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Jul 08 2020

Racist Oppression in Colonized Germany

What do you call police officers who confront Africans just because they had been sexually molesting a girl? That’s right, racist. From Presse Portal, translation compliments of Allah’s Willing Executioners:

In the late evening hours of July 4, an 18-year-old woman was allegedly first molested and then attacked by a group of five people on the platform at Radolfzell [Germany] station. Surrounded by this group, a 27-year-old Nigerian is said to have held the victim against her will and tried to kiss her.

She managed to free herself and call the police. Because this didn’t happen in the USA, where the police are currently sheltering from a blitzkrieg assault by the liberal establishment, officers were actually dispatched.

At first, the men refused to hand over their identity papers. In the further course of the inspection, they are said to have called the officers “racists” and “bastards”, among other things.

Africans learn fast regarding the totemic power of the word “racist.”

However, this time it didn’t work. So, an African bit an officer’s finger, leaving him “incapacitated.” Two Nigerians ended up facing charges, confirming that Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation continue to face racist oppression at the hands of the police, not only in America but in Europe as well.

Jul 07 2020

Europe Imports Coronavirus-Positive Colonists

While Americans are distracted by the Black Lives Matter/Antifa chaos on the streets and the impending catastrophe of radicalized Democrat rule, Europe continues methodically committing suicide:

Now in Italy, “the migrant transport NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans has brought another 43 migrants to Italy from North Africa, and eight have so far tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus.”

The Italian Interior Ministry warned last month that at least 20,000 migrants were “poised to set out from the coast of North Africa toward Italy. In a letter to the European Commission, it dramatically warned that a new emergency is approaching and called for a common European strategy in response.”

Italy is hardly the only beachhead for the ongoing invasion.

Meanwhile, the UK government is passively sitting by while illegal migrants flood into their country via the English Channel and with help from the French navy. A record 167 illegal migrants swarmed into the UK in a single day in June. On another day, it was 91 Muslim migrants.

Do the math regarding their explosive welfare-fueled birthrate, and you will see that a single day’s worth of colonists is significant regarding Europe’s transmogrified demographics. Europe is gradually becoming absorbed by the Third World.

There are more immediate problems. Large numbers of colonists have…

…arrived since the coronavirus lockdown, with about 1,359 migrants arriving since March, out of a total of 1,830 for 2020 so far.

Wonders Nello Musumeci, the President of Sicily, quoted at Breitbart,

“Why was the quarantine on the mainland? Why does nobody inform us about the real conditions of the camps in Libya?”

You can imagine the conditions. Colonists from throughout Africa gather in Libya, from where human smugglers and still more nefarious do-gooder NGOs smuggle them into Europe. Camps in Libya are likely to be excellent places to pick up COVID-19.

The incident is the second time a migrant transport NGO has brought migrants infected with the coronavirus to Italy in recent weeks. Last month, the NGO Sea-Watch brought a total of 209 migrants to Italy, 28 of which later tested positive for the virus.

Europe has the capacity to sink these vessels before they reach shore, but not the will. This flaw will prove fatal.

Hat tip: RageNFreedom.

May 26 2020

The Price of Chivalry in Dhimmified Europe

The impulse to defend women from being raped by savages still exists in European men, despite decades of liberal control of most everything. Efforts continue to eradicate this impulse by demonizing or otherwise punishing white knights.

From Sweden, which mass migration has reduced to the rape capital of Europe:

The father of a 19-year-old Swedish man who was killed by a Sudanese migrant while trying to prevent a woman being raped has been forced by the media to defend his son after suggestions the victim was a “Nazi.”

A group of immigrants crashed a party in Härnösand. Tommie Lindh got himself stabbed by trying to prevent one of them from raping a woman. Having killed him, Abubaker Mohamed of the Sudan, who had been granted Swedish citizenship, continued with the rape.

Here’s how Lindh came to be posthumously accused of being a Nazi:

Following the murder, a right-wing group staged a protest in Härnösand against the killing, but the demonstrators were immediately smeared as “Nazis” by the media.

Swedish public broadcaster SVT, which dutifully amplified the “Nazi” narrative, then paid a visit to the home of Lindh’s father, where he was forced to defend his dead son against accusations he was racist.

No culture can be truly healthy until its public media has been eradicated.

