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Apr 23 2021

Denied Vaccine for Being White

The media is correct that America is a systemically racist country. What it lies about is who the system is racist against. Imagine the supernova that would occur if blacks were denied access to a potentially life-saving vaccine on the basis of their race. In contrast, white lives don’t matter:

A COVID-19 vaccine provider in Washington state—the African American Reach and Teach Health Ministry (AARTH)—is prioritizing “Black, Indigenous & People of Color” for bookings at four vaccination sites across Seattle and Kent in King County.

White people are currently not eligible to book a vaccination appointment at the AARTH website. They are instead directed to join a waiting list and advised they will be notified when there is a “vaccine surplus available” at a clinic.

After utopia has been imposed and the economy destroyed, and we are completely reliant on the government for our subsistence-level existence so people like Biden and AOC can pretend to control the climate, whites will have the same status when it comes to receiving food rations.

AARTH is explicitly black-centered. Nothing in this country is explicitly white-centered, because that would not be permitted. But you do not have to be openly racist to prioritize nonwhites for the vaccine. For example, a panel of experts that convened to advise the CDC on vaccine distribution recommended that nonwhites get the vaccine first.

With hypocrisy that once would have been astonishing but now is ubiquitous, the AARTH website explains that it takes part in the prevailing systemic racism against whites because Covid has revealed “systemic structural racism.”

AARTH consultant Twanda Hill says they have to treat people based on race because of the federal, state, and county funding they receive. There’s your systemic structural racism.

“They want to know who are we serving,” said Hill…

She told the Jason Rantz Show: “No, we have to make it open to everybody. Is that what you’re thinking? That it has to just be totally a free for all and whoever comes in, comes in? And if that’s the case, then why would the Black church do it?”

Why would a black church help white people? What do you think they are, Christian? Faith leaders of color often have a different orientation.

At least this should ease people’s concerns about the vaccine. If it were unsafe, whites would be put first in line, not last.

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