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Jan 28 2023

Educrat Raises Money at High School to Pay Coyotes

In the olden days, school officials might have raised money for a worthy cause, like a community member in need of an expensive operation. Nowadays, they collect funds to pay off criminals who exploit the open border to engage in drug smuggling and human trafficking:

An assistant principal at Mount Pleasant High School in Providence, R.I., sent an email to the school’s teachers and students on Thursday asking them to donate thousands of dollars to pay a human trafficker who had recently smuggled a student into the United States illegally.

Presenting the email from Assistant Principal Stefani Harvey:

It would come as a surprise to the dozens of smuggled aliens who died trapped in tractor trailer in San Antonio last year that coyotes are “a group that helps people.”

Migrants seeking passage with coyotes experience high rates of sexual violence and sometimes die or are seriously injured as a result of neglect and poor conditions.

But coyotes advance the liberal agenda by displacing the American population with grasping hordes from the Third World. That makes cartel cutthroats the good guys, from a woke point of view.

Having been exposed, the school tried denial mode:

[A] spokesperson for the school denied the validity of the email in a phone conversation with the [Daily Caller News Foundation].


Providence Teachers Union President Maribeth Calabro told local radio host Matt Allen Friday that the email, which she first heard about from the radio anchor and then confirmed with teachers at Mount Pleasant High School, was real and that the school was conducting an internal investigation.

No doubt educrats will investigate themselves furiously when they are not too busy denying the email is real — until they are no longer under a spotlight, at which point business as usual will resume.

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