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Jan 24 2022

Dems Against Interfering in Private Medical Decisions

In a shocking reversal, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has come out against government interfering in private medical decisions, despite California Democrats pushing to vaccinate children against their parents’ wishes, and despite the Biden Regime continuing to fight in court to impose vaccination mandates even as Omicron and natural immunity render vaccines largely pointless for an increasing number of people.

It is ever more difficult for Democrats to blaze new ground when it comes to hypocrisy. Yet they always manage.

Barks the DCCC:

Republicans have no business interfering in your private medical decisions. Period.

It should go without saying that killing another person is not a “private medical decision.” But there is no need for propagandists to be reasonable when they can work the mob into a frenzy with liberal archetypes like the Evil White Guy Wearing a Tie and the Put-Upon Woman of Color.

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2 Responses to “Dems Against Interfering in Private Medical Decisions”

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