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Sep 21 2021

Why Illegal Aliens Do Not Need to Be Vaxxed

The Biden regime has been forcing millions of Americans to get vaccinated against their will. Those who refuse the jab are being forced out of the military. In parts of the country that have succumbed to moonbattery, you need to show vaccination papers to eat in a restaurant. Foreigners who want to visit the USA on legitimate business face severe Covid restrictions including a requirement that they be vaccinated. Americans may soon need proof of vaccination to travel within their own country.

In stark contrast, illegal aliens pouring across the open border by the hundreds of thousands to demographically transform America into a Third World country do not need to be vaxxed for DHS to bus them to swing states throughout the nation. What makes them different? Presidential spokeschancre Jen Psaki explains:

“As individuals come across the border, they are both assessed for whether they have any symptoms. If they have symptoms, the intention is for them to be quarantined. That is our process.”

Yeah, right. The thousands of Haitians are all being checked. You can see them all holding out their tongues for the doctor as the wade across the Rio Grande — or maybe they are sticking out their tongues at our national sovereignty.

Hold on; it gets worse:

“They’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time.”

No, they just ride the welfare gravy train for a few generations and then head straight back to the perpetual hellhole Haiti before anyone can catch the diseases they bring.

Try that the next time you are kicked out of a restaurant for violating Covid dictates. “It’s okay; I’m not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time.”

Combined with her condescending tone, Psaki’s arrogantly obvious lies are almost as insulting as Biden’s presence in the White House.

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Sep 20 2021

How 15,000 Haitians Got to Del Rio, Texas

We all know that Biden opened the border and invited the Third World to pour across and claim lavish benefits, so as to flood the country with likely Democrat voters. But specifically, how did 15,000 colonists get from dysfunctional Haiti to a small Texas town on the Rio Grande all at once? The Center for Immigration Studies reveals that Mexico put them there:

[O]n Sunday, September 12, the Mexican government effectively sent a mass of migrants it had bottled up for months in its southern states up to the American border.

Our relationship has always been a little rocky, but why would Mexico do this to us now?

[T]he Biden administration began to pressure Mexico to maintain and use its National Guard and immigration bureaucracy to slow the flow of expected caravans and of tens of thousands of Haitians and other migrants coming in from all over the world. This was a fairly quiet diplomatic campaign, and it coincided with billions in promised U.S. aid and other benefits such as covid vaccines. It was a different approach from the Trump style of threatening to damage the Mexican economy with tariffs unless the leadership slowed U.S.-bound illegal immigration coming through Guatemala.

The Democrat strategy of diplomacy backed by bribes and BS does not work with Mexico any better than it does with the Taliban. But then, sometimes policies are intended to fail.

Why did the invasion hit Del Rio in particular?

[T]he Mexican cartels in this city do not involve themselves in human smuggling as they do in other parts of northern Mexico. Migrants who get to Acuna are free to cross themselves over the river without paying a tax or smuggling fee to ruthless Mexican cartels, with no fear of violent retribution for doing so on their own.

If Haitians know the best place to invade our country, our government knows the best place to construct border defenses. But Democrats do not want the border defended. They have reacted to this crisis by trying to ram through amnesty by reconciliation on a supposed “budget” bill, and by forbidding Fox News from using drones to show the public what is going on (until forced by fear of backlash to back down).

As Biden bicycles by the beach, refusing to answer questions, and supposed border overseer Kamala Harris flips coins at sporting events, the scale of the humanitarian crisis has forced whoever is actually in charge to announce that some of the invaders, rather than be bussed by DHS to wherever Democrats need votes, will be flown back to Haiti. The point is to defuse public anger; only a tiny percentage will be returned to their own country.

Like any nation, the USA must defend itself from foreign invaders or it will cease to exist. To accomplish this, Americans must confront their ultimate enemy: the left-wing ruling class.

Elections have consequences.

On a tip from Varla. Hat tips: American Thinker, Maggie’s Farm.

Aug 22 2021

Visas for Everybody

The State Department is infested with bumbling, irresponsible moonbats at the best of times. How bad is it under the staggering incompetence of Joe Biden and Antony Blinken? This gives an idea:

Every man, woman, and child in Afghanistan would be on their way to our welfare rolls, except that you can’t get to the airport unless the Taliban lets you through.

