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Mar 09 2021

Countermoonbat Rap: Tom MacDonald

If you are looking for popular music with a countermoonbat point of view and Hank Williams Jr isn’t your style, you might prefer something more contemporary, like Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald. With the sound off, his video of “Clown World” looks as creepily degenerate as Cardi B, Lady Gaga, or anything else excreted by today’s liberal entertainment establishment. But check out the lyrics. Highlights:

Entire generation offended at everything
Getting mad that a human thinks all lives matter …
Trump can’t build a wall, why does your house have a fence?
I believe in two genders, I’m not mad at the rest
I’m just confused when a dude has a beard and some breasts …
I don’t hate all police, no
I don’t think that the system’s racist …
And half of the country hates all of the nation, it’s
Funny that we think the world owes us something
All the phones got smart but the people so dumb
We care more about the likes on a selfie than our moms…
United States is great regardless, that’s what we forgot in here
Black lives matter, all lives matter, what’s all this division for
It’s modern segregation, this is setting up a civil war …
They tell you, “Be yourself”, and then they judge you on the internet
Till everybody hates you for it
If Jesus was alive, I swear to God that y’all would cancel him

Not exactly wholesome, but encouraging all the same:

On a tip from Troy H.


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