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May 07 2021

Covid Isolation as a Reprieve From Racism

By rewarding designated victims for theatrically wallowing in paranoid neuroses and stripping them of the concept of shame, the liberal establishment has reduced them to sniveling wrecks. The New York Times recently featured a letter to the editor from Michael Reid, complete with photos and the following title:

Covid Isolation: A Reprieve From the Stresses of Racism

Reid reports that he feels himself to be oppressed:

I am a Black man weighing in at about 200 pounds. My Afro hairstyle adds a couple of inches to my six-foot frame. Consequently, I stand out in the predominantly white spaces I inhabit.

The term “white spaces” is a clue that we are dealing with someone with advanced training in moonbattery. The white space he inhabits is Santa Fe — not exactly a hotbed of political incorrectness.

The town seems to draw eccentrics. Reid may be one of them.

In the early months of the pandemic, I noticed myself growing more relaxed. I welcomed isolation and the familiarity of my home. My breath grew deeper and more regular. … It felt safe being inside.

But as I begin to venture back outside, now fully vaccinated, I realize that my transition from a normally high level of stress and anxiety was not entirely due to shielding from the coronavirus, but the sudden absence of everyday encounters with racism and microaggression.

No specific microaggressions or encounters with racism are described or even hinted at.

If he wants a permanent reprieve from the stresses of racism, he could always move to a country where blacks have it better than they do in the USA. Problem is, there is no such country.

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