The next 9/11 launched from Afghanistan will be a cakewalk for the victorious Taliban and its al Qaeda and ISIS allies.

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Aug 18 2021

Europe Prepares for More Cultural Enrichment

The worst is yet to come regarding the debacle in Afghanistan. Due to suicidal Western policies, the nightmare unfolding there will be exported.

Paul Joseph Watson sounds the alarm:

If only we had leaders who meant us well. They would learn from experience and seal the borders from devastating hordes of “refugees.”

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Aug 16 2021

Stand By for the Afghan Refugee Tsunami

The likely reestablishment of the terror base from which the USA was attacked on 9/11 is not the only likely consequence of turning over Afghanistan to the Taliban. Europe and the USA can expect another tsunami of refugees, as Afghans find ways to escape the mess they call home. To judge by recent refugee waves, it will consist primarily of fighting age men conspicuously unwilling to defend their own country from savagery.

Paul Joseph Watson highlights the refugee angle:

As we learned on 9/11, what festers in Afghanistan does not stay in Afghanistan.

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Aug 05 2021

Ron DeSantis Rips Into Democrat Hypocrisy

Neo-Marxist Democrats hold virtually all levers of power, but they do have vulnerabilities. One is their flagrant hypocrisy. The esteemed countermoonbat Ron DeSantis skewers them with it as he addresses Joe Biden’s Covid tyranny:

“So his vision is, just like in New York City, restaurants should ban young kids from being able to go in because they’re not eligible for vaccination, and law-abiding citizens have to produce proof of their medical records just to go to the gym, or attend an event, or just to participate in everyday society.

“He wants that, but yet if you want to vote, he thinks it’s too much of a burden to show a picture ID when you’re voting. So no voter ID, but have to show your medical papers just to be able to live an everyday life? Give me a break.”

It is a classic example of hypocrisy: Authoritarians incrementally impose vaccine passports even as they screech that voter ID is “racist” because it interferes with the election fraud that helped them take power.

Another classic example: Democrats inflict repressive restrictions in the name of Covid while leaving the border wide open to a massive invasion of illegal aliens, thousands of whom are infected with Covid.

DeSantis continues:

“So, why don’t you do your job? Why don’t you get this border secure? And until you do that, I don’t want to hear a blip about Covid from you.”

No wonder liberals hate DeSantis so much that 60 Minutes cashed in the last dregs of its credibility in an attempt to take him down.

Watch the whole clip, via Right Scoop:

As Jason Riley notes, even the New York Times has acknowledged that Biden’s open border policy is spreading Covid:

In late April the New York Times reported that the government “has insufficient time and space to test migrants,” and therefore “testing is being postponed until their release to local community groups, cities and counties, usually after the new arrivals have spent days confined in tight spaces with scores of strangers, often sleeping shoulder to shoulder on mats on the floor.”

The report went on to note the obvious, which is that such a policy is at cross-purposes with fighting the pandemic.

Since then, the border floodgates have opened still further:

For the current fiscal year through June, [US Customs and Border Protection] recorded more than 1.1 million apprehensions. The last time it reached even a million was 2006.

Instead of defending the country from invasion, Biden’s handlers are using the repurposed military to seed the illegal aliens throughout the country. Worse than hypocritical in light of the regime’s Covid authoritarianism, this is treasonous.

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Jul 30 2021

Our Democrat Rulers Debunked in Under 1 Minute

When future historians look back at the current collapse of American civilization, two features of the Biden years will stand out: (1) the displacement of the American population by millions of illegal immigrants encouraged by the federal government to invade in violation of its own laws and (2) the willingness of the population to surrender even the most fundamental liberties to conspicuously dishonest people in the name of a disease that is no longer a significant threat.

Putting these together, the historians will wonder why we didn’t realize that if our rulers gave a flying damn about Covid, they would not allow vast numbers of Third Worlders infected with the Devil knows what variants to flood unvaccinated across the border — and then use the military to distribute them throughout the country.