As the article makes clear, the father was grilled about why his son had a shaved head as he insisted Lindh was not a Nazi but may have had friends who sympathize with the Nordic Resistance Movement, the group that staged the protest. …

It was already known that Lindh was a supporter of Alternative For Sweden, a right-wing populist party.

The narrative is straightforward: right-wing chauvinist deserved to die for oppressing disadvantaged immigrant. That’s how heroes can expect to be treated when leftists control the media.

Leftists also control the legal system, as a story from Austria illustrates. Allah’s Willing Executioners translates from Wochenblick:

In the summer of 2018, a 37-year-old police officer sat on a park bench with his wife in the early hours of the morning after a public festival [in Eisenstadt]. Three young men who approached the couple with kissing gestures and “fucky, fucky” shouts, the elite policeman was able to turn them away.

Then the three went after a 17-year-old girl sitting nearby. The officer intervened, attempting to deescalate. The foreign hooligans turned on him and his wife.

When the man revealed himself to be a policeman, the badge was knocked out of his hand. In the ensuing scuffle, both the officer and his wife were injured, as well as an Iraqi “refugee”. They had to be taken from the ambulance to the hospital for treatment.

Now come the legal consequences:

Among other things, the police officer and his wife were convicted of assault and defamation. He received seven months on probation and a fine of 11,700 Euros, she got eight months on probation.

Europeans are running out of time to rise up against their progressive ruling class.

On tips from Python.

May 24 2020

Another Misadventure in Multiculturalism

If you can take what they say at face value, liberals must believe that when immigrants arrive in advanced countries from savage parts of the world, the moment they touch ground, they adopt the customs, values, traditions, and temperament of their new home. This belief is misguided, as Sweden continues to demonstrate:

A teenage girl was beheaded by her ex-boyfriend when she returned to his flat to collect her belongings after she broke up with him, it has been claimed.

In certain cultures, breaking up with a boyfriend is a reckless thing to do. But we are not allowed to dwell on the negative aspects of such cultures, so you can’t blame someone as young as Wilma for not knowing better.

Wilma Andersson, 17, disappeared on November 14 last year before police found a ‘body part’ a fortnight later which turned out to be her head.

Her ex-boyfriend Tishko Ahmed Shabaz was arrested and has now been charged with her murder in a case that has shocked Sweden because it is deemed as one of the safest countries in the world, Expressen reports.

It is not so safe anymoreespecially for teenagers. It turns out that safety is not absorbed from the Nordic air but rather results from Swedes being Swedes.

Police claim the 23-year-old decapitated Wilma before wrapping her head in foil and hiding it at his home.

She didn’t die easily.

Prosecutors claim Wilma was subjected to ‘repeated violence’ during her death.

That could be why Shabaz’s neighbors heard screaming.

The rest of her body remains missing — although they did find her coat and handbag in his apartment.

Shabaz, who is claimed to have been born in Iraq before becoming a Swedish citizen in 2014, denies all the allegations, telling investigators: “You forget that this is a girl that I have loved and that I have lived my life perfectly.”

According to the Koran, that last part may be true.

Social distancing really can save lives — when applied in the appropriate context.

On a tip from Lyle.

May 19 2020

$500 Cash Payments to Illegal Aliens in California

The hysterical overreaction to Wuhan coronavirus has inflicted devastating long-term economic damage, costing $trillions and killing tens of millions of jobs. Many Americans have been prevented from providing for their families. But the mainly government-induced economic crisis is no reason for the liberals running California to stop handing out other people’s money to illegal aliens — rather, it serves as the latest excuse for extravagant largesse:

California is rolling out a taxpayer-funded program to aid unauthorized immigrants with $500 cash payments.

Some households will get as much as $1,000. There will be 150,000 lucky illegal winners. Those American citizens who are still permitted under the coronavirus lockdown to generate wealth for California to tax will get stuck with the $75 million bill.

“California is the most diverse state in the nation. Our diversity makes us stronger and more resilient,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a statement last month about the program.

It goes without saying that white minority California is diverse racially. By “diverse,” Newsom must mean both American and not American, legal and not legal.

“Every Californian, including our undocumented neighbors and friends, should know that California is here to support them during this crisis. We are all in this together.”

No, Governor Nuisance, we are not all in this together. Americans who want to be left alone to generate wealth and then spend it on their families are on one side; Big Government and those the government wishes to displace us with are on the other.

