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Nov 24 2021

Distiller Tells Us Not to Drink Its Rittenhouse Rye

Sound business practice and moonbattery are mutually exclusive. You can only pursue one at the expense of the other. In the era of corporate wokism, this means business practices are what you would expect if companies were run by lunatics bent on self-destruction. For example:

In an odd marketing move, whiskey and bourbon distiller and distributor Heaven Hill posted a statement to its official Twitter account Sunday asking people who are buying its ‘Rittenhouse’ branded rye not to purchase the drink if they intend to use it to cheer the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. …

The brand name is derived not from the recent court case but from Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, an open-space park designed by William Penn and named for an early 19th-century papermaker.

A jury braved the intimidation of the leftist mob to find Rittenhouse not guilty after he defended himself against maniacal sociopaths who were trying to kill him. But he is guilty anyway in the eyes of the woke, because they perceive him as an opponent of the Marxist racists of Black Lives Matter (although he says he supports BLM, sadly).

Some countermoonbats plan to defy the distillers by buying their product. But considering how many great distillers there are in Kentucky alone, if Heaven Hill would rather we drink something else, it makes sense to oblige:

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