At least this young lady has figured it out. She sums up the situation succinctly:

Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Jul 30 2021

Miles4Migrants: Importing Illegal Immigrants From Africa

Once illegal immigrants have taken up Biden on his invitation to invade, the military transports them throughout the land, so as to turn red states blue and make the colonists more difficult to expel, in case people who mean the country well ever take control and begin to enforce immigration law. There may not be not enough needy economic refugees in Central America to displace us, so more need to be brought in from farther away.

Demographic projections indicate that Africa is producing enough people to overwhelm the entire planet. Any African who can make it to our southern border is welcome to walk across and never leave. But getting to Mexico can be difficult for people across the ocean who may not even be able to feed themselves without assistance. So moonbats help fly them here at no charge by supporting Miles4Migrants.

Here’s how this nonprofit organization describes itself:

Miles4Migrants uses donated frequent flyer miles (and monetary donations) to fly refugees, asylees, and asylum seekers to their new homes.

Refugees, asylees, and asylum seekers are euphemisms for illegal aliens. Once on American soil, the process of conquest is simple: (1) claim to be seeking asylum; (2) get a date to appear in court that will be years in the future because the system is hopelessly backed up by the millions who are invading; (3) ignore the court date; (4) drop anchor babies who are American citizens from birth, so as to qualify for ever more extravagant welfare benefits; (5) wait for the inevitable amnesty so as to vote legally for Democrats instead of voting for them illegally.

Look who is backing the invasion:

Miles4Migrants, which is funded by the Shapiro Foundation and the Tripadvisor Foundation, works with Delta Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Uber, and a network of over 50 nonprofit partners including the UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Meanwhile, as Democrats force small children to wear masks all day on the slim chance that they might come down with the sniffles from Covid, which is not a serious illness for kids,

The Democratic Republic of Congo Africa has been the primary country of origin of refugees seeking admittance to the United States following the country’s 2019 Ebola outbreak according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Supporting Miles4Migrants isn’t virtue signaling. No one could be stupid enough to think sinking the USA into the Third World through never-ending mass immigration will improve the lot of the human race. To have any chance of stopping the liberal agenda, we have to call it what it is: treason.

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Jul 27 2021

Keeping It Clean

Figuring out what Biden is trying to say is like trying to divine the future by reading chicken entrails. Here he seems to bark that something has been wiped:

The Washington press corps may have finally found a way to make itself useful. Or maybe the wiping is Cackling Kamala’s task — something to keep her busy while she conspicuously does nothing to restrict the ongoing massive invasion. Biden’s remark was in response to a question about using reconciliation to ram through the inevitable amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Afterward, Biden got slightly more coherent and said, “There needs to be a pathway to citizenship; whether it needs to be in immigration remains to be seen.” Everyone in the Third World already knows that the millions upon millions allowed to sneak into the country will get amnesty — unless they have made Democrats look bad by escaping from communist Cuba.

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Jul 12 2021

Untold Truth Behind Illegal Immigration

Undercutting the labor market and unlawfully displacing the American population with colonists from the Third World is an ugly business. Candace Owens relates the details of an undocumented Democrat’s journey from Guatemala to the promised land:

Considering how we are told that America is a racist dystopia that oppresses people of color, it is amazing what the rest of the world will go through to become Americans. At least they don’t have to worry about getting grief from the world’s most powerful military. It is not used to defend the country from invasion.

Effectively, the border is not defended at all, although until a demographic tipping point is reached the Regime has to half-heartedly pretend it is defended, even while issuing invitations to illegal immigrants.

Foreigners would stay home and work to make their own countries better places if they thought Americans would enforce the border or immigration laws. Instead, their sheer numbers will make America into a place like those they left behind.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Jun 14 2021

What Kamala Harris Has Been Up to in Guatemala

Kamala Harris doesn’t like it that people keep asking her why she doesn’t at least make an appearance at the border, since she is supposed to be in charge of doing something about the crisis caused by Biden inviting the entire Third World to invade. Actually, she has been doing her job — not only by avoiding any action that might stem the tide of potential Democrat voters flooding into the country, but also by helping to spread her party’s ideology in Central America.