On a tip from Steve T.

May 11 2020

Invasion of Britain Continues

Meanwhile, as the flattened curve drags ChiCom virus hysteria on and on forever, the first successful invasion of England since William the Conqueror in 1066 continues:

The famous song lied. There won’t always be an England. Not if this continues.

On a tip from Kate P.

May 10 2020

British Court Blocks Deporting Criminals to Countries With Poor Healthcare

The ivory tower moonbats who control the courts are waging war against their own countries. In Britain, judicial oligarchs have ruled that dangerous foreign criminals cannot be deported if the healthcare system back in the savage hellholes that spawned them are not up to NHS standards.

Via the Daily Mail:

The ruling came in the case of a 33-year-old Zimbabwean father of one who arrived in the UK in 2000 and was later granted indefinite leave to remain.

The Zimbabwean contributed to British society with a string of crimes too long to list here. Now they can’t deport him, because he has AIDS. Zimbabwe can’t afford to finance his extravagantly expensive treatment for a disease that is almost always contracted by indulging in degeneracy. Supposedly, British taxpayers can.

The landmark judgment – which risks throwing the Government’s deportation policy into chaos – has already delayed the case of gang rapist Yaqub Ahmed…

Ahmed, who hails from Somalia, took part in the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl. He says he has mental health problems. This makes it the duty of British society to care for him. Or so liberal elite judges are likely to rule.

On the whole, the French Revolution was one of the worst things that ever happened. But these days the appeal of sending an entire ruling class to the guillotine is undeniable.

On a tip from Henry B.

Apr 30 2020

How to Get Rallies Approved in Locked-Down Germany

Hat’s off to Allah’s Willing Executioners. Like the esteemed doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, the blog has achieved the distinction of being censored by Google/YouTube. Fortunately, it is still available at, where we can learn how to go about getting permits for rallies despite the ChiCom virus lockdown in Fatima Merkel’s Germany.

It’s simple; just favor still more Muslim immigration:

While political assemblies are banned nationwide and – as recently in Berlin – are stopped by the police if they are not permitted, special rights apply to those in favour of migration. For example, the Hamburg “Seebrücke” is allowed to hold a public “vigil” on Sunday in the St. Pauli district of the city with the aim that people from the Aegean islands who are seeking asylum will be allowed to come to Hamburg. No less than 20 (!) locations between Fischmarkt and St. Pauli were approved, each with up to 25 participants.

According to organizer Christoph Kleine, Seebrücke demands that at least 1,000 presumably Muslim welfare colonists who have invaded Greece be brought to Germany to climb aboard the gravy train, bringing along whatever diseases they might carry.

Apr 18 2020

US Government Continues to Import Afghan Refugees

Considering that its authoritarian reaction to the Wuhan coronavirus has thrown tens of millions of Americans out of work, the least Big Government could do is shut the Third World floodgates for a while. Yet even now, the government that purports to represent us imports presumably unskilled savages from the most backward parts of the world and distributes them throughout the country to compete with us for scarce jobs and social services.

Via Refugee Resettlement Watch:

While you have been incarcerated at home, discouraged from traveling at all, the US government has flown 1,003 so-called Special Immigrant Visa holders into the US and distributed them around the country.

That number refers specifically to Afghans over the past 4 weeks, during which time the draconian lockdown has been strangling the life out of the economy, putting us in the position that we are lucky if we can meet our own needs, much less the infinite needs of numberless grasping “refugees.”

On a tip from WDS.

Apr 07 2020

When German Authorities Give Diversity a Rest

German authorities add insult to injury. First, they import vast numbers of “refugees” (aka rapefugees), subjecting the native population to colognization. Then they spin the consequences to make it look like the native population is committing the sex crimes.


A 31-year-old African migrant was arrested by Dachau police officers for sexually assaulting and threatening a 15-year-old German girl last week, but the assault sparked further outrage after the Munich police department posted a stock photo of a white male to describe the crime.

The colognizer is from Eritrea, unlike the fellow in this photo:

What’s true for Chinese goes double for Africans. They are not Caucasian; therefore, to associate them with anything bad is racist.

Some [Twitter] users pointed to the outrage that would have followed if the police [had] chosen a stock photo of a black male for a crime perpetrated by a white male.

Someone requires reeducation. Racism against whites is not racism. It is social justice. Ask any college professor or mainstream journalist.

