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May 20 2022

Degenerate Hook-ups in Small Town Park

Allowing LGBT militants to forcibly normalize their lifestyle through relentless bullying has had consequences for American culture. These are on display everywhere — not just in morally decayed cities, but even in small towns like Greer, South Carolina. Parents there don’t dare let their children play in Pelham Mill Park because it has become a popular spot to hook up for the anonymous, degenerate sex that defines our age.

“Condoms, porno, lube bottles and not like a few but dozens and dozens,” a witness said.

According to local law enforcement, the assignations are arranged through an app.

The reporter is careful not to mention which app or the nature of the hookups. As with race, readers are left to fill in the gaps on sexuality, lest the allegedly marginalized take offense.

Deputies have been going undercover for months, interested less in arrests and more about stopping the public problem.

Easier said than done.

“It’s big city problems in country nature, right?” a witness said.

Thanks to television and the Internet, everywhere is the big city now. The rot gushing out of New York and Los Angeles seeps into every nook and cranny.

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