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Jan 11 2023

Down Syndrome Drag Performers

Moonbats are not above exploiting African orphans or corrupting children, so no one should be surprised by the phenomenon of people with Down syndrome being paraded before degenerate audiences as drag queens and drag kings like Justin Bond.

Raves ebulliently approving Mashable:

Bond belongs to a wildly popular formerly underground troupe of British drag queens and kings with Down Syndrome, known as “Drag Syndrome.” Since the group’s first performance close to a year ago, Drag Syndrome has since exploded in popularity, with performances all throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Europe and an American tour in the works, the group’s creative director Daniel Vais told Mashable.

Vais enthuses that people with Down syndrome “can actually watch porn” and “have the dreams and aspirations of anybody else.”

The concept of the freakshow has been taken to a new extreme of bad taste. Vais is triumphant:

“The event fully sold out,” Vais says. “And while we were performing it, the audience came up to me and said, ‘This is revolutionary. This is history happening here. The artists that performed it did such a good job.’ The audience realized we were doing something out of this world.”

Unfortunately, they are doing something very much of this world — or at least of what this world is degenerating into.

On the positive side, this might provide progressive parents with a reason not to kill kids with Down syndrome.

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