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Nov 23 2022

CBS News Finally Confirms Hunter’s Laptop

As Shakespeare said, the truth will out. But with the liberal establishment media, it can take a loooong time:

On November 21, CBS News finally aired a segment “confirming” that it “independently verified” the contents of the president’s son’s computer which he left behind at a Delaware repair shop.

Have a laugh at what passes for “news” among liberals:

Countermoonbats have been aware of the significance of Hunter’s laptop since before the election that it would have cost the Big Guy. However, those living snug in the bubble of liberal establishment propaganda were spared this knowledge, thanks to censorship, lies, and willful neglect of the truth on the part of politically corrupted institutions including Big Tech, the FBI, the intelligence establishment, and Big Media outlets like CBS:

Execrable CBS was not alone in its journalistic malfeasance:

[I]n October 2020, 51 intelligence community officials signed a letter saying that Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop was Russian disinformation.

The lapdog media ate it up and broadcast that letter through the airwaves. If you even discussed the laptop in a serious manner, you were accused by some leftists of working hand-in-hand with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Now, we all know that the laptop was real. Many knew it at the time. The signatories are still seen as reputable sources. “Vaunted” journalists never issued apologies.

No competent journalist would take “Russian disinformation” allegations from leftist apparatchiks like John Brennan at face value. Liberal propagandists believe whatever supports their narrative, no matter how unlikely, and expect their smugly ignorant audience to do the same.

The laptop represents a thread that if pulled could unravel Joe Biden’s career in influence peddling. That’s why the liberal establishment has tried to suppress and discredit it.

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