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Sep 19 2021

Exploiting Covid to Purge Military

Obama purged the officer corps, leaving people of Mark Milley’s caliber to oversee the greatest military in the world. Right after taking power, leftist Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin called for a military-wide stand-down to purge the rest of the armed services. The mission is to remove those likely to be loyal to the Constitution and not likely to be willing to fire on American citizens on behalf of the ongoing hard left power grab.

Given that the military has always been a stronghold of patriotism, Austin et al. have a difficult job. Fortunately for them, Covid is here to help:

Four branches of the U.S. armed forces have announced COVID vaccination deadlines under a Pentagon mandate to jab the entire military, with the army becoming the latest to set the date.

Anybody who puts up a fuss will be flagged as problematic.

Per the Army Times recent report, 11 service members died of COVID complications in August, followed immediately by another death in the first few days of September, which brought the military’s total death count to 43. That, per the outlet, accounts for a COVID mortality rate among the military at 0.02 percent.

Hardly a crisis. Whether all 43 actually died primarily of Covid is doubtful.

For young servicemembers who presumably do not suffer from obesity or debilitating medical conditions, vaccination makes little sense. For those who have already had Covid, it makes no sense whatsoever — except for political reasons.

[H]igh-ranking staff, such as commanders, command sergeants majors, first sergeants, and officers in Command Select List (CSL), who refuse to get vaccinated and have not filed for the exemptions, will face immediate suspension from their leadership role. … explains that soldiers who refuse to comply with the vaccination rules will be counseled by their chain of command and, eventually, may face relief of duties and discharge.

The purge continues.

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