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Oct 19 2023

Chicago Offers $9,000 Handouts to Illegal Aliens

By electing quintessential moonbat Brandon Johnson, Chicago set itself on a course for ruin. But until the city collapses completely, at least the illegal aliens imported to displace the native population get lots of free money:

Chicago is giving $9,000 to illegal migrants to assist with temporary housing after already paying out a staggering $ 7.2 million for staffing shelters in just one week.

There could be drawbacks to a self-proclaimed sanctuary city offering extravagant handouts in a country that effectively has no borders:

The city now faces enormous pressure, with over 11,000 migrants in shelters and 4,000 staying in police stations and the O’Hare International Airport.

No worries; the state will step in to pick up the tab:

Now, the state of Illinois is helping cover costs for temporary housing for illegal migrants to free up room in shelters, including $9,000 in housing and rental assistance for six months, Chicago deputy chief of staff Cristina Pacione-Zayas confirmed.

The city has allocated $4 million already to help migrants find temporary housing, while the state contributed a further $38 million.

The left-wing administration of Governor JB Pritzker has proclaimed Illinois “the most welcoming state in the nation” for illegal aliens.

Even a few Americans are making out quite well:

Kansas-based company Favorite Healthcare Staffing billed the city more than $7.2 million to staff migrant shelters for just four weeks…

The invoices covered 400 employees who worked between April 22 to May 19, including one nurse who was paid $20,000 for a single week of work in December. The same nurse made $16,536 for seven days of work in April.

Due to insanely extravagant public sector pensions, the entire state is lurching toward fiscal insolvency. Before long Biden’s handlers will have to put the printing presses into overdrive to bail out Illinois. You will pick up the tab for the looting spree as the value of your savings is deflated.

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