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Nov 10 2021

How Kyle Rittenhouse Could Be Found Guilty

As the case against Kyle Rittenhouse collapses completely, it becomes more obvious than ever that the poor kid is only being dragged through this trial for political reasons, as the prosecution clearly knows he is innocent. However, he might still be found guilty. Law Enforcement Today explains how:

In a now-viral video on social media, a man identified as Cortez Rice seems to be threatening to dox jurors if they do not return a guilty verdict.

Rice was very close to George Floyd, so close that BNC News reports that Floyd called Rice his nephew, even though the pair were unrelated by blood.

Too bad the authorities are too busy intimidating parents from speaking out at schoolboard meetings to look into jury tampering like this:

At least we all know who the bad guys are. Too bad the government and the media are on their side. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have to worry so much about intimidation dictating the outcome of trials, as when a sitting member of congress called for riots in Minneapolis if the railroading of Derek Chauvin didn’t go according to plan. That miscarriage of justice is what Rice is referring to when he demands “the same results.”

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