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Feb 16 2022

Eric Adams Falls Back on Race Card

Eric Adams has two big advantages that helped him become mayor of the nation’s largest city: (1) he is black and (2) he has no shame about playing the race card. Watch how it is done to deflect even the slightest criticism from an obsequious media establishment that worships his skin color:

Meanwhile, Adams refers to people not blessed with his politically advantageous pigmentation as “crackers.” We all know what racists crackers can be.

In other Eric Adams news, he just fired over 1,400 city workers for not submitting to an increasingly superfluous Covid vaccine, even as the pandemic peters out.

It is doubtful that New York City will ever have a worse mayor than Bill de Blasio. But then, who would have thought that New York State would have a worse governor than Andrew Cuomo — until Kathy Hochul came along?

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