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Nov 08 2020

Cultural Revolution Uncovers Thought Criminals at Harvard

Now that the media has proclaimed them the victors, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez et al had better get busy compiling lists of thought criminals for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. There are thought criminals everywhere who must be rooted out and canceled — even at Harvard.

Via Campus Reform:

Joshua Conde, a Crimson editor and political science major, claimed that “Harvard does not care about its students of color” due to its hiring of professors Diana Schaub and David Kane.

The Crimson is Harvard’s campus newspaper. To “not care about” students of color is to fall out of compliance with politically correct ideology, regardless of whether your point of view benefits nonwhites.

Conde took issue with Schaub’s concern about “the erosion of both Bible-based faith and faith in Progress” in the African-American community, as well as her view that high abortion rates and low marriage rates can help to explain Baltimore’s falling population.

No no no! It is not that welfare and accompanying moral decay destroyed the black family. It is racism! Think as you are told!

Conde called upon Harvard to fire both Schaub and Kane, as well as professors who hold similar beliefs.

According to Conde, their views are “unacceptable.” Any view that campus leftists disagree with is unacceptable, just as in the original Cultural Revolution in communist China.

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