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Jul 01 2022

Dutch Push Back Against Green Tyranny

As the impending attack on the Permian Basin makes clear, we can’t rely on the Supreme Court to prevent our rulers from imposing a Liberal World Order that will resemble what the Khmer Rouge did to Cambodia. Eventually, pushback against green tyranny is our responsibility. Farmers have figured this out in Holland:

Nitrogen makes up 78% of the atmosphere. But if harmless carbon dioxide can be a pollutant, nitrogen can too. Next, progressives might declare light to be a pollutant.

Manure really is a pollutant, but it is useful for fertilizing crops and for dumping in front of the buildings where leftist bureaucrats fester:

Manure can also be deployed against other agents of the state:

The alternative to escalating this pushback will be planned mass starvation. The green agenda cannot be inflicted without millions of us dying. Even if we could live off a diet of insects, there is no way windmills and solar panels will generate enough energy to prevent total economic collapse. As we can see from their hebephrenic reaction to Roe’s repeal, the woke ruling class regards human life itself as a pollutant.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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