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Feb 05 2022

Watch NYC Mayor Eric Adams Use Antiwhite Racial Slur

If you call a white a “cracker,” what would you call a black? We all know the word, but it is unprintable, because racism against blacks is strictly forbidden. In contrast, racism against whites is a central pillar of liberal ideology; you might say that under Democrat rule, critical race theory is our state religion.

By New York City standards, Eric Adams is seen as the voice of reason — ostensibly less deranged and malevolent than everyone else in a position of authority. Yet here’s a quote from our largest city’s mayor,

“I kicked those crackers’ ass, man!”

He said this at a Harlem Business Alliance event in 2019. The context was bragging that he got the better of white officers during his career in the NYPD.

Reverse the racial roles, and the firestorm would be seen from outer space. Not only Adams but anyone suspected of voting for him would be out of a job.

Meanwhile, if a white person sent a politically incorrect tweet 10 years ago while in junior high, his career will never happen. That’s because crackers have privilege.

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2 Responses to “Watch NYC Mayor Eric Adams Use Antiwhite Racial Slur”

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