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Jan 06 2021

Democrats Dance on America’s Grave

Do not expect any moderation when radicalized Democrats take over the Senate, removing the last major impediment to total control. Daily Wire has collected a few ebullient Twitter quotes in light of the Georgia debacle:

Brian Fallon, a former aide to Hillary Clinton, wrote on Twitter: “Make DC a state. Restore the Voting Rights Act. Eliminate the filibuster. Reform the courts.”

Making a city into a state means two more Democrat Senators forever. They will do the same with Puerto Rico. They will use the Voting Rights Act to tighten federal control of elections to facilitate fraud. Ending the filibuster means no compromise at all from the radicalized Democrat party line. “Reform the courts” likely means packing the Supreme Court, as Biden pointedly refused to rule out. After that happens, expect a blizzard of decrees along the lines of Roe v Wade.

Left-wing activist Paige Wolf wrote on Twitter: “Well I’M calling it. We got the f***ing trifecta. Take no prisoners. Burn them to the ground. Kick that turtle shell straight to hell. Pack the courts. End the filibuster. Make DC and Puerto Rico and Guam all motherf***ing states.”

Any jurisdiction certain to be dependent on government handouts and therefore to vote Democrat may become a state. Within a few years, Detroit and Newark may be states.

Adam Jentleson, former aide to Sen. Harry Reid (D-NM), wrote on Twitter: “If Democrats win both Senate seats in GA, it’s going to be hard to explain why they should promptly re-empower McConnell by seeking small-ball deals with him instead of getting rid of the filibuster and passing Biden’s big, bold agenda. Biden has a mandate. Time to use it.”

As with the presidential election, the Georgia vote was so close that Democrat cheating may have been the deciding factor. But that counts as a mandate, because once they have power, anyone who gets in the way will be crushed underfoot.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) wrote: “VICTORY in Georgia must lead to transformative change across America! Recurring survival checks, union jobs that pay a living wage, guaranteed health care, racial justice, voting rights, immigration reform, climate action, repro justice, education, and MUCH more. It can’t wait!”

“Recurring survival checks” probably means universal basic income. Political pressure to constantly increase the size of these checks would be enough to destroy the economy and society in general before long.

In the meantime, “union jobs that pay a living wage” means that millions of Americans who make their living as independent contractors will be forbidden from working. Legislation to this effect is already the law in California, and has passed in the Democrat-controlled House.

Liberalism is not just harmless flakiness. It destroys people’s lives.

Getting back to translating Rep Jayapal, “guaranteed health care” means socialized medicine. “Racial justice” means the politically correct caste system will become codified, so that disfavored groups like whites are officially inferior before the law. Immigration reform means the American population washed away in a foreign deluge enticed by the promise of free money. Climate action means energy made unaffordable. “Repro justice” means you pay for someone else’s abortion. “Education” means doubling down on the political indoctrination that brought us to this tragic state of affairs.

If we don’t hear a lot of crowing about what this means for the First and Second Amendments, that’s because even now liberals slightly fear that resistance will get organized against the coming “hate speech” laws and gun confiscations. These agenda items will be imposed with minimal warning.

Now I know how the French felt when the tanks rolled into Paris in 1940. Americans who still believe in America have become the Underground.

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