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Mar 09 2021

Countermoonbat Vocabulary: Superstraight, Blue Anon

As detailed in 1984 and implemented on a regular basis by the liberal establishment, modern totalitarianism entails controlling culture and even thoughts by controlling language. Finally, countermoonbats have learned to fight back. Instead of banning old terms, they invent new ones, like “superstraight” and “Blue Anon.”

According to woke ideology, heterosexual men must be willing to date men who claim they are women, or be subjected to cancelation on grounds of the thought crime “transphobia.” Countermoonbats have responded by identifying as “superstraight,” meaning that they are attracted only to members of the opposite sex who really are members of the opposite sex.

Moonbats have created over 100 sexual identities. Surely normal people can create just one.

Progressives reacted with blistering rage:

Not the Bee sees endless possibilities:

The great thing is that you can add “super” to anything.

• Don’t like the hierarchies of Marxist oppression in intersectionality? Try super-intersectionality, where you respect everyone at the smallest identity group: the individual!

• Are people telling you to be antiracist? Then say you identify as super-antiracist, where you believe all ethnic groups are equally capable of racism, and it’s all bad!

The media continues to hyperventilate over the imaginary threat posed by QAnon. Those looking for truly dangerous conspiracy kooks are directed to Blue Anon, which is made up of nuts who disseminate disinformation regarding the racist aggression of the Covington kids, the oppression of Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace, Brett Kavanaugh’s career as a sex criminal, the continued menace to democracy posed by Buffalo Guy, and of course Russia Russia Russia:

Not only Urban Dictionary but also Google censored the term “Blue Anon,” so unnerving do liberal establishmentarians find the idea of regular Americans pushing back on the language front. Ridicule has apparently compelled both to back down and undisappear the term.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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