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Jan 31 2024

Cori Bush Under Investigation for Corruption

Congresscritter Cori Bush (D-BLM) was specifically elected to represent criminals. She ran on a platform of defunding the police. You can see why:

The Justice Department is investigating “Squad” member Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., over the alleged misuse of government funds intended to pay for her security, two sources tell Fox News.

For a left-wing black woman to get investigated by Merrick Garland’s belligerently partisan DoJ, the criminality must be too conspicuous for even the most arrogant Democrats to ignore.

The congresswoman blamed “right-wing organizations” for the DOJ probe, as well as other investigations into the matter by the Federal Election Commission and the House Committee on Ethics.

Among these organizations we find the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT):

“In her own FEC filings the payments were initially characterized as being for ‘security.’ Among the many troubling facts involved that we strongly felt justified an investigation were her close personal relationship, her large payments to others for the same services at the same time, and that her husband reportedly didn’t have a license to provide those services,” FACT executive director Kendra Arnold said in a statement obtained by Fox News Digital.

Just what a right-wing extremist would say.

Bush notably has spent more than $500,000 on her own private security while publicly advocating for the defund the police movement.

Even the fortune she has blown on “security” is a drop in the bucket compared to the looting the hate hoaxer Bush wants to inflict in the name of “reparations.” She demands $14 trillion.

Putting lowlifes in positions of authority does not improve their moral character.

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