor those who fought to defend their country. Tragically, no one is defending the UK now. Consequently, November 11 has been defiled:

Antisemitic chants and placards were recorded across London as approximately 300,000 pro-Palestine protesters took to the streets in what is believed to be the largest anti-Israel demonstration since the Hamas terror attacks on October 7th when over 1,400 people were brutally murdered by the Islamist terrorists.

The protesters denounce Israel because like Britain it is slated for absorption into the Muslim world.

The so-called “National March for Palestine”, which was reportedly partially organised by at least three Islamic groups with direct ties to Hamas, came as the Metropolitan Police refused to ban the protest despite objections over it being held on Armistice Day, the anniversary of the end of the First World War upon which the nation commemorates the sacrifices of its soldiers.

London authorities under Islamomoonbat Mayor Sadiq Khan side with Hamas. Waving English flags, complaining about the profusion of colonizers’ Palestinian flags signifying support for the October 7 atrocities, or even showing pictures of children kidnapped by Hamas gets you in trouble with the police. England’s capital city has effectively fallen to Islam.

Here’s what the streets of London looked like before leftists inflicted mass immigration:

Here’s what they looked like yesterday:

In a few years, London will be indistinguishable from any other Third World Islamic hellhole. Already, here’s what happens if you wear a patriotic pin in Victoria Station on Remembrance Day:

The complicit media has reacted by screeching surreally about white supremacists. Far, far away from the liberal narrative, back in reality:

In case anyone didn’t get the significance of staging a huge pro-Hamas rally on Armistice Day,

Only a couple of generations ago, Londoners withstood the Nazi blitzkrieg. Now, they surrender without a fight to barbarians who spit on them and openly intend to eradicate them. Leftism has corroded their souls to the point they can no longer function.

Islam is only an opportunistic infection. England is dying of moonbattery.

On tips from Wiggins.

Nov 09 2023

Mob Violence at the Museum of Tolerance

To see what members of the moonbat–Muslim alliance mean when they shriek about tolerance, let’s turn to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles:

“Two groups clash.” That’s one way of putting it. Via Todd Starnes:

A pro-Palestinian mob dressed in black attacked Jews in Los Angeles outside the Museum of Tolerance. How ironic.

Israeli actress Gal Gadot, known for her role as Wonder Woman, had hosted a screening of footage from the October 7 terrorist attack committed by Hamas.

Gadot faced massive backlash from pro-Hamas sympathizers as well as Muslims across the nation. They accused her of supporting genocide.

That last part is even more ironic, considering the openly genocidal objectives of Hamas and its supporters.

The Museum of Tolerance was a fitting location for the violence, considering that “tolerance” means no disinformation will be tolerated. “Disinformation” can be defined as any information that impedes the Agenda.

If the USA rewards October 7 by importing massive numbers of Palestinians, the Museum of Tolerance might soon feature a genuine pogrom.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Nov 07 2023

Germans Cancel Anne Frank for Diversity

As a group that has been genuinely victimized by race hate and that leans left politically, Jews have been beloved by progressives. But just as liberals dumped women in favor of more politically fashionable transsexuals, many of them now reject Jews in the aftermath of the most recent Muslim terror atrocity. They are even canceling Anne Frank:

A German kindergarten has said it will drop Anne Frank from its name in favour of a “more diverse” alternative, adding fuel to the national debate over anti-Semitism amid the Israel-Hamas war.

The kindergarten in the village of Tangerhütte, in eastern Germany, said it was rebranding itself “world explorer kindergarten” in order to be more inclusive.

At least they aren’t going to name the school after Ahed Tamimi.

The name change ends half a century of association with the Jewish 15-year-old who died in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945.

The kindergarten’s director Linda Schichor says it is okay to cancel Anne Frank because…

… immigrant families had “often never heard of her” or her diary about her family’s attempt to remain hidden from the Nazis in occupied Amsterdam.

They certainly will have never heard of her after she has been cast aside and forgotten.

Attempting to assimilate the overwhelmingly Muslim immigrant families by teaching them local history is not on the agenda.

When they reopen Bergen-Belsen, it will be under a star and crescent moon instead of a swastika.

On a tip from Franco.

