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Feb 28 2022

Feds to Close Down Energy-Generating Dams

The silver lining to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is that at least we have learned from it not to hamper our own ability to produce energy, lest we become reliant on countries that will use it as leverage against us. Germany just closed half its nuclear plants, making itself more dependent than ever on Putin. Who would follow that example now?

Under Biden, the USA is who. Slow Joe’s puppeteers are not just strangling the oil and gas industry. They are not only suffocating nuclear energy, which produces none of the carbon emissions leftists hold to be harmful. They are even going after clean, renewable hydroelectric.

Via AP:

Federal regulators on Friday issued a draft environmental impact statement saying there were significant benefits to a plan to demolish four massive dams on Northern California’s Klamath River to save imperiled migratory salmon, setting the stage for the largest dam demolition project in U.S. history.

Our rulers can’t expect much gratitude from fish, but Putin is sure to send a nice thank you note. Already, Russian oil sales to the USA have nearly tripled under Biden.

A final environmental impact statement would allow the extensive preparations necessary for the nearly $500 million demolition and habitat restoration plan to begin in earnest.

That’s how much it costs Big Government to wreck an energy source. Imagine the cost if it were to do something constructive.

The environmentalist jihad won’t stop on the Klamath River:

The project on California’s second-largest river would be at the vanguard of a push to demolish dams in the U.S. as the structures age and become less economically viable and as concerns grow about their environmental impact, particularly on fish.

Delta smelt have representatives in Washington looking after their best interests, unlike regular Americans who want affordable electricity.

Despite the campaign to suppress more effective means of keeping the lights on, Americans are still encouraged by their rulers to generate what meager energy they can from notoriously inefficient and unreliable wind and solar, since these industries afford such large scale opportunities for Democrats to launder taxpayer money before turning it over to their campaign donors.

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