Here’s how grumpy she gets when reporters ask her about the border:

She can’t be bothered with the humanitarian crisis because she has been busy undermining Guatemala’s president, law & order conservative Alejandro Giammattei:

In May, Kamala met with a number of leftist opponents of Giammattei, including former Attorney General Thelma Aldana, who had targeted conservative politicians with corruption charges, before herself being charged with corruption. Instead of returning home to face those charges, she received political asylum in the United States. Her social media is full of praise for Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala, and her promises to end “corruption” in Guatemala.

Pretending that you are going to end corruption in Central America is like campaigning against snow in Alaska.

Behind the mutual charges of corruption is a struggle between the Left and Right, with socialists and narcoterrorists on one side and military officers and free marketers on the other.

You get one guess as to which side Harris, Biden, and their hard left handlers are on.

Guatemalans greeted her like this, despite her promises to shower them with our money:

This could be why:

Guatemalans saw her as prepping a leftist coup by backing leftist organizations and activists.

When Harris barks about “corruption” and “lack of good governance” as supposed root causes of the invasion, she is attacking the government of Guatemala on behalf of leftists.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could put a Daniel Ortega type in charge of Guatemala, and turn it communist? Today’s Democrats would think so.

Behind the anti-corruption push is a [move] to restart the UN’s International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) backed by Soros activists. Most Guatemalans would prefer to be ruled by their own elected officials, not by the United Nations, Soros, or Kamala Harris.

Imposing Marxism on Guatemala will only increase the flow of desperate refugees toward our border, where Democrats hope they can be kept dependent on handouts from the Party of Government for generations to come.

Just in case Harris really wants to know about the root causes of the surge in illegal immigration, here’s a clue she might follow:

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Jun 13 2021

Open Thread

Nobody I know is opposed to immigration. What we're opposed to is opening the borders and letting noncitizens pour in here and call that immigration. Because that constitutes the diluting of the very foundation of America, and they saw it being done on purpose. And that's why we're on the verge of losing this country. - Rush Limbaugh
Jun 09 2021

Simulated Kamala Harris Appearance at Border

Despite having been put in charge of pretending to do something about the Biden-caused crisis at the border back in March, Kamala Harris has not even made an appearance there, for fear of making it more difficult for the liberal media to avoid reporting on the deteriorating situation — until now.

Actually, it is not the real Kamala Harris but a cardboard cutout brought there by esteemed countermoonbat Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO). But given how conspicuously phony Harris is, the phrase “real Kamala Harris” may be an oxymoron. Besides, the cardboard cutout is an improvement in that it doesn’t incessantly emit a blood-curdling cackle.

Meanwhile, Harris pretends to address the crisis by throwing our money at the corrupt failed states of Central America and barking inanely about “root causes.” For once, she is performing her job efficiently. That job is to do nothing that would stem the tsunami of needy, unskilled, rapidly reproducing illegal aliens across the border, so that they can be strategically redistributed throughout the country, where they will be difficult to expel and will tip elections in favor of Democrats. If passed, the For the People Act will get them voting even before the next amnesty.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

May 24 2021

American Dream Updated

In the olden days, immigrants pursued the American dream by assimilating and working hard. Times have changed. Now it often works more like this:

A Fridley [Minnesota] couple is facing felony charges of wrongfully obtaining public assistance after investigators discovered the couple had deposited over $1 million into their bank accounts during the same time period they received assistance.

According to felony charges filed in Anoka County against Amino Abdullahi Mohamed and Liban Beddel Mohamud, both 47, the couple was not entitled to collect nearly $25,000 in medical-assistance benefits they received between August 2015 to June 2018.

The Mohamuds have seven children. American women currently average 1.7 children. The future belongs to the Mohamuds. Unfortunately for them, we won’t be around to help fund their lifestyle.

Liban moved to Kenya in October 2017 to find work and continued to contribute to the household by sending money to Amino. From November 2017 to February 2018, over $14,400 was deposited into Amino’s bank account. However, Amino reported that Liban did not work and did not report the money he gave her as income on her application for public assistance. At the time the investigation began in March 2018, Liban reported that there had been no marital breakdown, and although he lived overseas, he was a member of the household. Any income Liban received was joint and should have been considered income for purposes of receiving public assistance, the complaint says.

Let that be a lesson to moochers. The Welfare State frowns upon marriage.

On a tip from R F.

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