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Apr 27 2021

Chief Medical Examiner Targeted for Chauvin Testimony

Given the vindictiveness of Democrats, it is not enough that their chosen victim Derek Chauvin was offered up to the mob by a kangaroo court. Those who undermined his lynching must be punished too:

The Maryland’s Attorney General’s Office said Friday it believes there should be a review of “in custody” death reports produced by the state’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner during the tenure of Dr. David Fowler, nine days after Fowler testified that an ex-Minneapolis police officer was not responsible for the death of George Floyd in police custody. …

Attorney General Brian Frosh’s office said Friday afternoon that it agreed for the need to review Fowler’s work…

Frosh is a Democrat former state senator who filed nuisance suits against the Trump Administration.

Frosh sent out tweets praising the jury’s verdict in the Floyd case, never mentioning that Fowler, Maryland’s longtime chief medical examiner, served as a primary witness for Chauvin’s defense.

The doctor’s crime was the following:

Fowler testified that Floyd died of a sudden heart rhythm problem due to his heart disease while being restrained by police, contradicting several experts who said Floyd died due to a lack of oxygen.

Fowler’s testimony is consistent with the findings of Andrew Baker, Hennepin County, Minnesota’s chief medical examiner. However, it contradicts the liberal narrative, and is therefore incorrect.

His testimony could have helped Derek Chauvin get a fair trial. Chauvin has been designated as an enemy of wokeness. Therefore, Fowler too is an enemy of wokeness.

Good thing they can’t fire him. He retired in 2019. However, the damage Maryland authorities are inflicting on his reputation is likely to cripple his private consulting practice.

He was considered one of the foremost medical examiners in the country and served on national boards.

That is probably behind him now.

How many people over the age of 40 thought they would live to see America degenerate into a country where expert witnesses are targeted for destruction after their testimony helps the wrong side in a political show trial?

The odds of getting a fair trial keep getting slimmer for those the liberal establishment wants found guilty. Just as jurors are unwilling to risk violence, expert witnesses will be unwilling to risk their careers.

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