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Mar 31 2022

Chip Franklin Tweet Ages Poorly

Left-leaning talk show host/writer/producer/filmmaker/comedian/musician Chip Franklin’s glowing Wikipedia page quotes WaPo’s Marc Fisher:

“Franklin adds a rare dose of irony to a medium that rarely trusts its audience to get the joke.”

Let’s hope the tweet below was a joke. However, it looks like Franklin himself is the joke, despite his large collection of Edward R. Murrow awards:

Now even the New York Times admits that the laptop story is legit. It implicates Joe Biden in taking payoffs from our communist Chinese enemies. The suppression of the laptop story by Big Tech is the reason the corrupt and alarmingly incompetent Biden is in office.

Not long ago, nearly all Americans, wherever they stood on the political spectrum, believed that information should flow freely. Then came liberal demigod Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt School with his concept of “repressive tolerance,” according to which all views from the left but no views from the right should be permitted.

Now we have freedom of speech only to the extent leftists have not finished consolidating power. Most everyone left of center seems to be okay with that.

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One Response to “Chip Franklin Tweet Ages Poorly”

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