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Aug 08 2022

Federal Mental Health Program Makes People Crazier

As moonbattery causes the wheels to come off civilization, psychos become ever more abundant. None of them is so nuts that help from Big Government can’t mess them up worse:

In 2014, President Obama launched the Now Is the Time Initiative, which focused on mental health. According to The Mental Health First Aid website, the program received $15 million in federal grants to launch Mental Health First Aid programs in classrooms. One year later, Obama gave the organization another $15 million and a commitment to annually fund the program.

From such modest acorns grow the mighty oaks of vast federal bureaucracies.

The point was to find and treat budding maniacs before they go off the rails and shoot up schools. It has worked as well as any other government program. That is to say, it has wasted taxpayer money while worsening the problem it was supposed to solve:

In a report by the Manhattan Institute, MHFA studies’ results were collected and put into a table showing the program’s ineffectiveness. … The results varied between cases, but all of them showed detrimental results as a consequence of MHFA programs.

In addition to making crazy kids crazier, MHFA may also result in sane kids being treated as if they were crazy.

MHFA also creates an overdiagnosis dilemma: those who receive training are more likely to be on alert for signs of mental illness. This may lead to perfectly healthy students who merely exhibit occasional symptoms of mental distress receiving unnecessary or even harmful treatments that could have gone to an in-need student.

If we really want to address the mental health crisis, we need to reject leftism in favor of the stable, traditional society that it seeks to destroy.

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