Hat tip: Allah’s Willing Executioners.

Apr 04 2020

Convicted Child Molester Caught Sneaking Across Border

The need for a wall — or better still a minefield — at the southern border remains urgent:

Border Patrol agents on Thursday apprehended a 29-year-old Honduran national after he unlawfully entered United States territory via the Arizona-Mexico border.

Rudy Chirinos-Hernandez was arrested by agents patrolling the desert near Sells, Arizona, according to a press release by Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Following his apprehension, agents conducted a records check and discovered that Hernandez had been convicted of sexual assault against a minor — a felony offense — in 2012 in Dallas, Texas.

As a silver lining to the Wuhan coronavirus, illegals are more likely to be sent packing back across the border. But Chirinos-Hernandez will stay at taxpayer expense; he faces prosecution for re-entry as a convicted felon.

It would be far better to prevent unlawful entry in the first place. Only lack of will prevents us from securing the border.

On a tip from Lyle.

Apr 03 2020

Assimilation Hiccup in China

The ChiComs don’t have our open borders policy, but even they have to deal with assimilation difficulties. For example:

[A] 47-year-old Nigerian man, named Okonkwonwoye Chika Patrick, arrived at Guangzhou, Guangdong Province from overseas on March 20 and was tested positive for coronavirus. He was sent to a hospital for treatment on March 23.

However, he refused to undergo medical tests and tried to escape from his quarantine ward in a hospital on Wednesday.

He then assaulted a nurse who tried to stop him, pushing her to the ground, beating her and even biting her face.

Looks like political correctness has not spread in China as quickly as the Wuhan virus:

Many netizens expressed their support for the authorities of Guangzhou and Qingdao, saying foreigners who felt superior and failed to respect rules amid the battle against the coronavirus are not welcome.

Italians can commiserate.

Too bad for Okonkwonwoye he didn’t pull this in the USA. He could just say that the nurse called him the n-word. Not only would he escape punishment, he could sue the hospital for a fortune.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Mar 30 2020

Coronavirus Crisis Tests Likelihood of Immigrant Assimilation

The mass immigration and Wuhan coronavirus crises continue to compound each other. In Arezzo, Italy, an African immigrant was politely asked to wait outside like everyone else before being served at the Boutique del Pane so as to prevent spreading the virus. Someone must have forgotten that rules applying to Italians do not apply to immigrants.

Via Breitbart:

The migrant reacted highly negatively to the suggestion and began to berate the baker and the female customers in the shop, shouting “You Italians are sh[*]t!”

The baker reports:

“The bad news was when he started to wreak havoc. He ran his hands over the shelves and threw everything on the ground, smashing what happened to be within his range: tins, glass jars, beer bottles. An uncontrollable fury.”

The immigrant physically assaulted her and a customer before finally running off.

In a separate incident,

[A] 60-year-old man in Novara was attacked by an African migrant after he was asked to keep a safe distance to maintain social distancing.

“He started to rail against the Italians calling them ‘bastards and racists’,” the victim said.

We can thank liberals for filling their heads with the idea that anyone who fails to treat them with sufficiently obsequious obeisance is a “racist” who must be punished.

Eventually there will be another uncontrollable fury, when Europeans finally reach their boiling point.

On a tip from Rapinhoe.

Mar 26 2020

Youths Firebomb Delivery Vans

A crisis like the Wuhan virus panic serves as a stress test for society, allowing us to find weakening pressure points where eventual trouble is inevitable. Along the same lines, it allows us to see how assimilation is coming along for the foreign masses who have inundated Britain:

Disturbances broke out in the Southmead area of Bristol at around 9.30pm on Monday night after the Prime Minister’s address to the nation in which he announced a ‘lockdown’ and tougher measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Iceland Foods delivery vans came under attack. From a statement by the supermarket chain:

“Police riot vans were called out and youths threw missiles at the police as they tried to disperse them.”

It can be assumed that “youths” does not refer to people with a British background.

“Later in the evening the two home delivery vans parked outside our Southmead store were set alight…”

The vehicles were a total loss.

“It is shocking and distressing that anyone would act so callously to put vehicles out of service at precisely the time when they are most needed to deliver food to the most vulnerable people in our society.”

This highlights the fact that in the long run, Britain has bigger problems than COVID-19.

On a tip from Kate P.

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