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Mar 28 2021

Democrat Strategy Explained in a Graph

Just as we began to come out of the artificially induced Covid depression, with the economy poised to boom, Democrats rammed through a $1.9 trillion “relief” bill that pays people not to work. It dramatically expands the welfare state for the first time since Lyndon Johnson’s catastrophic “Great Society.”

Specifically, it offers cash incentives for women to produce children they cannot afford to raise, which tends to result from not being married. The provisions are temporary for now, but will soon be made permanent.

This graph explains the close correlation between poverty and birth out of wedlock:

The Democrats are spending outrageous sums of money we don’t have to pay women to have more children out of wedlock because they want to create more poor people.

It worked for LBJ. His welfare programs caused out of wedlock birth to explode among blacks. Democrats have been getting about 90% of the black vote ever since.

This not only explains welfare policy, it also explains why the liberal establishment relentlessly promotes moral degeneracy.

A typical liberal response to the tweet above explains both cancel culture and the Democrat obsession with race:

In other words, don’t call attention to what we are doing or we will destroy you by calling you a racist and getting you canceled.

Someone who means blacks well would want to make them aware of how the welfare state and the decay of marriage have held them down. Someone who despises them would want them to wallow in poverty, where they can be bred for their votes by the liberal ruling class the way farmers breed chickens for eggs.

Combine a massive expansion of the welfare state with Biden’s call for the entire Third World to pour across the open border and institutionalizing election fraud with HR1 may not be necessary. Unless they are stopped soon, Democrats will rule the ruins of our future.

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