Nov 03 2023

Arrested for Complaining About Muslim Conquest of UK

As with Democrats in the USA, London police side with Hamas in the aftermath of the horrific terror attack of October 7. They even came to a man’s London home at night to drag him away for posting a video on Facebook documenting the profusion of Palestinian flags in his neighborhood that signal support for Hamas atrocities:

Here’s the video he was arrested for:

London has fallen. Britain is following in the tragic footsteps of once-great Egypt long before it. Taking their orders from leftists like Sadiq Khan, police will expedite the UK’s absorption into the Muslim world.

On tips from Wiggins and KirklesWorth.

Nov 01 2023

Illegal Aliens Culturally Enrich NYC as Eric Adams Flounders

Living in Manhattan at the time, I witnessed a remarkable transformation when Mayor Rudy Giuliani took over from the moonbat David Dinkins in 1994. The Deuce — the stretch of 42nd Street west of Times Square — went from a cesspool of pornography and prostitution to a wholesome tourist draw. Unfortunately, under Democrat rule, the “fundamental transformation” promised by Obama works in the opposite direction:

New York City has a huge new red light district thanks to the arrival of hordes of female Venezuelan migrants who are working as prostitutes, Mayor Eric Adams said.

Roosevelt Avenue in the Corona neighborhood of Queens is filled with Venezuelan migrants offering sex services in the open-air, so-called ‘Market of Sweethearts.’

Thanks to the collapse of rule of law in New York following Black Lives Matter, illegal activities can be conducted out in the open.

In recent weeks sex workers have been seen walking the streets during the day, with many aggressively soliciting even as children get out of school or during their lunch hour, as reported by Pix 11.

Children learn fast these days, if not when it comes to the three R’s.

When asked by reporters about the open-air sex market, Adams said the situation has been brought to his attention, and he has visited the area himself, confirming that ‘illegal’ activity is taking place publicly at all hours of the day and night.

Many of the prostitutes arrived from socialism’s latest spectacular failure (i.e., previously wealthy Venezuela) across our deliberately undefended border.

It is unclear if those women were sex workers at home and if they are selling their bodies of their own free will, or if they have been trafficked and coerced.

Best not to dig into this question too deeply. That might anger the liberal establishment the way Sound of Freedom did.

Adams blames federal authorities. He has a point:

In September, the Biden administration issued temporary legal status for an estimated 472,000 Venezuelans who had arrived in the country as of July 31. That was on top of the 242,000 who were previously covered under TPS grants in 2021 and 2022.

However, Adams helped cause the problem himself by barking even recently that the border should remain open, by declaring NYC to be a sanctuary city, and by offering extravagant financial incentives to illegal aliens. Now that it has gotten so out of hand that even he admits illegal aliens will “destroy” the city, he is attempting to deal with the crisis by the traditional liberal tactic of throwing other people’s money at it:

New York City is now steering migrants to a new “reticketing center” where they can secure a free one-way plane ticket anywhere in the world — as Mayor Eric Adams scrambles to free up space in the Big Apple’s already-overburdened shelter system. …

Some of the migrants who have taken up the city’s offer have already booked plane tickets as far away as Morocco, Politico reported.

Cost? Let’s not worry about cost. A federal bailout for NYC is only a matter of time. Then Biden can just print the money.

Even if a few undocumented Democrats take them up on the free airfare offer, it won’t be near enough. Another massive caravan of invaders is approaching through Mexico, secure in the knowledge that the border will remain undefended because the USA is ruled by its worst enemies.

No sympathy for the city that elected this clown.

On tips from Wiggins, Ed McAninch, Lyle, and ABC of the ANC.

Oct 31 2023

Judge Orders Biden to Stop Destroying USA’s Defenses

In Fahrenheit 451, a dystopian story of government hostile to those it governs, firemen don’t put out fires; they start them. Similarly, under Joe Biden’s handlers, the Border Patrol does not prevent foreign invasion but facilitates it by removing barriers that have been erected to defend the country.

Refreshing sanity from the judicial branch:

Judge Alia Moses, of the U.S. Western District, ordered the Department of Homeland Security to stop ‘disassembling, degrading, tampering’ miles of the wire set up on the banks of the Rio Grande.

The focus of the lawsuit is Eagle Pass, where thousands of migrants crossed in late September and where huge crowds try to get in every day.

[Texas] sued the Biden administration last week after members of border patrol were seen cutting out sections to let border crossers in.

If sanity is to be reasserted, let’s take the next step by enforcing the law. Treason is illegal. No one has ever been more conspicuously guilty of it than Biden and Mayorkas, both of whom should be arrested at once for facilitating the largest invasion in human history.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.


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