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Jul 25 2022

Crayola Pushes Transgenderism on Small Children

In a country run by moonbats, there can be no safe haven for children’s innocence anywhere. Even Crayola is pushing LGBTism on tikes:

Crayola – which reportedly has a target market of ages 2-10 – shared images of a transgender model on its social media accounts. Crayola promoted Julian Gavino AKA The Disabled Hippie, on the crayon company’s Facebook and Instagram pages to celebrate “Disability Pride Month.”

“Julian Gavino, (he/him) is a fashion model, writer, and activist who identifies as a transgender man,” Crayola wrote. …

Crayola posted three images of Gavino, including one where he is wearing a leopard-print jumpsuit and another with a lime green jacket with a chain bra as well as latex pants and high-heeled boots.

At least there is still pushback. Commented normal person Kristi Van,

“Usually I buy a ton of supplies to donate, this year we will be leaving Crayola out of the donation. Kids don’t need to be taught about sexual preference or changing genders while trying to color.”

Pushback works. The Facebook and Instagram links above are not currently accessible. Looks like Crayola might be in retreat for now.

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