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Jun 09 2024

Democrat Base on Display at White House

Even Joe Biden’s handlers are competent enough to realize they need to tack toward the center coming into an election. But the Democrat base won’t let them. Meet the Democrat base:

The Blaze reports:

Pro-Palestinian activists demanding an end to the war in Gaza staged a massive protest that surrounded the White House, and there were smoke bombs ignited. Progressives vehemently demanded that President Joe Biden be arrested for war crimes for the U.S. involvement in the Israel-Hamas War.

By “end to the war,” they mean unconditional surrender to Hamas in response to the October 7 terror atrocities. Biden has mainly sided with Hamas (see e.g. here, here, here, and here), but has lamely tried to play both sides so as not to alienate Jewish donors. Not good enough for the maniacally pro-Jihadist Democrat base.

The protest was planned in part by Code Pink. The Muslim–moonbat alliance is riding high. If only they would bring their “Fags 4 Hamas” sign to Gaza.

[Julio] Rosas reported that anti-Israel protesters were holding a banner that read: “Jihad of victory or martyrdom.”

Anyone who remembers 9/11 understands the implications. The plane brought down at Shanksville, Pennsylvania would have hit either the Capitol or the White House if not for the heroes on board. As it was, Jihadists crashed a jet into the Pentagon. Then there are the 2,600 killed at the World Trade Center.

Rosas also reported from the ground that the protesters “formed a mob and chased U.S. Park Police and Secret Service out of Lafayette Square after officers apparently tried to arrest someone.” He noted that law enforcement was forced out of the park and retreated to “the boundaries of the protest.”

American civilization will collapse if leftists are not turned back soon. It will happen the way Ernest Hemingway described bankruptcy: gradually, then suddenly.

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2 Responses to “Democrat Base on Display at White House”

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